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Welcome to Nursery!

We have continued learning about autumn this week and now have an autum interest and investigation table in our classroom. The children enjoyed looking at the different objects and bringing in conkers to add to it! 


Our story this week was ‘Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?’ by Bill Martin Jnr and Eric Carle. By the end of the week the children were able to read the story independently using a story map (picture below)! We explored all the different colours of the animals and used puppets to act the story out! 


Lots of the children enjoyed playing with the Lego this week so there will be lots of opportunities to do this next week.


In maths we have continued to use numicon to help us count. We have also been focusing on counting accurately to 10.


When outside the children have been focusing on their balancing. We set up challenges where they had to balance on the pods and walk across them independently! 


Wishing you a lovely weekend!


Mrs Brahams 


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This week we started out topic on autumn! 

We went on a walk around the field to look at the trees and collect some leaves. When we got back to the classroom we discussed what we had seen and did some leaf rubbing. We also learnt a song about autumn leaves so please ask your children to teach it to you! 


To the tune of ‘London Bridge‘

“Autumn leaves are falling down, falling down, falling down. Autumn leaves are falling down watch them falling. Orange, yellow, red and brown, red and brown, red and brown. Orange, yellow, red and brown, watch them falling.”


In maths we have been practising counting to ten and have learnt the different numicon pieces. We recognise each piece by counting how many holes it has! 


We have now opened the mud kitchen outside and lots of the children worked together to make some muddy cakes and soup! 


Have a lovely weekend.


Mrs Brahams 




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Picture 3

We have had a very busy week in Nursery!



The children have continued to explore their senses and in the classroom we had a tuff tray full of different herbs! It was lots of fun smelling them and looking at them through magnifying glasses!

As we are learning about ourselves we made faces from salt dough and different objects such as buttons and pasta. The children looked at their faces in mirrors to see what they needed to add.


Our number of the week was 2! We looked at our faces and noticed we have 2 eyes, ears, nostrils, lips andeyebrows. We also realised we have 2 arms, hands, legs and feet! 


Next week we will be looking at our baby pictures and talking about what we did when we were babies and what we do now and how it is different.


Have a lovely weekend


Mrs Brahams 











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Picture 2

This week in Nursery the children have been focusing on our topic ‘All About Me’. We read a story which explored the different parts of our face and discussed our eyes. We looked at each other’s eyes and discussed what colours we could see!


In maths we focused on our number of the week. This week it is the number ‘3’ as at the start of the week all the children in the class were 3! The children will be keeping their eyes open for any 3’s at home so please add some pictures on Tapestry and we can look at them together next week, next week our number of the week is ‘5’.


Have a lovely weekend


Mrs Brahams 


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We have had another exciting week at school. The children have continued getting to know each other and we have sung a song all about our names and saying hello.


This week we have covered the school rules and what we need to do to keep safe in the classroom. 


The children have continued to explore all the areas of our early years unit and have spent time mixing with the reception class. 


We have practised our counting and sung some number songs. The children have also created some beautiful pictures which they have been bringing home. 


I hope you have a wonderful weekend and we will see you on Monday! 


Mrs Brahams 


Settling into Nursery with our new friends!

Settling into Nursery with our new friends!  1
Settling into Nursery with our new friends!  2
Settling into Nursery with our new friends!  3
Settling into Nursery with our new friends!  4
Settling into Nursery with our new friends!  5

It was lovely to welcome all of the new children to Clore Shalom this week! 


We have had an exciting couple of days at school! 


We explored the Nursery and Reception classrooms and spent lots of time outside where we played with sand and water. The children enjoyed climbing on the tyres and building using the wooden blocks.


During our time in the classroom we used feathers, sequins and paint to create pictures. We played with lots of different toys and got to know the other children In our class! 


 On Friday we spoke about Rosh Hashannah and made pictures using apples and some paint! We joined Reception for our first Kabbalat Shabbat and sang lots of songs! 


Wishing you a lovely weekend and a Shana Tova!

Exploring Nursery and Reception!

Exploring Nursery and Reception!  1
Exploring Nursery and Reception!  2
Exploring Nursery and Reception!  3
Exploring Nursery and Reception!  4