Clore Shalom School  בֵּית־סֵפֶר קלוֹר שָׁלוֹם

29th of January 2015 | 9 Shevat 5775

Hands of Peace

When hands shake it is often the first sign of a friendship and we hope that through this project we will build a web of peace and friendship, within and expanded from our Clore Shalom community.

This project is the main focus of our learning at school for Rosh Hashanah and was launched in an assembly on the morning of Wednesday 24th September 2014, on the day before the start of the Jewish New Year festival.

hands of_peace

Using the symbol of a Hamsa as a symbolic representation of peace, we will be sending our cards to our families and friends, to send messages of peace for the New Year.

It is our hope that these cards will be distributed far and wide, teaching the children that everyone is responsible and has the power to contribute towards peace in the world.

If you receive one of our cards, please send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., letting us know who you are, who sent you the card, and where in the world you are.  We would be very grateful if you could also send your card onto someone you would like to give a message of peace to.  If these cards keep travelling, then it is our hope that we will create a wide and wonderful web of peace.  You can also follow this project be tweeting to @cloreshalom using #handsofpeace.

Many thanks for your help and support and may we wish you all a peaceful and happy New Year  שָׁנָה טוֹבָה.

Melanie Kelly

Acting Jewish Studies Leader

Why the Hamsa?

The Hamsa (whose name comes from the same route as the number 5 in Hebrew – Chamesh) is a symbol for Jews, Muslims (where it is known as the Hand of Fatima) and Levantine Christians (where it is known as the Hand of Mary).  In all traditions the Hamsa is used to represent peace and as a superstitious object to guard against evil or the evil eye.

Y1 Grandparent's Day

In Year 1, we are learning all about toys. As part of our History topic about changes within living memory, we asked some grandparents to come in and talk to us about the toys they used to play with when they were younger. We were extremely lucky to have such a good turnout and they also brought lots of old toys with them that we got to play with! Thanks again to all the grandparents - we had a wonderful afternoon!

Grandparent1 Grandparent2 Grandparent3

My trip to Wimbledon

As another great morning of Wimbledon had arrived, I couldn’t wait to go. My mum woke me up extremely early in the morning, before she left home to go to work. Even though I was so tired, my dad and I had to go on a train ride lasting over an hour. Subsequently, we rapidly walked to Wimbledon, arriving there just in time!

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Year 2 on the Bouncy Castle


On Friday 4th July the PTA arranged for us to have a bouncy castle.   Before we could start we had our photo taken on the largest slide. Ella said “everyone had a lot of fun” Maya reported that even both the teachers joined in the fun! Elijah was jumping with joy because he was so happy that we had the bouncy castle at school.  Harry reported that “Quite a few people were racing round the bouncy castle course and some people managed to overtake others so that they won!”  Oscar commented that “we ran around like loonies!”  Darcey, Maya and Jasmine C all went on a slide with Mrs Liebmann and Maya climbed onto Mrs Liebmann’s lap!  What a fun morning at Clore Shalom!

thumb Bouncy Castle


Year 2 go to Southend!


Yesterday, the Year 2 class went on a school trip to Southend! The coach journey was over an hour!  The first thing we did was walk along the pier.  It is the longest pier in England!  It is over a mile long. When we reached the end we sat down and had our snacks looking out at the sea.  We got on a ‘cool train’ for the way back. It had opening windows and closing doors. It was 7 or 8 carriages long and was great fun to be on.  After that we walked along by the beach to the Sea Life Aquarium. 

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Year 2 support Sport Relief !


We came into school wearing red clothes.  Sports Relief is a charity that supports African children.  We brought £1.00 to help raise money that could be sent to Africa.  We took part by jogging and running around the playground and did an assault course too. We also watched a video showing us children running around a pond and dancing around to raise money and we then copied their dancing moves.  We thought it was really good fun to dance!  Zaci said he loved today and hopes it happens again next year!

thumb Sport Relief 1 thumb Sport Relief 2


Y2 Trip to The Florence Nightingale Museum

thumb DSCN0333We got to the museum by coach. Some of us played games in the coach. We saw the London Eye, The Shard and Big Ben on our journey!

When we had our lunch some geese came to try to eat our food!  We then walked to the museum to meet an actress dressed up as Florence Nightingale.  She told us about Florence’s life and asked us lots of questions too to see how much we knew!  Sam had to pretend to be Florence’s dad and said “I want you to get married” when Florence said she wanted to become a nurse!  We then walked around the museum. We had to sort out rotten food for the soldiers and see how it had changed after Florence Nightingale had been working there.  We also saw Florence Nightingale’s owl called Athena.  She was stuffed.

Mia got to dress up as Florence Nightingale and Zak dressed up as a soldier.

We had a great trip!

Written by Sam, Darcey, Oscar, Jonah, Jasmine F


Holocaust Survivors Visit Year 6 Pupils

As part of our Jewish Studies work on the Shoah, Year 6 were very fortunate to welcome two Holocaust survivors into our class to tell us about their journey for survival.  

Ann and Bob Kirk, who are married, both survived the Holocaust as they were taken on the Kinder Transport from Berlin to London in order to be safe from the war.  Their fabulous adventure amazed the whole class and they were particularly interested to hear how, when Ann arrived at London's Victoria station, her 'Aunty' (which was not her real Aunt but a foster parent) was ready and waiting for her.  From then on, Ann was evacuated again to Berkhampstead as World War II had just started in England.  From having a normal life as Jews in Germany, to finding out her parents were in a concentration camp called Auschwitz in Poland, their horrific but lucky journey enabled them to be safe and live to tell their tale.

It is a tale that the Year 6 class will remember for a very long time and pass on to future generations.

Here is a picture of the Year 6 standing with Ann and Bob.

thumb Photo for website - holocaust Surivor

Action Aid's Arrival in Year 4

In Geography Year 4 are learning about a village called Chembakoli which is in India. We were so inquisitive to learn that our teachers arranged a date for somebody at Action Aid to come and visit and share their experiences of village life.

thumb photo 1thumb photo 2thumb photo 3thumb photo 4

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