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Year 3

6 July 2017




This week in Literacy/English, Year 3 is completing non-chronological reports on Peregrine Falcons.  The students have been working diligently at transforming the data they found during the research phase into complex sentences and then organising their sentences into paragraphs under subheadings.  

As this is the first piece of non-fiction writing we've done this term, one of their challenges has been sticking to the facts only restriction--Year 3 is full of creative minds and it hasn't been easy to distance our writing from phrases like "Peregrine Falcons are the most amazing predators on Earth" or "this bird is the best hunter on the planet".  Rather than interjecting personal opinions, Year 3 is figuring out how to fill their reports with outstanding facts so that the readers will be left to draw their own opinions about how amazing these birds are.  


Learning report writing has been eye-opening for the students, but don't take the teacher's word for it...listen to some of the students share about their personal experiences:

  • "It was difficult at first, but when we mapped it out into stages it made it easier to understand."  -Zoe K
  • "I've found it to be annoying because I have an imaginative mind and it's tough to not put my own ideas in."  -Aaron P
  • "I think that when I wrote it, I kept on trying because it was really hard.  It got easier as I wrote more of it down."  -Mia K
  • "I found it unimaginative at first, but as we started looking further into it using the iPads, it became more interesting."  -Raphy C
  • "First, it was frustrating because I had to write a lot of information and I just had to push forward with my mistakes, but once I got further into it, I began to feel really good about my writing."  -Isobel Z
  • "Once Mrs Royle really explained what to do, it became much easier.  I am enjoying learning how to get more facts in." -Billie L
  • "It was hard at first because it was new, but after the research was done, it was easier." -Amy A
  • "Writing my own opinions is much easier because I know them so well.  Once I had all my facts in front of me, I put them in categories and it made more sense." -Maya S
  • "I assumed it wold be easy, but when I got to work I found it to be very challenging.  But I kept trying until I got it."  -Ruby I
  • "For me, the research on iPads was challenging, but we worked with partners which helped.  There is some data on the internet that is true and some that isn't, so it was hard to tell which was which."  -Alfie L
  • "I prefer to write creative pieces.  I think I am better at writing creative stories." - Tami B
  • "Trying to sort my facts into categories was not easy, but when I saw my classmates doing it, I was able to join in." -Amelia C
  • "For me, I have found this kind of writing easy because we have followed the same writing pattern every day of this unit."  -Joey L
  • "I've found this writing unit easier when I can work with a  partner and we can help each other with our writing."  -Joe P
  • "It was difficult when I was working alone, but running my ideas by my partner Isobel really helped me improve."  -Oliver V
  • "I think it is easier to understand non-fiction reports with images, so I have included them in my writing." - Rebecca S
  • "It was hard at first, but once I got the idea and help from some people, their help made it make more sense." -Sadie S
  • "I didn't understand at first when we were doing our introductions--I put lots of dramatic and creative bits into my report.  But once I realised that it needed to use only (boring old) facts, I changed it to follow the assignment.  But I really prefer creative writing!"  -Dexter R

30 June 2017


Year 3 has been experimenting with a very exciting new bit of technology that has the whole class fired up about learning: we're using an app called Kahoot that allows the students to take part in a real-time online quiz via an iPad.


This week, we began by taking part in a general quiz and then moved onto quizzes that cover parts of our curriculum. The children took a quiz on Forces and Magnets, on using present perfect tense and on Wolves in the Walls (a story we recently read in Literacy). The class was excited about learning and fully engaged.  The best part is that this app will allow for tailor-made quizzes to correspond with the children's learning, so they will be delighted to hear that there will be much more of this in their future!  


Tuesday 27 June, 2017


In Maths this week, Year 3 is revisiting shape and symmetry; the class began this topic in the autumn term of 2016 and is now going into greater detail.

We are focused on symmetry, finding multiple lines of symmetry and making our own symmetric designs.


Here are two outstanding creations made using tangrams:



Many of the students worked in  pairs--one drew half of a picture on grid paper and the other was challenged to complete their partner's drawing:


Thursday 8 June 2017




This week, Y3 has been reading and discussing stories that have morals.  We are reading from a series of books called Serendipity Books by Stephen Cosgrove.  The students were paired up and spent time reading a short story together; they were given the task of identifying the moral, writing it in their own words, designing a poster to exhibit their ideas and sharing the stories with the rest of the class.  


Here are some photos of the children during the shared reading phase of this week-long activity:









Tuesday 23 May 2017




We've been learning about Forces and Magnets for the past few weeks; the class spent some time experimenting with various objects to identify which are magnetic and which are not. 


Have a peek at the students working hard and having fun:








Monday 15 May 2017


Today in our SPaG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) lesson, the students were challenged to choose a pair of homophones and use them both in a creative, well-written sentence.  


Here are some examples:








Thursday 11 May 2017



Today Year 3 took the next step on our Growth Mindset Learning Journey--developing a direct correlation between failure and success.  We had a lively discussion about famous successful adults who were told they'd never amount to anything and, regardless of the negative messages, they persisted and became some of the greatest role models on the planet.  Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Dr Seuss, Lionel Messi and Walt Disney were amongst the list and the class was eager to hear more about he challenges these people faced before they reached their goals.

In light of this, we are engaging upon a class project: each student is to choose someone he/she admires--someone in their lives who has achieved greatness--and interview this person about the journey he/she took in order to get there.


Here is the information the students need to guide them in the interview:

I have urged the class to be as creative as possible--to add questions of their own...even to film the interview and send it via email to be presented to the class.  This should be both fun and educational for them.  Do contact me with any questions or feedback about this project; this work is to be handed in by Thursday 25th May.


Tuesday 9th May, 2017



This week Year 3 is working diligently in Maths--we are still focused on multiplication and I urge parents to help your child(ren) with reviewing their times tables at home.  Because we are learning various methods of problem solving (all of which require rapid recall of multiplication facts), it is vital that the students are able mentally calculate any product from the 2s, 3s, 5s, 8s, and 10s within seconds.  In class, we play learning games--"Around the World" has become a class favourite.  I have seen Y3 progress in this area since January and with additional revision at home, the students will be much better prepared for our next Maths topic: division.



Year 3 has just completed our 4th week in a series of lessons about Having a Growth Mindset.  We've banned the phrase "I dont' get it..." and have been coming up with alternatives to this and other negative messages that hinder our ability to thrive both academically and socially.


Have a look at some of the key elements of a 'Growth Mindset':



In our most recent lesson, we spent time rewriting negative messages.  Here are some of our examples:

  • Luca has changed the statement "I want to quit" to "I can't quit now--I've worked so hard!"
  • Rebecca replaced "I hate when I'm corrected" to "Being corrected is learning."
  • Barney changed "I can't do this" to "I can do this, I just haven't reached my full potential yet."
  • Amelia reworded "This is too hard" to read "I'll practise and practise until I get it!"


Welcome to Year 3!


We've had a great first week back to school after the Passover break.

Year 3 has been learning about telling time in Maths, which is an important life skill and a great way to reinforce the 5 times tables and understanding halves and quarters.

Have a look at Y3 playing "Time Bingo" :



In English, we have started a new unit on Adventure Stories and we've begun to discuss the features of the genre -- heroes, villains, foreshadowing, cliff-hangers, danger, quests, conflict and resolution.  We've started off by creating a comic strip about the book Chalk, which will soon be on display in the classroom.  We are also reading The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster aloud in class and will spend next week exploring a variety of adventure tales.


This week's homework was sent home Thursday, 28th April and consists of 2 tasks: one packet on measuring time and a sheet reviewing the grammar rules for dialogue.  I've sent home brand new plastic zip folders as some of the students have not given in their red Home Learning book.  I ask all parents to please see to it that the red folder is placed into the zip bag upon return to school; if you cannot find it, I will supply a new one.  I also ask that you help your child(ren) glue all Home Learning work into the red folder and date it.  Some of you will find that there are loose sheets in your child(ren)'s folders and these need to be secured to the pages inside the folder.


Have a lovely Shabbat with your families this weekend.



Mrs Royle and the Year 3 Team