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Year 2

Week Beginning 09.10.17


This week we are preparing to write our own traditional tale based on the story of Rapunzel. We used a story map to learn the story, and then we decided to make some changes to one section of the story. We decided to change who rescues Rapunzel from the tower and the children all came up with their own ideas to use in their version of the story.

Please see our story map below and ask your child to act it out for you.


This week the children have been focusing on how to partition 2 digit numbers in different ways. They have been doing this using our base 10 equipment.

We hope you will join us for our 'They didn't do it like that in my day' maths evening. Where we will be showing you how you can support your child with the different strategies we use to teach maths at school.

Science Experiment!

Last week we completed our first science experiment. We investigated the question...

'Do humans run faster as they get older?'

We predicted that humans would start running slowly (when they were toddlers), get faster and finally slow down (as they became elderly).

We had great fun testing our prediction by asking different people to run and timing them.

We even got to time Mrs Cohen and Mr Conway!

We found out that Mr Conway was the fastest runner and our nursery child was the slowest.

We had great fun!




Wow...what a week!  We have been  really busy in  Year 2!  In English they have enjoyed exploring two versions of Rapunzel in our new topic 'Fairy Stories'.  They re-enacted the traditional version, trying to include interesting adjectives and time words, and they will be working towards writing their own Fairy Story. 


The class loved making their own Explorer hats and  binoculars in DT.  They worked well in  pairs, supporting each other to create tabs and stick the different parts of their hats together.


Pictures to follow next week!


Shabbat  Shalom and wishing you well over the fast.


The Year 2 team

Roald Dahl dress up day!

Roald Dahl dress up day! 1
Roald Dahl dress up day! 2
Roald Dahl dress up day! 3
Roald Dahl dress up day! 4
Roald Dahl dress up day! 5
Roald Dahl dress up day! 6

Explorer Afternoon

Explorer Afternoon 1
Explorer Afternoon 2
Explorer Afternoon 3
Explorer Afternoon 4
Explorer Afternoon 5
Explorer Afternoon 6
Explorer Afternoon 7
Explorer Afternoon 8
Explorer Afternoon 9
Explorer Afternoon 10
Explorer Afternoon 11
Explorer Afternoon 12
Explorer Afternoon 13
Explorer Afternoon 14

Welcome to the new Year 2 page!


We’ve had a great first week back! We’ve been spending time getting to know each other and thinking about how we want our class to be. The children have enjoyed taking on responsibilities within the class room and they have been working together to keep their equipment and the classroom organised.


The children have especially loved the work based on Roald Dahl’s ‘The Twits’ – We apologise if they are inspired by Mr and Mrs Twit and start playing tricks on you this weekend!


We have given out reading books and reading records today. Please ensure that they bring their books in to school every day, particularly on their book changing day.


They will be given Home Learning books next week. We’re sure they’ll need a good rest this weekend after a tiring first week back!


Shabbat Shalom,


The Year 2 team

The children made up their own tricks and acted them out.

The children made up their own tricks and acted them out.   1
The children made up their own tricks and acted them out.   2
The children made up their own tricks and acted them out.   3