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בית ספר קלור שלום

'Engage, Inspire, Achieve.'

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Celebration Week!


The children have had an amazing last week at Nursery! We have been celebrating all of their fantastic achievements and revisiting our favourite activities. Nursery particularly enjoyed performing their show to Reception and did a fantastic job! We are so proud of Nursery and how far they have come. We would like to wish the children the best of luck in Reception and beyond. Have a fantastic summer break! 


Warmest wishes, 

The Nursery team. 

Around the World 


After the UEFA EURO 2020 the children were excited to learn about different countries. Nursery created their own fags and role played going to different places. The children have developed in their mark making and made their own postcards for family members.


The class highlight was singing 'Ten Green Bottles' and learning how to identify one less number.  Nursery became the green bottles which they found really exciting! 


The children are excited for the final week in Nursery and can't wait for you to see their show. 


The Nursery Team



What a Fantastic Week! 


It has been lovely to communicate with you all at our virtual parents evening. The Nursery team are so proud of the children and the progress they have made this year. The class are really excited for their performance which will be shared on Tapestry. They have been practicing lots of songs for you and can't wait for you to see. This week the children have been engaging in many activities linked to summer. They have developed their number and fine motor skills through making ice cream in our sand area and role playing going on holiday. 


In Phonics, the children are beginning to orally blend and segment words. We have been practicing our number skills through number songs and a range of counting activities. One of the class highlights was building runways for airplanes and counting them on our giant tens frame. 


Have a lovely weekend,

The Nursery Team 


Sports Week! 


What an exciting week we have had. It was sports and healthy living week and the children had the opportunity to take part in a range of exciting activities and sessions. Some included: 



-Healthy eating workshop


The Nursery highlight of the week was sports day. The children did so well in all of the different races and had so much fun!


Have a fantastic weekend,

The Nursery Team


                     Paramedic Visit 

The children have had the opportunity to meet a paramedic. They found out what was inside an ambulance and learnt how to help people. The paramedic modelled wrapping a bandage around a teddies leg and checked his heart rate with a stethoscope. 

Plants and Flowers 


The children have had a fantastic week learning all about plants and flowers. They have had the opportunity to paint flowers, create their own and develop their cutting skills through making perfume. Nursery enjoyed reading the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. Some children challenged themselves to build beanstalks and castles out of construction materials. The children are particularly enjoying large scale water play and are able to problem solve in their play. They transferred water into a large cone and said it was a volcano with lava!! 


Have a fantastic weekend,

The Nursery Team 

Welcome Back


We started off this week by reading the story of The Gigantic Turnip. Nursery found out what vegetables need to grow and learnt the song, Mr Golden Sun. They set up a farmers' market and developed their communication and language skills through building role-play scenarios. The nursery children used mathematical language relating to weight through weighing the vegetables. Some children made faces out of vegetables, after hearing one of our favourite stories, 'Silly Faces.'


A highlight this week was making vegetable soup. The children developed the skills of cutting, grating and peeling and had lots of fun. They were also excited to use the new climbing equipment and developed their coordination and core strength through building obstacle courses.


The Nursery Team 

Under the Sea 


The children have enjoyed learning about different sea creatures this week. We read the story Commotion in the Ocean and explored instrumental sounds by choosing instruments to match a sea creature. Nursery had a dance session where they learnt a sequence of movements to the song Under the Sea. A highlight for Nursery was being able to make their own streamers. They children used gross motor movement to move the streamers and danced along rhythmically. 


Have the most fantastic half term,


The Nursery Team 

Shavuot Learning 


The children engaged in a range of learning linked to Shavuot this week. They have made yummy cheesecake, built Mount Sinai with construction materials and made their own artistic designs using materials and sand. They also took part in an exciting under the sea drama workshop where they explored a range of different movements. 


Magic, fairies and silly spells! 



The children have had yet another fantastic week at Nursery. They are enjoying learning all about mythical creatures and creating magic spells. In Phonics, nursery are beginning to hear and say the initial sounds in words. The children enjoyed selecting from a range of objects for their silly spells. Some children challenged themselves by saying the initial sound of each object. A highlight this week was baking and decorating fairy cakes. Nursery were so excited that we created our very own bakery. We have also been exploring Transient Art. Some children selected from a range of materials to create their own fairy world. 


Have the most fantastic long weekend,

The Nursery Team 


Mythical Creatures 


This week we introduced our topic Mythical Creatures. We read the story Zog and had lots of fun making kites and painting dragon eggs. We have also celebrated book week and had some exciting football activities based on the book, First Football Game. In PE the children practiced scoring goals and really enjoyed themselves. In Phonics, the children are continuing their learning on alliteration. This week we met Dotty the Dragon who bought some chocolate chip cookies from our cake shop! 


Have a lovely weekend,

The Nursery Team  



We have had another fantastic week learning about pirates, flowers and beaches in Nursery. A highlight for the children was making their own beaches and creating some still life drawing of flowers. 


In phonics this week we focussed on alliteration and musical sounds. We enjoyed learning some new pirate songs. 


In our maths we have practised matching numeral to quantity using pirate coins. This is a really important skill the children need to learn. 


Next week we are learning about Ramadan and Pirates.


Please ensure you send in labelled spare clothes including pants and knickers.


Have a fabulous week,


The Nursery Team

Pirates, Flowers and Beaches

Welcome Back!

The children have had a fantastic first week back! They are highly engaged in our new topic Pirates. They have been searching for treasure, making treasure maps and building stories around toys. The children have been developing their listening skills by tuning in to different sounds and describing what they can hear. Nursery created their own sound treasure boxes using natural materials. 

The children’s highlight this week was celebrating Israel’s birthday. The class joined in with Israeli dancing, decorated biscuits and made their own flags.


The Nursery Team 



The children have had the most fantastic three days learning all about Pesach. Nursery and Reception had the best time at their school Seder. We sang lots of Pesach songs and had our own mini service with lots of Pesach props. The children's favourite song was Frogs Here Frogs There! (Please see Tapestry to view the range of pictures taken at the Seder). 


The class also enjoyed making their own Matzah and building pyramids in the sand! The class favourite was our Frog number challenge where the children developed their understanding of number and practiced number recognition (See Tapestry). 


Have the most fantastic break and we look forward to seeing you soon.


Best wishes,

The Nursery Team 

Minibeast Fun! 


The children have had a fantastic week at Nursery. We read the story The Very Hungry Caterpillar and had lots of exciting activities linked to it. The class favourite was hammering golf tees into different fruit. This developed the children's fine motor skills and encouraged them to practice their hand-eye coordination. The children are beginning to recognise alliteration and join with alliterative songs. We have been making up alliterative sentences with their name in. For example, Bailey likes bananas b,b,b. Finally, we read the story Here We Are and learnt more about the world we live in. Some children painted pictures of nature, including flowers and trees.

Welcome Back! 


We are so proud of the Nursery and how well they have settled back in. They have loved being back in their familiar environment and playing with friends. There has been such an exciting and happy atmosphere in the Nursery with a range of new activities to try. The class are enjoying engaging in superhero play and building dens with a range of materials. The children have been relearning their class routines and making some superhero choices! 

Have a Lovely Break!


The children have had an exciting last week of term celebrating Chanukah!

The Nursery team are so proud of all the children. They have had a fantastic first term at school and have built some lovely friendships. We can't wait to see what next term will bring. Have a fantastic break and we look forward to welcoming them back very soon!


Best Wishes,

The Nursery Team

Number Hunt!

Chanukah Learning Week


The children have taken part in a range of Chanukah activities throughout the week. Some of these have included: 


  • Wrapping presents.
  • Role playing in their toy shop.
  • Making Chanukiahs out of playdough. 
  • Making real donuts. 
  • Developing their number skills through counting the candles on the Chanukiah. 



The children love learning new stories and using their imagination to create their own. This week we have been reading the story Whatever Next. It is about a bear that turns a box into a rocket and travels to the moon. The children have been engaged in this story as well as transport. Some children used our Deconstructed Role Play space to take a trip to the moon and others explored different forms of transports including planes. The children developed their fine motor skills through making their own sandwiches and some enjoyed eating them on the moon! This week the children have been introduced to 3D shapes. They have been using them in their play, through scooping sand ice cream into cones and making rockets to space! 


Best wishes,

The Nursery Team 


Castles and Dragons


This week the children have been developing their imaginative ideas through learning about dragons and castles! They were so excited to discover real dragon eggs in the Nursery. The children developed their investigation skills by looking closely at the dragon eggs and describing what might happen next! Nursery are learning to select and use materials for a purpose. They explored joining junk materials to make something new. Some of their creations included:



Noah's Ark




The children are having so much fun at Nursery and are showing high levels of engagement in a range of activities. 


Best wishes, 

The Nursery Team 



Diwali Learning Day 

After our Diwali session, learning about the festival of light, some children created a Rangoli pattern.


The children self selected from a variety of materials to create their pattern. They created some fantastic Rangoli patterns!

Class Reward- Pizza Party!



The children have had a fantastic week of learning. They were so excited about their Pizza Party and being involved in the process. 


Our Process of Learning:

1- We read the story 'Curious George and the Pizza Party.'
2- Nursery practiced making pizza in our malleable station. The children used a range of one handed tools to roll, flatten and shape the dough. 
3-Next the children made the dough and cut up the vegetables. They measured out the ingredients with support and mixed it into their bowls. Some children developed their fine motor skills through cutting up the vegetables. 
4- Some children wrote invitations for our Pizza Party! 
5- The children made their own pizza by rolling out the dough and selecting their own toppings!
6- The children ate their pizza and continued their party in the role play area. 


What a fantastic time the Nursery children have had! Thank you so much for all the party decorations and accessories it made the experience very special for the class. 

Welcome Back!


The Nursery children were so excited to be back at school. They had a fantastic week of learning. We focussed on animals and colour. The children explored colour mixing and made their own firework pictures! They also made their own Elmer patterns after hearing the story. The children’s highlight of the week were their firework Phonics and Music sessions! The children had the opportunity to make their own firework sounds using instruments. They were also able to guess the instrument being played when it was hidden behind a screen. 

Nursery are showing a real interest in mark making, therefore we have created our very own message centre in the Nursery where children can explore this further. 

Warmest wishes, 

The Nursery Team 

Week 8- Pumpkin Soup


The children had yet another fantastic week at Nursery. We read the story Pumpkin Soup. The children enjoyed many activities around this including:

- Exploring the inside of pumpkins. 
- Making potions in pumpkins 

- Hammering golf tees into pumpkins. 
- Retelling the story Pumpkin Soup
The class favourite was making pumpkin soup! 

The children are enjoying our Phonics sessions and continue to improve their understanding of rhyme through stories and songs. 

We hope you have a fantastic half term! 
The Nursery Team 



Week 7- Developing Imagination and engaging in Stories 


The Nursery team are so proud of the children. They are now fully settled in and know the daily routines. We are particularly amazed with how independent the children have become! They are able to self-select their own snack, choose their own activities and are fantastic are putting their toys back in their areas. This week they developed their imagination and storytelling skills. We started the week learning the story Room on the Broom. Some of the children were able to retell parts of the story or explore the different characters. Towards the end of the week, the children were interested in pirates! We read a story about pirates and engaged in many activities around the topic. Some children used their imagination to create a boat out of boxes an open-ended resources and other children wrote messages for the pirates and put them in bottles. 


We are so excited to see what next week will bring! 


Warmest wishes,

The Nursery Team 

Week 6- Senses 

The children have had a fantastic week learning all about their senses. Some activities included: 

- Fruit tasting. 

- Going on a senses walk. 

- Baking yummy biscuits. 

- Making instruments using junk materials.

- Making sensory jars. 


The children's highlight this week was engaging in role play. They have been interested in role playing teachers, therefore we have added a visual timetable for the children to use in their play. They are all brilliant teachers in the making! 


Have a fantastic weekend, 

The Nursery Team. 

Week 5 


The children have settled well in to Nursery and love coming in to play with their new friends. We had such a busy and exciting week. Some of our highlights include: 


- Learning about different types of homes and making our own out of junk materials. 
- Exploring counting, capacity and transportation using conkers and trucks. 
-Meeting our shapes monsters and exploring matching shapes. 
-Decorating our Sukkah. 

Nursery have started their Phonics sessions. In these sessions the children learn through songs, rhymes and games. This week the children learnt a listening song and were challenged to guess what sounds they could hear behind a screen. 

We can’t wait to see what next week will bring!

The Nursery Team

Week 4- Family and Owl Babies 


The children had yet another fantastic week at Nursery. We carried on getting to know each other through learning about different families and talking about our own. Thank you for providing your family pictures. They are in the Nursery home corner and encourage lots of conversation. One of the Nursery highlights was reading the story Owl Babies. Some of the children were able to retel parts of the story using owl puppets and others created their own. The Nursery children are learning how to select different materials for their creations. They enjoyed making their own Owls using feathers, sticks and buttons.


Have a restful weekend,

The Nursery Team.

Week 3 


The children have had a busy week! They have been learning about Rosh Hashanah and have tried lots of new activities. One of their favourite ones was making honey cake. The children measured out the ingredients and using their gross motor skills to mix them together. We also learnt lots about honey bees and read the story Bumble Bear! Some children created their own bees using playdough and others enjoyed making flowers. 


Mrs Cohen came to join Nursery on Thursday to make challah with the children. They were so excited to make their own challah and did a fantastic job! 


Finally, the Nursery team are so proud of the children for settling in so well. 

Happy new year!, 


The Nursery team.

Welcome to the Nursery blog! 
This is where we will be sharing all of your children’s fantastic creativity, exploring, investigating and learning through play.

Nursery are settling in well and enjoying exploring the indoor and outdoor environment. The class have been getting used to new routines and are doing a fantastic job at this. We have been speaking about the Nursery rules and have introduced our class reward system. This is where the children receive golden eggs for challenging themselves through play and making positive choices. When the jar is full the class receive an award. We can’t wait to see what next week brings! 

The Nursery team