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Year 4

Week of 9-13 October




This week, we worked on using rounding skills to estimate sums and differences.  This is a mental maths skill that is particularly useful when working with money, which will be part of next week's challenges. 


Here is one example of outstanding work in estimating sums and differences:


In addition to estimating, we worked on regrouping, and the class used Base 10 blocks to support their understanding of this concept.


Many of the students were superstars when it came to regrouping:





In English, we learnt about the persuasive writing that goes into writing adverts.  The pupils investigated many of the "hooks" advert authors use to grab the attention of their readers--who are actually potential customers!  We discussed many strategies--slogans using alliteration, celebrity endorsement, special offers, logos and vivid colour pictures, promises and powerful word choice.  


Here are some of the adverts the class came up with:






History Topic and Art


Year 4 is still learning about Ancient Egyptian culture and this week, the class used sketching pencils and watercolours to create their own cartouche - an oval frame that traditionally would surround the name (written in hieroglyphs) of a powerful leader, a priest or even a God or Goddess.


Here are a few of the finished paintings, followed by a key to decipher the individual glyphs:




We are all looking forward to our upcoming visit to the British Museum to view the magnificent Egyptian collection, which will be an exciting opportunity to view actual Egyptian artifacts up close.  



Week of 2-6 October, 2017



This week in Maths, we worked on rounding 4-digit numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1,000.  We also used our estimation skills to determine where a number might appear on a given numbers line; this is referred to as using line of magnitude and, after some practise, Year 4 has become quite adept at this skill.


Whilst all the class did very well with this, we are particularly proud of:






The students are still enjoying James and his adventure in the giant peach.  This week, we focused on describing a setting using strong adjectives, fronted adverbials and complex sentence structure.


Have a look at Barney's description of the horrid garden that belonged to his horrid Aunts:






Our Science curriculum has taken us in a new direction--we are now studying about living things-the characteristics of life, habitats, classification and the human impact on the natural world.


We began by getting to know "The 7 Characteristics of Living Things" and the pupils use the acronym Mrs Nerg to help them remember each of the characteristics and their meanings. The class was buzzing with curiosity; we enjoyed a full half-hour of discussion and the group was eager to learn more.  I have no doubt that this will be one of the highlights of the Science curriculum!


Here is the board the class helped to put together after our lesson:


Week of 25-29 September 2017



This week, we've focused on recapping Place Value concepts, particularly reviewing the value of each digit, determining 'greater than/less than' and ordering them in 'ascending and descending' lists.  We've extended our learning beyond our prior work in Year 3 into working with 4-digit numbers. 


Additionally, we have introduced the concept of negative numbers, which the students picked up extremely quickly and have enjoyed using number lines and various manipulatives that are available to support their understanding of concepts both old and new.


Year 4 was introduced to a new, fun activity that involves solving for missing numbers using only the digits 0-9.  Two of the shining stars of this exercise were Amelia and Eva:






The class is still enjoying the Roald Dahl novel James and the Giant Peach.  We completed a piece of extended writing (as well as a few smaller writing assignments) based on the first 3 chapters of the book; many of the pupils' works are on display in the main corridor of the school--I encourage all parents to stop and have a look when you are in the school!



Attention Parents!  

Please do check in with your child(ren) and if they have any missing school supplies, they do need to bring 20p per item.  Our class did another supply audit today and many of the pupils need to purchase new glue sticks as a matter of urgency. Their supplies are vital to their success in class--please support them in this!


Additionally, we do need to have the signed copy of both the Internet Safety Contract and the Home School Agreement returned as soon as possible.  Thank you to those who have already done so.


FinallyI want to wish all of the Year 4 families a Shanah Tovah and a healthy fast on Yom Kippur.  Please do not worry about Home Learning for this week--enjoy the chaggim with your families and friends.  



Mrs Royle 

Week of 18-22 September 2017


History/Geography - Ancient Egyptian Civilisation


This term, we've been studying the daily life of the people who lived in Egypt during ancient times.  The students have been learning about the various jobs people held--farmers, soldiers, stonemasons, scribes, fisherman, jewellery makers, boat builders, slaves and special priests who were responsible for the complex process of mummification of the dead. The students particularly enjoyed hearing about how bodies were prepared for burial and the class had a grand time "mummifying" some of the members of Year 4!






To introduce the proper procedure for running scientific experiments--namely, the Scientific Method, Year 4 engaged in a fabulous afternoon of SLIME MAKING!


The pupils learnt about the states of matter and about chemical reactions.  Before the experiment began, they made a prediction about what they believed would happen when they mixed the ingredients together.  They ensured that their experiment was a "fair test" by changing the amounts of the ingredients they used, leaving some ingredients out altogether and by replacing the active ingredient with water.  Once the slime had been created, they each wrote a detailed account of the materials used, the steps they followed and ultimately, whether or not their prediction was correct.


Here are some photos of the students hard at work:








Week of 11-15 September 2017



The class has begun to read James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl.  


During the first two chapters, the class was introduced to James's terrible Aunts: Aunt Spiker and Aunt Sponge.  These two malevolent sisters treat James horribly and author Roald Dahl uses vivid figurative language--particularly metaphor and simile--to describe the wretched women who are now James's guardians.


As a creative writing exercise, Year 4 was challenged to use descriptive and figurative language to create a THIRD horrible Aunt.  They worked in pairs and each child offered much of his/her imagination to collaboratively write outstanding descriptions of a new, awful Auntie.


Once the children wrote their amazing (and quite humorous) descriptions, they were then asked to stand up in front of class and "become the Auntie" in a popular drama exercise called 'The Hot Seat'.  The students behaved as if they were the Aunt and were able to answer questions from the class about who she is and what makes her so horrible.


Here are some photos of the class performing:






Welcome to Year 4!


We hope you have had lovely holidays and are now gearing up for working hard in Year 4. We are both very excited to be teaching you this term and we are ever so excited as we have a year full of fun things planned!

This term we will be looking at animal habitat and classification in Science. In Maths, we will be working on place value and number patterns, so make sure you have been practising your times table as they will come in handy. In English/Literacy we are reading the well-known book James and the Giant Peach--and we have lots of fun activities planned around this book as a theme.

Make sure you have everything you need - you need a proper water bottle, your PE kit (with EVERY item clearly named) and small amounts of pocket change in case you need to buy additional supplies OR you wish to donate tzedakah on Fridays. 


Dates Worth Noting:

Homework books and spellings lists will be given out on Fridays. Please give them back to us by Wednesday so we can mark them.  Your marked books and new spellings will come back to you each Friday.  I look forward to seeing all the creative projects you come up with!


Have you seen the Kids' Zone on this website? It is a fabulous online resource where students can play games and visit some interesing websites. Do take the time to explore it at home with your families!


From Mrs Royle and Miss Levenson