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Year 6

Well what can I say except for ... we ALL made it! It has been a massive journey for your children this year but I'm glad to say that they've come out the other end wiser, more savvy and certainly ready for secondary school. It has been a true pleasure and honour teaching Year 6 and your children and I only wish them much happiness and joy as they continue the next stage of their journey.


We have had a really fun last few weeks and yesterday's 'Clore Bake Off' was just a small example of what your children are able to do when they're excited to learn! I know they thoroughly enjoyed the day (stresses and all!) and the end results, I'm sure you'll agree, were amazing!


I also want to take this opportunity to thank you all so much for your generous gifts. 


Wishing you a fabulous summer!


Mrs Morris (aka 47 - you might want to mention this to the children - they know what they've been asking me about for months!!!)

Clore Bake Off - The Results



This week, the children have really realised how lucky we are having air conditioning in our class for the heat wave in the first part of the week!


We have been working incredibly hard on our upcoming production and Mrs Chelotti has continued her amazing directing of the musical (not forgetting her fabulous dressmaking skills to create some of the costumes!). What is so delightful is realising that we are now a musical class which has added lots of fun moments!



The children have been continuing their writing. This week, they wrote some wonderful diary entries about their favourite make-believe day at Clore Shalom!



In maths, we have been continuing our Theme Park maths where the children have been working in groups to create their own theme park, coming up with some great ideas as well as needing to fully cost them, of course.


Legal Eagles

This week, we had a visit from two magistrates from the local community. They shared with us some fascinating facts about their jobs and the children took part in a quiz where they were tested on their knowledge of the law. After break, the classroom was turned into a magistrates court where a mock trial was held. After much debate, the defendent was found not guilty!


Wishing you a wonderful weekend and shabbat shalom,


Mrs Morris


This week the children have settled down very quickly to their final half term at school.


As part of anti-bullying week, in groups they capably prepared and delivered a lesson to other classes around the school. The feedback was wonderful and I couldn't be prouder of them!


Also, as part of anti-bullying week, Dr Ranj (from This Morning, Cbeebies and more...) and Jonny Benjamin (a mental health campaigner) came into school and lead a session on friendship. Their honesty and openess really engaged the children. We hope a picture of the Head Boy and Head Girl together with our School Council members will be in the Jewish press next week!


The children have also been working extremely hard in English to ensure that all their assessed writing is the best it could possibly be.


This week, we began our rehearsals for our end of year production, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat. For a class that have been (occcasional!) reluctant singers, they are already sounding phenonmenal!! More proud moments and kvetching to come, parents :-)


Finally, your child has been given a new homework grid which will see them through until the end of the term with full instructions in the letter. Hand-in day for homework is on a Wednesday - please can you support your child to hand it in each week.


Shabbat shalom and hope you have a wonderful weekend.


Mrs Morris

Day 3


Good afternoon from what's been another great morning! 


The children woke up bright and early and began packing and tidying their rooms.


Then, it was time for breakfast. Mmmmm. All children enjoyed cold cereals, full vegetarian hot breakfast, toast, jams and fruit juices. We continued to tidy afterwards. 


After breakfast, we split into our three groups and completed our two different activities. Each group completed two of the following: Rock Climbing, Tomahawk, Sensory Trail or Freefall. We all had a truly wonderful morning, despite the rain. 


Lunch consisted of a variety of filled sandwiches for example cheese, egg or tuna. With children also had crisps and fruit. There was even a cake or millionaire shortbread for dessert. Mmmmmm. 


Your children have represented the school beautifully. We have had a fabulous time with them and hope that they have created memories that will last for many years to come.  


Here is a selection on photos and videos from today... we hope that you enjoy them. 


We look forward to seeing you at our lodge soon. Please see the email that was sent for directions to our building.


Enjoy the quotes below: 


"Rock Climbing was really fun with different but challenging walls." Matan


"Free falling is scary but exhilarating" Bali


"Free falling was awesome!" Conrad


"Free falling was awesome, fun and amazing." Reuben


"Free falling was really scary but such fun!" Matthew


"Rock Climbing was really fun and put your strength to the test." Joe 


"Although I couldn't do everything, this is an experience that I will always remember." Libby


"The Tomahawks were such fun to throw, even though I didn't hit the target." Keira 


"It's been great spending quality time with my friends and learning new things about them." Emily 


"During the Sensory Trail, we learnt we had to listen and tell each other what's coming up." Louis


"This week, we've had to trust each other." Itai 


"It's been amazing completing different activities with the group." Leora 


"It's really really fun because I got a hit the target with an angel." Maya


"We're throwing axes at wood! It's cold but it's fun!" Liv


"I've loved all the activities involve climbing high!" Ella 


"I found the wall challenging to climb but i still wanted to go higher." Mickey 


"It's been exciting to see what'll happen! An angel actually went into the wood!" Benjie


"It's really really fun because I got to hit the target at an angle." Maya


"It's important to have a plan in Sensory Trail so we can work together." Bali


The Year 6 Residential Team

High All Aboard

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3G swing

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Still image for this video

Raft building

Still image for this video

Day 2


Good evening from what's been another fantastic day! We have had a really amazing day here, with the sun (mostly) shining! 


The children woke up bright and early and began tidying their rooms ready for a competition inspection. Then, it was time for breakfast. We were delighted that Mrs Globe could join us today. All children enjoyed cold cereals, vegetarian hot breakfast, toast, jams and fruit juices. We played some of our games and chatted with friends. After breakfast, we did T'fillah beautifully. 


After T'fillah, we split into our three groups and completed our two different activities. Each group completed two of the following: Archery, Rock-climbing, 3G Swing, Raft Building, Free Fall and High All Aboard. We all had a truly wonderful morning. 


Lunch consisted of a variety of filled sandwiches for example cheese, egg or tuna. The children also had crisps and fruit. There was even a cupcake for dessert. Mmmmmm. 


After lunch we completed a different two of the activities from above. The children were buzzing with excitement all afternoon. The instructors are all from different parts of the world and they have had a lot of fun asking them about their home country and how to say specific words in their language. 


Dinner was scrumptious and consisted of a vegetarian roast dinner, with all the trimmings: Yorkshire puddings, roast potatoes, vegetables. For dessert, there was ice cream with chocolate flakes. 


The fun didn't stop there... after dinner we are playing mixed team games and we're going to watch a film. 


Your children have been wonderful today. We are incredibly proud of their teamwork skills and behaviour, as you all would be.  


Here is a selection of photos and videos from today... we hope that you enjoy them. 


We will check in tomorrow! Enjoy the quotes below: 


"It was very fun. I was scared at first but it was amazing." Sienna.


"It was high and I was pleased when I reached the top." Reuben


"It was exciting but hard work to get to the top." Jack


"It's been really fun and an experience I'll never forget." April 


"My favourite thing today has to be the 3G swing because I am scared of heights and I conquered my fear. It felt amazing!" Itai 


"After we made the raft, I jumped in which was really exciting. It was great to work as a team." Lauren 


"I couldn't believe I was able to do all the activities. It was a real challenge!" Phoebe 


"I've loved everything" Sadie 


"I loved building the raft!" Conrad 


"I have enjoyed all the activities, it's amazing here!" Coco 


"3G was amazing, I loved it so much and it's been my favourite activity so far" Liv


"It was really scary when I pulled the cord but an amazing experience swinging and having fun!" Matthew


"I got a bullseye in Archery!" Matan 


"I was really nervous at first but so proud that I did (3G Swing)" Maya 

The Year 6 Residential Team

Welcome to an evening at a Residential....

Still image for this video

Day 1


Good evening from a very excited Year 6 class! We have had a really wonderful day here, albeit very wet!


Once the children arrived, we played some games outside with our leader Sean. Following that, we went on a tour of the campus to see all the different activities that we would be doing over the next couple of days. 


During lunch Miss Fox arrived. After lunch, we split into our three groups and completed our two different activities. Each group completed two of the following: Archery, Rock-climbing, 3G Swing or the Sensory Trail. We all had a truly wonderful time. 


Once we got back to the rooms, we were drenched! We are luckily enough to have two drying rooms so all the clothes went in there while we had free time to play games with friends. As we were playing, we could smell the delicious dinner which made lots of tummys rubble! 


Dinner was scrumptious and consisted of macaroni cheese or vegetable lasagne. The chef here is super accommodating and has even baked some jacket potatoes. Dessert was chocolate cake with whipped cream! Mmmm. We were delighted to welcome Mrs Nunn and Mrs Cohen who both joined us for dinner and our evening activities. 


The fun didn't stop there... after dinner we learnt some new chants and played some team games. Then, we had an indoor campfire and marshmallows. 


The children have been fantastic today. They have supported, motivated and looked after one another. We are very proud of them and we hope that you are too. 


Here is a selection on photos and videos from today... we hope that you enjoy them. 


We will check in tomorrow! Enjoy the quotes below. 


"My stomach dropped in excitement when I fell on the 3G swing" Max 


"The drop is so unexpected" Keira 


"It was the best experience but it was sooooo scary as it was so high" Ella


"I was so frightened at the top but I did it and I'm so proud of myself' Micky


"I loved seeing Mickey persevere through his fear of nights" Matan  


"During the sensory trial, we had to put out trust in our friends" Joe


"The archery was amazing!" Jack 


"The rock climbing was such fun. I used to be terrible with heights but I can climb to the top easily!" Benjie


"The rock climbing was fun because we got to experience the height of many different walls." Ollie 

The Year 6 Residential Team

What a wonderful day we had!


What a great way to end a hard and challenging week! Year 6 went off to Kidzania for total relaxation and lots of fun. We were so proud of their impeccable behaviour. We have some budding Fire Fighters, TV anchors and Window Cleaners among our Year 6 stars!


Mrs Morris, Mrs Mesnick & Miss Goulding



Thank you for the thank you!


Many thanks, parents, for the delicious sweet selection. Knowing that it would be demolished by the end of the day, I tucked in promptly first thing in the morning!!! A big 'thank you' from the staff and I.


Mrs Morris x


Well done Year 6 smiley


What a week it's been! Our SATs tests are finally over! I'm so proud of all the children, how they conducted themselves throughout the tests - I really couldn't have asked for any more. Thank you parents for all the support you have given your children. They've certainly stepped up to the mark and seem like they've grown a year in a week!


Then, after the last test today - RELIEF!!! Their smiles said it all and we celebrated with chocolate and lots of fresh air! Not forgetting a film at the end of the day!


Shabbat shalom and have a well earned rest!


Mrs Morris


"I'm very happy that the SATs are finished. After all our hard work, we are now relaxed! I've had such fun today as we have been rewarded." Micky


"All of us have worked our best for SATs this week and now we our preparing for our new Secondary Schools. We are very excited about the rewards that we're going to have after SATs." Benjie


"After SATs, you get to do amazing things. And Mrs Morris is so nice - she gives us chocolate!" Keira


"Yaaaaaaaaay!" Coco smiley


"SATs are not a lot of fun but you work for the rewards." Emily


"SATs weren't that bad after all. Yaay they're over!" Maiya

Post-SATs fun!

Sats Timetable


Day Exam Exam
Monday English Reading  
Tuesday English SPAG English Spelling
Wednesday Maths Arithmetic Paper 1 Maths Reasoning Paper 2
Thursday Maths Reasoning Paper 3  


Welcome to Year 6!


Welcome back to the summer term and to the last term for Year 6 at Clore Shalom! This term, as no doubt you're aware, is an extremely busy one!


This week and next week, we will be doing final preparations in school for the SATs. I have been so impressed with how maturely they have settled back into their learning, with a mature attitude and ready to do their best.


This week, along with the rest of the school, we have been focusing on the book, Chalk. The children have written amazing creative stories which show both their strong imaginations and technical ability. Also using the book, they have written newspaper reports on a key event from the story. Look out shortly for some of the stories and newspaper reports making their way onto the Year 6 board in the corridor...


I'm also delighted that new house captains and head and deputy head boys and girls have been chosen - congratulations to all the children!


Wishing you a good weekend and shabbat shalom,


Mrs Morris