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Marathon Challenge

Clore Shalom Marathon Challenge


Email to share pictures or comments of your progress. Please state in the email if you do not wish to have these shared on this page. As per usual Online Safety Policy, no names will be included with any pictures.

We have currently raised £1759 for our 2 charities. This is absolutely incredible, especially in these difficult times. Thank you so much to everyone who has supported us, either by donating or by taking part. What a fabulous community we are! Well done everyone! (There is still time to donate if you haven’t yet managed it)

Tracking your distances


Well done everyone taking part! However far you manage to go is a great achievement, whether its 1/2, 1/2 or even the full marathon at 42km! To track it, we suggest you work out how far you have travelled each journey either by using a running app or watch (I tend to make a note of my distance on my watch at the start and end of my walk!) or by using a route mapping site to track how far you've gone on your return. Keep a note of this and keep updating with every walk you take. If the Google Form below isn't working, bear with me and I will have it up and running as soon as possible for you to update your final totals! 

Well done all you brave people who continued your challenge in the snow! 

Mrs Cohen has been running lots of her marathon and is trying to encourage Mrs Lax to do the same.

Leo and Noah have completed a marathon between them.

Mia and Zoe are working hard with their family to complete their marathon together. 

Rafi SC has now completed his marathon!

Ethan H has now completed 10.64km. 

Rafi SC completed 16 miles. One walk was meant to be 2miles, but became 4 miles when they got lost. 

Mrs Woolstone and Mrs Scott went for a socially distanced walk together after work on Tuesday and Thursday this week. They are doing really well! 

Mrs Keller went on a 6 mile walk to get to synagogue to celebrate her nephew's barmitzvah.

Natasha has completed 14.5km and Sophie has completed 18km.

Mrs Lax has now completed her marathon after a long wet walk Thursday night and further walks on Friday afternoon and Sunday morning. 

Ethan H has completed 4.85km as of Tuesday.

Leo and Noah have completed a whopping 20.5km so far! They are beating Mrs Lax who so far is on 17.5km.

Issy has completed 7.5km in one go in the snow! I wonder how long that took her. 

Ilana managed 5km on her 1st walk. 

Sophie and Louis have completed 4.4km so far. 

Our governor, Hayley Herman has completed her whole marathon already! Well done Hayley! Thank you for your support. 

Kara and Taylor have completed 16km already. 


Keep going everyone and let us know on the stream on your Google Classroom or by emailing in to celebration@ to let us know how you are doing! 



Forms - editable version if you prefer not to print