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Year 2


We have a great week in Year 2!


The children have really embraced their Minibeasts topic, and confidently presented some facts that they have learnt about bees, before producing some terrific non-chronological reports.


We even had a fantastic song about ants, written and performed by Samuel!


I will try to post their presentations on the website next week.


The class enjoyed reading the story 'The Day The Crayons Quit', and we had an interesting discussion about how we can all be whoever we want to be, and do whatever we set our minds to.  


Further discussion about thinking positively led to some fantastic quotes from the children that we wanted to share with you.

Rafi - Even if you make lots of mistakes, you are just learning.

Daisy - If you get something wrong, cross it out and then write it again and never give up.

Meytal - Try. Never give up. Try, try again!

India - Even if you make a mistake, you're learning.

Ruby F - Keep on trying and don't stop until you get it and don't give up.

Samuel - If my brain can't do it right now, I will train my brain.

Jessie - I am gonna go for that goal!

Evie - If you think you can't do it, still give it a go.


And there were lots more!


Mrs Scher will be spending a session in class on Wednesday, to begin getting to know the pupils.  She is really looking forward to meeting them all properly.


Have a lovely weekend, 


Shabbat Shalom, 


Mrs Conroy and Mrs Levenson.


Pencil Cases

Please check your child's pencil case to ensure that they have everything they need, and that it is clearly labelled.


Many children are coming to school without the correct equipment.  In particular, black and blue biros, pencils, rulers and glue sticks.





In preparation for some Art we will be doing next week, please build a cardboard table top easel with your child!


Please ensure that they bring in their Art aprons every day, so they are in school when needed.



We feel the children would all benefit from further work on developing their skills of inference (using clues in the text to work out what is implied, rather than overtly stated).  Please look through the Inference activities that they will be sent home with.  Choose pictures or descriptions that are most suitable for your child, and discuss them together.  There is no need to record anything for this.



Over the next couple of weeks, please look back at the Common Exception Words for Years 1 and 2 with your children.  It is the expectation that they should be able to spell them all by the end of the year, however if they are not strong spellers, please focus on the Year 1 spellings only.  


If your child is very competent with all of these words, take a look at the Common Exception Words for Years 3 and 4 and see how they get on with these.


The children do not need to record anything for this.  


Please encourage the children to have a go at the Comprehensions that they have been sent home with.  It's great if they can have a go at them independently, but please also discuss the answers with them, encouraging them to look carefully at the text to find the answers.


Pupils have been sent home a few fractions problems for them to have a go at, to reinforce what we have been working on in school this week.


Please ask pupils to learn spellings and write sentences with their spellings words, as usual. Other activity ideas are also included on the spelling sheet.


Please keep the spelling sheet at home in their spellings folders, for their future reference.


Please encourage pupils to present their work neatly and stick in loose sheets.  (Don't worry too much about old sheets). 


Please help your child to collect some leaves, small sticks and small stones for a Science experiment we will be carrying out on Wednesday.  They will need to keep the different materials separate from each other.


Thank you, and Shabbat Shalom,


Mrs Conroy and Miss Levenson

Weekly schedule

P.E - Tuesdays and Fridays.


Homework and Spellings due in on Wednesdays.  


Reading books, and reading records, to be brought in every day.  At the moment, pupils will have an opportunity to change books on a Wednesday, but this may change.  

Minibeast Hunt!

Minibeast Hunt! 1
Minibeast Hunt! 2
Minibeast Hunt! 3
Minibeast Hunt! 4 Can you see a minibeast camouflaged here?
Minibeast Hunt! 5
Minibeast Hunt! 6
Minibeast Hunt! 7
Minibeast Hunt! 8 Why is this beetle so still?
Minibeast Hunt! 9
Minibeast Hunt! 10
Minibeast Hunt! 11 Look closely to see the spider's prey!
Minibeast Hunt! 12

Maths games!

Maths games!  1
Maths games!  2
Maths games!  3
Maths games!  4
Maths games!  5
Maths games!  6
Maths games!  7
Maths games!  8

Yom Ha'atzmaut

The children showed off their creativity as t-shirt designers! We were really impressed with their designs, and the care that they all took over their t-shirts.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4


We have begun our non-chronological report writing about spiders.  See if the children can remember features of a non-chronological report, or any facts that they have learnt about spiders this week.


At the moment, a big focus of our basic skills work is to ensure that punctuation is used correctly. The pupils will be bringing home a worksheet to reinforce this.  



This week, we have been revising strategies for multiplication and division, and solving related problems.  The pupils will be coming home with some word problems to solve. They only need to answer one set of problems. If they want a challenge, please ask them to answer 5 of the 'medium' problems before moving on to 'hot'.



Next week, we will be looking at comparative and superlative adjectives.  The main spelling sheets contain some of the spelling words (and rules) that we will be focusing on. Children in the Phonics group have received different spellings.  This group will be restarting next week, during our Phonics learning time, at the start of the day.



We are in the process of checking reading levels of the children, and ensuring that the books they have are at an appropriate level for them. This is taking some time. Once we have done them all, we will let you know the new procedures for book changing. In the meantime, if the children are ready for a new book, please ask them to let us know. Please send in reading books and reading records daily. 


Thank you for your patience with this.


Have a lovely weekend, and Shabbat Shalom.


Mrs Conroy and Miss Levenson




Welcome to Year 2's homepage!

We hope you are enjoying the new website! In time, we will be sharing photos and other class information, but for now we will be using the website as a weekly update and to share homework.

We've had a busy week in Year 2. It has been lovely starting to get to know the class - they have really shown how enthusiastic and hardworking they all are!  

This week, the class have really enjoyed 'reading' the wordless book 'Chalk'. Once they had explored the story, they had a chance to show off their fantastic imaginations and write their own versions of the book.

In Science, we began to look at features of different minibeasts, and, in computing, we looked at how to extract facts from an online   clip, in advance of our focus on non-chronological report writing about spiders next week. The 'Minibeast adventures with Jess' series is a lovely way to introduce some basic facts about different animals, if you want to take a look on YouTube.  

We re-started guided reading/comprehension this week. Next week, we will try to hear as many readers as we can, on a 1:1 basis, and update their reading levels.

In Maths, we have been teaching them to demonstrate their understanding of addition and subtraction, by using hundreds, tens and ones blocks, and drawing diagrams.  We have also looked at creating storyboards to help them with problem solving.

Please bear with us as I get to know the children, and they get to know me. It takes a little time to fully get to know all of their strengths and areas in which they need support, but Miss Levenson is still in class all of the time and we are very much working together to support all of their needs.

This week, homework is quite light as we feel the children could do with a rest after a hard-working first week back.

Please look at the spelling lists with your child and encourage them to choose the set of spellings that is most appropriate for them. The spellings follow the rules that we have looked at in class. (Doubling the last letter before adding the suffixes -ed and -ing, when the vowel sound is short, e.g clap. When the vowel sound is long, e.g bake, the d is added to change it to past tense, or the e is removed before adding -ing). 

List 1 - clap, clapped, clapping, skip, skipped, skipping, nod, nodded, nodding, hop, hopped, hopping.

List 2 - clapped, clapping, skipped, skipping, nodded, nodding, wave, waved, waving, hope, hoped, hoping, smile, smiled, smiling.

List 3 - complete, completed, completing, celebrate, celebrated, celebrating, admire, admired, admiring, require, required, requiring, divide, divided, dividing.

Please ask them to write sentences for 10 of their spellings. They should say them aloud before writing them, to ensure they make sense, and remember capital letters, full stops, question marks and exclamation marks.

Encourage your child to extend their sentences, using conjunctions such as: or, and, but, when, if, that, and because. Encourage them to use others such as: however, even though, although, while, if they are able to. 

Please hand this in by Wednesday. This is also when we will be having the spelling test.

Ask them to show you the methods that we have used for recording additions and subtractions this week. Examples of these are: 
43+5    34+50   37+48   256+25

34-3     75-23    54-28

Don't worry if they can't remember. We will be re-capping this over the coming weeks. 

Enjoy the long weekend,

Shabbat Shalom,

Mrs Conroy and Miss Levenson