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Year 3

Role Play in English

Role Play in English 1
Role Play in English 2
Role Play in English 3
Role Play in English 4
Role Play in English 5
Role Play in English 6
Role Play in English 7
Role Play in English 8
Role Play in English 9
Role Play in English 10
Role Play in English 11
Role Play in English 12
Role Play in English 13
Role Play in English 14
Role Play in English 15
Role Play in English 16
Role Play in English 17
Role Play in English 18
Role Play in English 19
Role Play in English 20
Role Play in English 21
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Picture 10

Wow! What an exciting workshop the children took part in on Friday. The children built robots following instructions then programmed them using iPads to be able to control their movements around the hall.

in the afternoon, we visited Year 5 to hear their own versions of The Tempest. The children provided feedback to the Year 5s as to what they thought of their writing. The children said they really enjoyed working with Year 5. 

30.04.18 - 03.05.18

The children have continued with their work in division using base 10 in Maths. From next week, we are going to be moving into methods of long division.

In English this week we have begun reading Oliver and the Seawig. We have carried out character studies for the two main characters and will be carrying out some role play on Friday linked to this.

We are excited that the children will be taking part in a Robotics Workshop on Friday. More details and pictures to follow soon! 

Ukulele Song

Still image for this video
The children rehearse their very first song using the Ukuleles!

Ukulele fun and Marathon writing

Ukulele fun and Marathon writing 1
Ukulele fun and Marathon writing 2
Ukulele fun and Marathon writing 3
Ukulele fun and Marathon writing 4
Ukulele fun and Marathon writing 5
Ukulele fun and Marathon writing 6
Ukulele fun and Marathon writing 7
Ukulele fun and Marathon writing 8

23.04.18 - 27.04.18


We concluded our topic on Marc Chagall this week with Biography writing linked to the book we have been reading 'Tell us a story, Papa Chagall'. We used Purple Mash to write and edit them ready for display. The children had a fun filled day with Mrs Benedick on Thursday learning about stained glass windows and creating their own.


On Friday, the children listened to Mrs Scott talk about what it was like to run the marathon. They then wrote about their own fictional marathon experiences.


The most exciting event of the week was on Tuesday. The children will now be learning how to play the UKULELE each week. A specialist teacher, Tansia, will be teaching the children how to play this wonderful instrument. Let's hope they can all be tuned before next weeks lesson!


Don't forget Friday 4th May the children will be taking part in a robotics workshop. If you have not yet paid, please speak to the school office. Thank you in advance.



It was wonderful to teach Year 3 today. They learnt all about Chagall's stained glass windows and they designed and made their own using symbols, shapes and bright colours. They will be displayed around the school so look out for them. 

Mrs Benedick 

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Picture 24
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Picture 26
Picture 27
Picture 28
Picture 29
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In English, we have been continuing with our work on Marc Chagall. We looked at 'Time is a river without banks' and the use of the 'fly fish' in the painting. From this, we created our own magical creatures and wrote instructions as to how to trap our magical creatures.

In Maths, we have continued to look at division involving remainders and larger numbers. We have self marked with the use of calculators to check our work. This has allowed the children to make instant corrections too. 

We had another exciting Art morning this week where Year 3 visited Miss Baker's class to learn about peacocks and how they feature in his paintings. They studied the colour wheel and how different colours link to different emotions. The children decorated their own feathers with the use of related colours from the colour wheel.

We use Purple Mash this week to help us with our topic on Plants in Science. We created 3D flower images, visited an interative garden centre to learn about their important role and used a mash cam to take selfies as a gardener!


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

Welcome back to the summer term!


We hope you had a fantastic holiday and are ready for some exciting topics this term.


The children have kicked off their week with a new topic on Marc Chagall. We have studied one of his paintings, 'A wheat field on a summer's afternoon'. We discussed what the painting could be about and the children planned and wrote their own stories about the boy's mysterious journey in his boat across the river to the wheat field. 

Each week during this topic, the children will be having an art morning so it is important please to leave the painting aprons in their bags. This week we looked at Marc Chagall's use of flowers in his paintings. The children looked at different techniques to paint, symmetry and thicknesses of paint to create different techniques on the page. They produced some fantastic pieces!

In Maths we have started our new topic on Division. This has been tricky for the children so I have reminded them the importance of revising and rehearsing their times tables at home. Please support them in doing this. 'Hit the Button' is a great game to play. I have included this in this terms homework grid too.

Homework is coming home Friday and is due back as normal on Wednesday. I have included a copy of the grid for this half term, both groups spellings and an updated version of the home readers list below.


Please note: your child may have a different guided reading group and/or book changing day. The children have stuck labels into their reading records with this information on. All books and reading records which were brought into school this week have been changed.

Pesach Learning Days

Pesach Learning Days 1
Pesach Learning Days 2
Pesach Learning Days 3
Pesach Learning Days 4
Pesach Learning Days 5
Pesach Learning Days 6
Pesach Learning Days 7
Pesach Learning Days 8
Pesach Learning Days 9
Pesach Learning Days 10
Pesach Learning Days 11
Pesach Learning Days 12
Pesach Learning Days 13
Pesach Learning Days 14
Pesach Learning Days 15
Pesach Learning Days 16


Year 3 had a brilliant trip to Hampton Court Palace on Thursday. They were so excited to tell me everything they had seen and done! A very enjoyable trip!

They wrote Trip Advisor style reviews of their outing in English. I am going to choose a couple to post on Trip Advisor over the holidays. Watch this space! I will inform the children after the holidays.

Monday and Tuesday are Pesach Learning Days. The children are taking part in a variety of workshops run by the teachers as well as their own Seder.

The Year 3 team hope you all have a lovely Pesach holiday and enjoy the break!



Year 3 have been looking into multiplying multiples of 10 by 1 digit numbers, where the total is greater and less than 100. They are working brilliantly so far this week

In English we are looking at different types of poetic structure, Haiku, Kenning and Tanka. So far the children have written some hilarious kenning poems about all sorts of topics including football, gymnastics, their friends and even Ed Sheeran! 

In science today, we investigated reflections in different surfaces. We had our end of unit quiz which the children did well in.


Please don't forget to provide your child with a packed lunch on Thursday for the outing. May I also remind you please that the children should be reading at least 3 times a week. Please make sure the reading record is signed too. A reminder that homework is due in on a Wednesday and will go out again on a Friday.

12.03.18 – 16.03.18


This week Year 3 have had a very exciting week!!

They performed brilliantly in their class assembly, I am sure you will all agree. We were very very proud of them.

In Maths, we have come to the end of our unit on Fractions. The children haven’t found this straightforward so any extra reinforcement you can do at home would help. We will revisit it again in the summer term. Next week we will be looking at multiplying multiples of 10. Please support your child in ensuring their 10 times table is concrete but also please revise the 3, 4 and 8 times table when possible.

This week we raised awareness with Sport Relief. Year 3 and Year 5 teamed up and created games in the playground which we then shared and played together in groups. The sun was shining, and the children had a brilliant time.

In English, the children learnt about Precious, a young girl from Johannesburg who has benefitted from one of the projects which Sport Relief funds – a skateboard park in her local area. We wrote about her difficult life growing up in Johannesburg and the difference the park has made.

In Science, we continued our topic on Light. We conducted investigations into how shadows behave. Each group had a torch and a variety of objects to look at.

A reminder, after the holidays the children will begin swimming again on a THURSDAY afternoon with Mrs Maze. Any questions, please contact the school office.


Just to clarify, I tested the children on Friday on the spelling list which begins with 'scent'. There was a little confusion due to the snow day. Next week I will test on the list beginning with 'bicycle'.

With Mrs Scott's group, the same applies. The children have been tested on the words beginning with 'goat' and next week will be the list beginning with 'too'.

If your child learns mild, the first 5 need to be learnt. If your child learns medium, the first 7 need to be learnt. If you child does hot, all 10 have to be covered.

Copies of the spellings can be found on the blog which can be used when homework books are given in.

26.02.18 - 02.03.18


This week we have finished our Information Texts on the Victorian Era. Each group chose a different element to write about. Topics covered included Crime and Punishment, Transport, Children, Work and Buildings. We then wrote our own Glossary for each text so that key words were explained. Next week we will be spending time rehearsing for our class assembly on Wednesday 14th March.

In Maths, we explored equivalence in fractions and the importance of accurate diagrams to represent this. Some children requested a fraction booklet at home to consolidate their knowledge. Just to stress, this is not compulsory and I have not set a date limit on it. Your child has chosen to take the booklet and it can be completed in their own time. I am very happy to check it once it has been completed.

In Science, we explored the Sun as a light source and looked at the difference between night and day. We discussed how the Earth rotates on its axis and takes 24 hours to complete a turn. We then looked into how as the Earth turns, different parts come into the Sun's light for day whilst the opposite side becomes dark for night. The children created diagrams to represent this.

Congratulations to Daisy, Jessie, Sophie and Evie on making it through to the final of Clore's Got Talent. We wish them all much luck for their performances.

Below are copies of the spellings for this half term and the homework grid.

19.02.18 - 23.02.18


A great first week back after half term. The children have been learning about Fiction and non fiction and the differences between their features. We have used non fiction texts to create our own information texts about The Victorians which we are continuing next week.

On Tuesday, we had a visitor come and talk to the children about celebrating Chinese New Year. My father, who has just moved back from Hong Kong having lived there for the last 10 years with my mother, came to teach the children some Chinese!! They loved being able to say 'happy new year' in Chinese and also rehearsed writing this too which was very tricky! He gave them each a lucky red envelope which they put their own greeting card into.

In maths we have been looking at fractions, more specifically, fractions of shapes and objects (using starburst!) and comparing and ordering fractions with the same denominator. Some children have asked for some extra practice at home which I will send home this week. 

We began our new science topic with a discussion about light and dark. We went on a light source hunt around school and discussed what we would see if there was no light at all. The children got very involved in our discussions, it was great.

Every child has a copy of the new homework grid and a copy of the spellings stuck into their homework book. As I explained to the children, I have separated the words into Mild, Medium and Hot. The children together with yourselves can choose which level of spellings to learn. Please encourage the children to challenge themselves. May I also remind you that one homework activity is to be completed each week.

This week in pictures...

This week in pictures... 1
This week in pictures... 2
This week in pictures... 3
This week in pictures... 4
This week in pictures... 5
This week in pictures... 6
This week in pictures... 7
This week in pictures... 8
This week in pictures... 9
This week in pictures... 10
This week in pictures... 11
This week in pictures... 12
This week in pictures... 13
This week in pictures... 14
This week in pictures... 15
This week in pictures... 16
This week in pictures... 17
This week in pictures... 18
This week in pictures... 19
This week in pictures... 20
This week in pictures... 21
This week in pictures... 22
This week in pictures... 23
This week in pictures... 24
This week in pictures... 25
This week in pictures... 26
This week in pictures... 27

Science Learning Days - 5th & 6th Feb


We started our Science learning days with an investigation into the ideal conditions plants need to grow. The children came up with their own questions to investigate and decided on a method and a way of recording their results. Some of their questions are below.


Q: Can a plant grow in ice?

Q: Can a plant grow once it has been crushed?

Q: Can a plant grow with no water?

Q: Can a plant grow in water?


The children then moved on to investigate how fast water travels up the stem of a flower. We used food colouring and carnations to see what would happen. Some of the plants worked brilliantly, others did not work at all and we discussed why this might be. We looked at making accurate observations through drawings and discussed the 'science' behind it.


Carnation Investigation

Carnation Investigation 1
Carnation Investigation 2
Carnation Investigation 3
Carnation Investigation 4
Carnation Investigation 5
Carnation Investigation 6
Carnation Investigation 7
Carnation Investigation 8

Cress Investigation

Cress Investigation 1
Cress Investigation 2
Cress Investigation 3
Cress Investigation 4
Cress Investigation 5
Cress Investigation 6

Photos from this week...

Photos from this week... 1
Photos from this week... 2
Photos from this week... 3
Photos from this week... 4
Photos from this week... 5
Photos from this week... 6



This week, the children carried out an investigation into the durability and permeability of rocks. They had different samples of rocks and used sandpaper and water to test them. They recorded their results in a table and came up with their own conclusions. We discussed which type of rock would be best to build a set of stairs outside.

We have concluded our unit on The Iron Man with a newspaper article about the fight between the Space-Bat-Angel-Dragon and The Iron Man. We came up with our own Headlines, discussed puns and what a play on words was and drew illustrations of the great fight with a caption. 

Next week, we have 2 Science Days where we will be carrying out some investigations into plants and Streetwise coming in to carry out an E-Safety session with the children. 



This week we not only made Clore Shalom smell like your local Costa, we made fossils!! The children had a brilliant time getting their hands dirty. They followed instructions from a video then once their fossils were complete, they wrote out what they needed and the steps they followed. We will be sending them home by the end of next week (if they are dry!).


In English, we have been reading The Iron Man. We looked into the main characters, describing them using expanded noun phrases and wrote a diary entry as Hogarth. Next week, we are going to be focusing on writing a newspaper report on the main event of the story.


Maths this week has focused on pictograms. I explained to the children that they now may want to complete the pictogram homework on the homework grid if they are feeling confident. Next week we are moving on to multiplication and division word problems using the 3, 4 and 8 times tables.



This week in maths we looked at different ways of representing fact families of division and multiplication. We also looked at using doubling and halving to support our multiplication. We introduced the children to the associative law and will be looking at the distributive law next week.


In English, we concluded our unit on The Tiger Who Came to Tea with the children writing their own versions of the story. We have written them up onto giant tea cups, some of which will be displayed in the hall. Make sure you sneak a peak when you next attend for Kabbalat Shabbat. We will aim to post photos later on in the week. 


In Science, we continued our unit on Rocks and Soils and looked into the life of Mary Anning. We watched a very interesting video about her life ( and wrote diary entries about her fossil collecting. The children were able to use their posters created in the holidays to support their learning.

Week beginning 8.1.18



This week we continued to look at our class book, The Tiger Who Came to Tea. We used post it notes to help us identify the main elements of the story and worked together to come up with high quality descriptive words for the main character. Towards the end of the week, we began planning and rewriting the story in our own words. We focused on high level description, openers and good quality punctuation. We also put our dictionaries and thesauruses to good use!!



We have been looking into division this week, using manipulatives. We began the week with a recap of our 3s, 4s and 8s and moved into division by sharing, a theme we will take into next week to support us in our multiplication. We are encouraging the children to be independent with their use of resources as we are now fortunate enough to have a resource trolley for each table. 


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9

Welcome Back!


We have had a very busy short first week. In Maths, we have begun learning about our multiplication tables - 3s 4s and 8s. The children built arrays using cubes and counters and then hid parts of these for their partners to guess. We formed the relating multiplication table facts.

In English we have started learning about Judith Kerr and The Tiger Who Came to Tea. We focused on the different types of apostrophes and researched the author's life. We wrote Biographies which you can see below.

In Geography, the children created Mind maps about Geography and discussed topics coming up.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12
Picture 13
Picture 14
Picture 15

Welcome to the Spring Term

A reminder that reading books are changed on the days below. We are encouraging the children to be more independent in book changing so please support your child in remembering to put their reading book and reading log into their bag each night, especially the night before book changing day. 


Group 4 Yellow - Monday

Group 5 Purple - Tuesday

Group 1 Green - Wednesday

Group 2 Blue - Thursday

Group 3 Red - Friday


Many Thanks,

Mrs Goldsmith/Mrs Maze/Mrs Scott

Picture 1

Thank you parents and children for the very generous gifts (and cards!) you bought/made us! We have thoroughly enjoyed our first term working with your children and very much look forward to the next.


Have a fantastic holiday!

Mrs Goldsmith & Mrs Scott 

Some photos from the last few weeks...

Some photos from the last few weeks... 1
Some photos from the last few weeks... 2
Some photos from the last few weeks... 3
Some photos from the last few weeks... 4
Some photos from the last few weeks... 5
Some photos from the last few weeks... 6
Some photos from the last few weeks... 7
Some photos from the last few weeks... 8
Some photos from the last few weeks... 9
Some photos from the last few weeks... 10
Some photos from the last few weeks... 11
Some photos from the last few weeks... 12
Some photos from the last few weeks... 13
Some photos from the last few weeks... 14
Some photos from the last few weeks... 15



In Year 3 we have been having a real push on improving spelling and vocabulary and consequently writing. Please may I suggest the following Dictionary and Thesaurus to purchase for your child to use from January. This is not a must, but a request. These will help to build your child's vocabulary and help their creative writing, as well as supporting spelling, grammar and punctuation. Some Dictionaries and Thesauruses will still be available in class to use but I feel it would be beneficial to your child to have their own to access as and when they so wish.


Many Thanks
Year 3 have worked with Year 2 buddies today to research and create leaflets all about our solar system and the planets that are in it.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12
Monday 4th December

Today we began our new book called The King of Space. The children will be using this text over the next week to design robots and improve vocabulary choices in explanatory texts.

In the gallery below are some fantastic examples of our recounts and our amazing display of the children's work from our Science Museum trip.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12
Picture 13
Picture 14
Picture 15
Picture 16
Picture 17
Picture 18
Picture 19
Picture 20
Picture 21
Picture 22
Picture 23
Picture 24

4th December

This week is parents evening. Please contact the school office if you are unsure of your appointment time.



Some children are completing more than 1 homework a week. As much as I don't want to discourage those who are completing extra work if they so wish, please could I remind parents that the expectation is 1 task per week. This is set on a Wednesday and due in on a Friday.


Reading Books

Books are changed once a week. If children finish their book within this time, we are happy to provide more than one book. Please encourage your child to take responsibility for bringing their book into school. Books should remain in school bags everyday so that we can access them when needed.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9

27th November - 1st December


This week in English, we wrote recounts of our trip to the Science Museum. We discussed using past tense and writing to interest the reader. We also looked at the use of fronted adverbials and conjunctions to improve our writing. This are proudly displayed outside the classroom. Make sure you take a look at them during parents evening this week.

Maths this week we studied angles - right angles and angles 'greater than' or 'less than' a right angle. We went on an angle hunt to see how many different sized angles we could see in our school.

Continuing with our Space theme, the children produced fantastic solar system art work, also displayed outside the classroom. We used different paint techniques and discussed planets in order of distance from the sun. During Guided Reading, we focused on a different Astronaut each day. These included Helen Sharman, Edward White and Buzz Aldrin. We produced fact files all about Neil Armstrong.

Well done to our top three finalists in the GEOGRAPHY CAPITAL CITY-A-THON CHALLENGE and an extra special well done to our winner! All the children worked extremely hard and we are exceptionally proud of their achievements. 

We also had a visit this week from some players from Borehamwood Football Club who brought with them the FA Cup. We had a Q and A session and a chance to have our picture taken with the cup!

As part of our Science this week, we looked into the use of concave and convex mirrors. We came up with our own questions to investigate.

Each of us has our own idea of what anti bullying means but when we come together our message is clear: don't bully!

Each of us has our own idea of what anti bullying means but when we come together our message is clear: don't bully! 1

Our new playground equipment!!

Our new playground equipment!! 1
Our new playground equipment!! 2
Our new playground equipment!! 3
Our new playground equipment!! 4

What is happening this week?

20th November 2017


We are concluding our topic on Fables this week. The children will be planning and writing their own fables, based on 'The Mouse and The Lion' or 'The Hare and The Tortoise'.

We are starting a new topic in Maths, interpreting and presenting information using Bar Charts. We will also be completing bar charts from information provided and solving more complex problems.

In our foundation subjects, we will be investigating the use of concave and convex mirrors and how light is reflected from surfaces. We will also be using atlases to describe land use in the context of thinking about urban and rural areas.

So far this week in pictures...

So far this week in pictures... 1
So far this week in pictures... 2
So far this week in pictures... 3
So far this week in pictures... 4
So far this week in pictures... 5
So far this week in pictures... 6
So far this week in pictures... 7
So far this week in pictures... 8
So far this week in pictures... 9
So far this week in pictures... 10
So far this week in pictures... 11
So far this week in pictures... 12
So far this week in pictures... 13
So far this week in pictures... 14
So far this week in pictures... 15
Picture 1

Monday signals the start of Anti-Bullying Week. We have a jam-packed week full of lessons, activities, discussions and workshops all based around the idea of 'All Different. All Equal.'


We would like your child to complete one of the two activities on the homework grid relating to this week if they haven't done so already. The choices are:


E-Safety - write 5-10 important pieces of information to help you stay safe online. You can use this website to help. You may present it as facts or as an information poster.


Anti-bullying Week - create a mind map of the emotions a victim of bullying may feel.


Please hand this in by Wednesday 15th November. If your child has already completed another item from the grid, please try to complete this as a 'talk homework' activity during dinner time, before bed or even in the car on the way to school! Thank you.



We continued our work on our fables unit by looking at the use of 'conjunctions' and how these can make our descriptions more exciting. We looked into the character's thoughts by discussing what they say and do in the story of 'War and Peas'.

Next week is Anti-Bullying Week so we will temporarily be moving away from Fables to focus our efforts on learning how to be kind to one another and what it means to be a good friend. 


We have concluded our topic on column subtraction with a brief look at word problems. Next week we will looking at these in more detail, using different methods to help us understand worded mathematical problems. 


We continued to look at sketch mapping in Geography, and used Google Maps to sketch our local area (Borehamwood) identifying landmarks and points of interest.

We spent a little time this week learning about Christianity and how this compares with  Islam. We briefly looked into the significance of the poppy and what Remembrance Day is all about, making our own poppies to go with this. We also studied Guy Fawkes and the role he played in the Gunpowder Plot.


Tomorrow is Bandi Chhor Day. The children are taking part in a variety of activities including:

The Interactive Story of Bandi Chhor

Arts and Crafts

Significant aspects of Sikhism and similarities to Judaism


Week beginning 30th October 2017


In English this week, we looked at War and Peas by Michael Forman, an alternative version of a Fable. We compared different versions of fables and looked at matching morals to them.

The children had to make their peers recreate scenes from the story using clear language emphasising the importance of description when we write. Mrs Scott took on the role of the king, firing 'insults' at the children to help us understand how mean the king was! They were great sports and didn't take anything personally :)


In Maths we began looking at column subtraction including regrouping. We used speaking frames to help us understand all the different ways subtraction questions may be phrased.


We have just started our new topic in Science called 'Inventors and Scientists' with a focus each week on a different individual who has made an impact in the world of Science. We looked at 'plant hunters', those who are responsible for introducing plants to the UK. We went on a plant/tree hunt to see what sorts of plants we could find in the field. Next week we are focusing on Marie Curie and the use of x-rays.


Towards the end of the week, we took part in a circle time. I asked the children why it was great to be them. They came up with some brilliant answers during discussion.


My parents are nice and I have a good life and I am thankful and amazing! CS

It's good to be me because I'm not in a poor place. I have food and water. RSC

It's good to be me because everyone loves me how I am. SL

It's good to be me because I am funny and silly. AB


See below for photos of some of these exciting events.



30.10.17 In Pictures

30.10.17 In Pictures 1
30.10.17 In Pictures 2
30.10.17 In Pictures 3
30.10.17 In Pictures 4
30.10.17 In Pictures 5
30.10.17 In Pictures 6
30.10.17 In Pictures 7
30.10.17 In Pictures 8
30.10.17 In Pictures 9
30.10.17 In Pictures 10
30.10.17 In Pictures 11
30.10.17 In Pictures 12
30.10.17 In Pictures 13
30.10.17 In Pictures 14
30.10.17 In Pictures 15
30.10.17 In Pictures 16
30.10.17 In Pictures 17
30.10.17 In Pictures 18
30.10.17 In Pictures 19
30.10.17 In Pictures 20
30.10.17 In Pictures 21
30.10.17 In Pictures 22
30.10.17 In Pictures 23
30.10.17 In Pictures 24
30.10.17 In Pictures 25
30.10.17 In Pictures 26
30.10.17 In Pictures 27
30.10.17 In Pictures 28
30.10.17 In Pictures 29
30.10.17 In Pictures 30
30.10.17 In Pictures 31
30.10.17 In Pictures 32
30.10.17 In Pictures 33
30.10.17 In Pictures 34
30.10.17 In Pictures 35
30.10.17 In Pictures 36
30.10.17 In Pictures 37
30.10.17 In Pictures 38
30.10.17 In Pictures 39
30.10.17 In Pictures 40
30.10.17 In Pictures 41
30.10.17 In Pictures 42
30.10.17 In Pictures 43
30.10.17 In Pictures 44
30.10.17 In Pictures 45
30.10.17 In Pictures 46
30.10.17 In Pictures 47
30.10.17 In Pictures 48
Picture 1

We hope you had a lovely half term! Here are some handy reminders...


Book Changing

Reading books will be changed this half term on the following days. The children will be informed on Monday which group they are in. Please ensure children have their books in their bags daily so that we can hear readers/change books more frequently if need be. 


Monday - Group 4 Yellows

Tuesday - Group 5 Purples

Wednesday - Group 1 Greens

Thursday - Group 2 Blues

Friday - Group 3 Reds



A new homework grid will be coming home on Friday 3rd November. Please ensure it is returned by Wednesday 8th November so that it can be resent again on the Friday.



Spellings will be given out in a NEW spelling folder on Friday 3rd November and will include an overview of the spellings from this entire half term. The first set (Week 1) will be tested on the following Friday 10th November.

The last few weeks...

The last few weeks... 1
The last few weeks... 2
The last few weeks... 3
The last few weeks... 4
The last few weeks... 5
The last few weeks... 6
The last few weeks... 7
The last few weeks... 8
The last few weeks... 9
The last few weeks... 10
The last few weeks... 11
The last few weeks... 12
The last few weeks... 13
The last few weeks... 14
The last few weeks... 15
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If your child is requesting a flextangle, please google 'flextangle template and instructions'. These can then be downloaded for the children to colour and create. Thank you.

16th October 2017

Here is a SNEAK PEAK into what to expect this week...


Making paper lanterns and using our maths skills of the 4 number operations to help us create Rangoli patterns.

What are Limericks? - writing our own limericks and understanding their structure, rhythm and rhyme.

Addition involving regrouping tens and hundreds, word problems and the language of addition.

Concluding our topic on the Egyptians with... an exciting outing to the British Museum!

(Spellings are coming home Monday, and will be tested Friday)




Book Changing - please can I remind you to ensure your child brings in their reading book everyday. The reading timetable is noted below as to when it will be changed. Your child's book and reading record needs to remain in their school bag so that we can access it when needed.


Homework - due to the many Jewish festivals we have had in the last few weeks, homework has not been set. Homework books will be given out tomorrow (9th Oct). Please can they be returned with a completed homework by Wednesday 18th October and will be given out again after half term. Thank you!

Don't forget to return the Acceptable Use Agreements and ICT E-Safety Use documents.


Thank you, 

Mrs Goldsmith




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What have we been up to this week?



In English, we have started our new unit on Poetry. We looked at two poems, Hand on the Bridge by Michael Rosen and The Sound Collector by Roger McGough. We wrote our own versions of The Sound Collector and performed them to the class. We began looking at onomatopoeia too.

During Maths this week we have looked into using the line of magnitude to help us estimate numbers on a number line. We have also been looking at rounding, place value ladders and ‘greater than’ and ‘less than’.

We have continued our work on the Egyptians with a mummy making competition. The children had a blast dressing each other up as a mummy! 

We conducted an experiment in Science looking into what materials are magnetic and what are not. We’ve created magnet information posters using our knowledge gained from the unit.

There will be no spellings given out tomorrow due to Sukkot Learning Day next Friday.

This week in Year 3



We have been continuing to write our stories based on Fantastic Mr Fox. The children have had some excellent ideas and have had the opportunity to edit and improve their work throughout the writing process. I can't wait to see the finished stories!

In Science, we spent time investigating how magnets work and had a really interesting discussion about north and south poles. We discussed how magnets attract and repel and used iron filings to help explain the magnetic field.

For Rosh Hashanah, the children made apple crumble (some of which I know the children came home wearing rather than carrying!) they cut the apples, weighed out the ingredients and used their hands to mix the ingredients together. They had such a great time as you can see in the photos below. I hope they taste as good as they look!

I am very much looking forward to seeing the children in their Roald Dahl themed costumes tomorrow.


Shanah Tova U'metukah!


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This Week




We created story maps of our class reader, Fantastic Mr Fox. They are FANTASTIC!! These are going to be used to help us plan and write our own versions of the story which we began today, so if your child has not finished the book, please ensure they have done so by Monday.


We have been working on adding and taking away using 2 digit and 3 digit numbers and a number line. It has not been an easy but we have been working really hard.


We conducted an experiment using force meters to see how much force would be needed to pull an object across different surfaces. We learnt about Newtons and how this is the unit of measure for force.

A few reminders...

Homework is due in on a Wednesday. Please date and sign so that we can see your child has completed their work.

Spellings will be coming home on Friday. Please encourage your child to learn as many words as possible for a test on Monday 25th September.

What have we been up to?

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What have we been up to? 3
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What have we been up to? 5
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Reading Books



The children are coming home over the next few days with their reading books. If you, or your child feels that their book may not be the correct level, do let us know with a little note in the reading record book so that we can rectify this.

From next Monday, books will be changed according to their English Seats.


Red Table - Monday

Yellow Table - Tuesday

Purple Table - Wednesday

Green Table - Thursday

Blue Table - Friday


Thank you to those who sent in the homework books. There are still a few children who did not return their books today. A reminder please that homework is due in on a Wednesday.


Welcome to Year 3



We have had a very exciting first week in Year 3! We have spent the first few days getting to know all your children which has been a real treat. We played ‘getting to know you’ bingo, wrote about our summer holidays and looked at maths within our families.


In English, we have been looking at Fantastic Mr Fox By Roald Dahl. We have carried out character descriptions for the main characters, acted out scenes from the story and have used speech punctuation to create conversations between the characters.


In Maths, we have been looking into place value of two and three digit numbers, representing these in different ways. We have been partitioning these numbers in different ways and looking into the value of each digit. We have completed a set of games including, ‘number bingo’ and ‘what's my number?’


Next week we will be starting guided reading and spellings. 

Please don’t forget to send in the homework grids by Wednesday!