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Year 4

Week 15/10/18

As I'm sure you've probably heard by now Science on Tuesday was quite the afternoon where the children simulated the digestive system process. It was a messy but productive lesson which Year 4 seemed to enjoy yet be somewhat grossed out by at the same time. Below are pictures, not recommended for the squeamish! 


Pupils this week have begun to look at multiplication in a new way, by using repeated addition. For example: 7x3, add 7 three times. It seems to have had an impact on the class as after an initial timetable test they improved after learning this technique, please encourage this method at home when learning them.


In History we looked at sources about Boudicca and why the Celts and Romans had such differing opinions on her. The children were asked to draw what Boudicca looked like from the Roman perspective and what she looked like from the Celtic, offering different views. Below are some of the pictures which the children drew. 


Literacy this week we've begun to develop our writing features even further by looking at metaphors, similes and personification. The children have begun to use these in their poems which makes the writing far more exciting to read and it's lovely to hear some of the vocabulary they're using. We've been learning about Tanka and Cinquain poems this week.


Next week is Black History Week at Clore Shalom so if you could encourage your child to do a little bit of pre-research on the Black Civil Rights Movement it would be greatly appreciated.


Enjoy your weekend. 

Digestion Experiment

Week 08/10/2018


We've been reciting Haikus in class this week which has led some excellent descriptive pieces of poetry including adjectives, adverbs and nouns associated with the month of Autumn, see below some of their fantastic Haikus. In Maths we've begun to look at addition and subtraction in different ways by discussing the different ways we could be asked to add two numbers together and problem solving questions where the numbers are missing. 


Battle cries could be heard in Year 4 on Wednesday as the children were asked to debate whether Boudicca should or shouldn't fight against the Romans. After a close vote the children decided that she was right to fight against the Romans and wrote rally cries to convince the troops to join her in battle. See below some of their work. 


In Spellings this week we've taken a new approach. The children now will be given a pre-test to see what their score is before they revise.


Catching Up...Week 24/09 - 01/10


A few weeks ago we had a very special visitor in Year 4, an archaeologist! The children battled and learnt about how the Romans have shaped our lives in Britain today. We also investigated the process digestion by drawing round our classmates and labelling internal organs. We tried some healthy fruits this week as well and considered the importance of a healthy diet. 


Have a restful weekend, see you Monday. 


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Boudicca Rally Cry

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Archaeologist Visit

Archaeologist Visit 1
Archaeologist Visit 2
Archaeologist Visit 3

Healthy Eating In Science

Healthy Eating In Science 1
Healthy Eating In Science 2

Week 17/09/18

In Year 4 this week we started to debate whether Romulus should be King despite his actions in the myth Romulus and Remus, the class overwhelmingly decided by a secret vote that Romulus should not be made King, be sure to ask your child how they voted and why! From this we've produced our first pieces of extended writing this term, weighing up both sides of the argument through causal conjunctions such as therefore, as a result, consequently. It's been lovely to see the children expand their vocabulary in terms of conjunctions. This piece of writing will inform their targets for the next coming weeks. 


In Maths we looked at number lines and how they can be different dependent on the finish and start numbers. Children have been encouraged to accurately estimate a mystery number on a number line by placing other numbers which they know on it. Towards the end of the week we started investigating rounding through rollercoasters! It was an adrenaline filled lesson. For some of the children they even started rounding in relation to the top 5 highest grossing movies of all time.  


We've been continuing our daily exercises, thanks to hits such as 'Waka Waka' by Shakira and 'Can't Stop The Feeling' by Justin Timberlake. We also participated in our own mini olympics around rock paper scissors, providing some memorable moments already - challenge them to a game of it, the class thoroughly enjoyed it. 


Enjoy your long weekend and see you Tuesday.


Attached below is the spelling and homework grid, please do one homework activity per half term - two at most. 

Daily Exercise Photos

Daily Exercise Photos  1
Daily Exercise Photos  2
Daily Exercise Photos  3
Daily Exercise Photos  4

Week 10/09/18

It's been another exciting few days of learning in Year 4 this week. On Wednesday we acted out the Roman Myth we are currently focusing upon in English, Romulus and Remus, to the rest of the class which featured some incredible performances. All the children were so engaged in their acting which made it a great lesson to teach, well done to all! In Literacy we've begun to focus how we can improve the story ourselves by adding our own adjectives and sentence starters too.


The children participated in a game of 'Crab Football' on Thursday as part of their daily exercise. It was lovely to see the children joy enjoy themselves and the game was a thriller to watch from the sidelines. 


Enjoy your weekend and see you Monday. 

Romulus and Remus Acting

Romulus and Remus Acting 1
Romulus and Remus Acting 2
Romulus and Remus Acting 3

Crab Football

 Crab Football  1
 Crab Football  2
 Crab Football  3

Week 03/09/18

We have made an excellent start this week in Year 4. All the children have been brilliant in their effort and behaviour. In English we have begun learning about the Roman myth, Romulus and Remus in line with our humanities topic for this term - The Romans. Please ask them about the two different versions of the story they watched!


In one of our humanities lessons the children learnt about AD and BC years, forming our own timelines to show how dates are organised chronologically (see below!)


Please find also below our weekly timetable which will be subject to change from time to time.


L'shana Tova and enjoy your weekend! 



Year 4 Humanities Timeline

Year 4 Humanities Timeline 1
Year 4 Humanities Timeline 2