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Clore Shalom School

“Endless opportunities to learn, laugh, aspire, thrive & fly”

School Values

Endless opportunities to learn, laugh, aspire, thrive and fly

Our school values are at the core of everything we do. They underpin our teaching and learning, and provide an environment which prepares our pupils as confident, happy citizens.


Clore Shalom is an egalitarian pluralist Jewish primary school which provides a warm and welcoming environment for our children and their families. Through a variety of experiences and opportunities we aim to instil a passion for learning, a pride in Jewish heritage and a love of Israel.


As a nurturing community we are proud to develop individuals who are confident, well-rounded, reflective and happy. We are a joyful community which is enriched by celebration of Jewish festivals and events and British national celebrations, as well as celebrating every pupil's academic or wider achievements. Our children develop leadership qualities, have a sense of responsibility and show respect towards all others. They are empowered to contribute to the wider community and the world.


As a learning community we strive for excellence, educating and inspiring our children to be curious, creative and independent life-long learners. We want our children to find inspiration in the world around them and a realisation that learning has no limit.



Clore Shalom is a fun loving Jewish School that gives children a chance to learn, to make friends, to socialise and to help others.  There is a spirit of happiness where enthusiastic teachers make the children want to learn. It is a listening school where bullying is not tolerated.  Each child's individual talents are recognised and each child knows how to improve.  We have exciting learning, eco and Jewish festival days where everybody participates either working in a team or are given the opportunity to lead.  Clore Shalom gives children a good education providing for their needs and preparing them for their next steps.  Clore Shalom children are caring and helpful and concerned about each other and the world.