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בית ספר קלור שלום

'Engage, Inspire, Achieve.'

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Nursery Rhyme Switch Up

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Tried my best... now your go!

Ivrit work- 6.7.20


I hope you are all well and had a lovely weekend.

This week we are learning summer vocabulary in Ivrit.

Please watch the video and repeat after me. Try and remember some of the vocabulary and see if you can say them independently.

Challenge: Can you draw some of the items?

You can post photos/videos of your work on tapestry.

I hope you enjoy it!

Best wishes,

Mrs Sharon

Nursery and Reception Ivrit homelearning summer vocabulary.mp4

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Hi Reception!

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How many can you find ?

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How many tricky words can you find in a short story?

Let us know....

Ivrit 22/6/20


I hope you are all well and it was so nice to see some of you at school.

This week we are learning 4 colours in ivrit:

Green - Yarok

Yellow - Tzahov

Blue - Kachol

Red - Adom

Please watch the video and repeat the colours in Ivrit.

4 colours in

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Challenge: Can you find objects in your house that are these colours and then say the colour in Ivrit?

​You can post videos of you saying the colours in Ivrit on tapestry.

I have also attached a fun song for you to listen, sing and dance to, I hope you enjoy it!

ivrit song(1).mov

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Best wishes,

Mrs Sharon

Ivrit Homework

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Here is the video for the Ivrit homework for this week.
Please continue to upload pictures and videos to tapestry of the activities you complete. If your child is coming in to school in either Group A or B, please do NOT complete the 2 activities highlighted in green on the grid as these will be completed IN school. Please note response times for emails will be up to 48 hours. Thank you for your continued support. 

Buzzy Bee's

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Welcome to another exciting week!

Book Vote

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Hi Guys,

Please vote for your book- we will count up the votes and read it on Monday. Remember every vote counts!

Fill in the missing numbers for a '100 square.' This is for those who found the 1-20 too easy or have already completed it and need an extra challenge.

Ivrit 18.5.20

Shalom! I hope you had a lovely weekend with your family. 

This week we are learning to count from 1 to 10 in Hebrew. Please watch the video and practice, and if you want to share it with me through tapestry, I’d be happy to see/hear your counting in Hebrew. 

Mrs Sharon

Counting from 1-10 in Hebrew .mp4

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Challenge: Can you count from 1-10 in Hebrew independently? 

Ivrit- 11.5.20
Shalom! I hope you all had a lovely weekend. Please watch the video and sing and dance along. I hope you enjoy it! 

Ivrit Homework

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Challenge: Can you point to the parts of your body and name some of them in Ivrit?

Another Week of Fun

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Welcome back to another week of home learning!

The Bog Baby- If you would prefer to read the online version for this weeks home learning then please download.

Irvit Home learning

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In Ivrit this week we are going to learn how to say family member names. Please watch the video and practice saying the new vocabulary. Have a nice week, Mrs Sharon.

A Mystery Guest ......

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A Challenge For Us

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Number Hunt

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Hi everyone,

As lots of you enjoyed the last number hunt here is your next one.Good luck!

Activities will also be attached.

A challenge from Miss Barber!

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Week 2

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Welcome to week two, we can't wait to see all the fun and learning at home. Please check the blog and tapestry for regular updates - there will be some more set 3 phonics sounds taught this week.

Yom Ha'atzmaut Video

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Hi guys,

Watch this video- and complete the activities.

Mrs Sharon and Mrs Jacobs

Ivrit and Jewish Studies- Week 2

Purple Mash Login details now on Tapestry- if you need help please email us! Shabbat Shalom

'The Tiger Who Came to Tea' won the book vote. Thank you to everyone who voted- the story will be on tapestry later today.

Useful Maths Tasks to Try

Ivrit Task

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Mrs Sharon has sent you an Ivrit task. Let us know how you get on- show us on tapestry!

Book Voting

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It's that time of the week again! Please vote for the book you would like to hear. Write this on a piece of paper and upload a picture to tapestry. Votes will be counted on Thursday evening and the story will be read on Friday!. Good luck!

Welcome Back!

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                               Have a Great Break


We are taking this time to wish you a restful Pesach. We have loved seeing all the fun you are having at home and we can't wait to see how the children have developed over Pesach.


We are missing them so much, and thanking you all for your effort in completing all our fun tasks. 


Watch this space....


Shabbat Shalom,

The Reception Team 

Mrs Brahams’s Challenge Time

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Please go onto tapestry to listen to the story that won the book vote. It is too large to upload onto here. Well done to everyone who voted - girls looks like you won! 
Below is a link that will direct you to a website which has over 250 online stories perfect for Reception. All the stories are colour coded and should link to the colour bands used at school. Please email me if you want to check which colour band is best for your child. It is better to access this link on a laptop/ipad rather than a phone.

Get Voting!

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Time to vote for the story you want to hear. Please upload your vote onto tapestry by writing the book title.

The Big Reveal

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Thank you to everyone who guessed what was inside Mrs Scott's box. Watch the video to see if you were right!

Number of the Day

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Try this fun activity - I will upload a number 5 pack with some activities based around the number 5.

Story Time with Mrs Scott

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Shabbat Surprise from Mrs Scott

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Can you guess?

Hi Reception- this is your home learning for this week. Please email us if you have any problems. Like we always say - give it a go! There is nothing wrong with trying...missing you all. Shabbat Shalom.

Tricky Words and Sight Words Song

This is a really lovely song to teach children some of the tricky words! There are lots of these with different words on YouTube! Listen to the song and see how many different words you can remember and write them down!

The Queens Hat WON

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We are sure some of you will be cheering if your book won. Thanks to Mrs Brahams and her excellent ICT skills we managed to do story time together.... we hope you enjoy!
In the Early Years we work as a unit- please check the nursery blog for additional activities form Miss Grant. 

Hold a Sentence Introduction

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Hold a Sentence Modelling

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Hold a Sentence Marking- Feel free to upload evidence on tapestry!

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“Hello” from Mrs Brahams

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The Three Billy Goats Gruff | Fairy Tales | Gigglebox

The Three Billy Goats Gruff can't wait to cross the bridge and eat the sweet green grass that's on the other side. But can they get past the Bad Old Toll wit...

The Three Billy Goats Gruff Storymap

A quote to help you with home learning

                                     Bye For Now....


With heavy hearts we said goodbye to our fabulous Reception children for the forseeable future. We wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how proud you should be of your children and how proud we are to teach them. They have grown from tiny children to slightly bigger more mature, more aware children, who have a thirst for knowledge. We will miss each and every one of them as they each bring something unique to our class. 


Please email us, keep us updated on Tapestry and let us know if we can support you in any way. This week we have been listening to some upbeat songs- please find the links below.


As always, thank you to all of you for your support and kind wishes at this uncertain time. Cuddle your children, talk to them, read stories, laugh and make memories- there may never be a time like this again.


Keep well,


The Reception Team

This is a fantastic explanation for children about Coronavirus. We went through it on Friday as lots of the children were talking about it. Please reinforce this at home.

Purim Time


The children have had another fantastic week celebrating Purim. They were so excited to dress up and enjoyed a day of fun and learning about the festival at school. A particular highlight was making jam chamantaschen from scratch. They tried really hard to shape them into a triangle- it was very child initiated! They made shakers, purim masks and palaces and enjoyed listening to the purim story and singing songs.


In maths this week we have been learning about money. To ensure the children were able to apply this we created a shop where they could buy and sell things. They really enjoyed labelling foods and giving them a price. If you are ever going to the shops encourage your children to help you pay with some real coins or notes.


In our literacy we have taken a twist on Jack and the Beanstalk. We have been reading jack and the Jelly Beanstalk. The children had to design their own beanstalks out of their favourite treats.  The children also enjoyed wiring secret messages and words using the magic pens. 


Please ensure you practise reading with your child. This is so important as the year goes very quickly. Please write in their reading record books to let us know how they are getting on. These are checked weekly. 


Next week it is science week. We will be taking part in lots of fun experiments. We will also be learning about 'The Three Little pigs.' 


Thank you for all your support and all your recycling! Please see our week in pictures below.


Many thanks,


The Reception Team 

A Great Week for Learning

Jack and The Beanstalk 


The children have enjoyed learning about Jack and the Beanstalk this week and have listened to several versions of the story. In literacy they have done a whole class story map and then they had a focus activity of making their own story maps. This is a fantastic way to check children understanding and story recall. The children were able to label their story maps using sound mats.


In maths we have been learning and recapping addition and sharing. The children had a tea party with the teddies and they had to share Jack's beans equally between the teddy bears. Please see the fantastic addition game we have been using in class - you can have a go at home.


The children got creative this week! We created a Jack and the Beanstalk small world enhancement where the children could re enact the story, developing their communication skills. We also made some delicious shortbread biscuits and used the 'rubbing in method.'


Please note there will be no more phonics homework sheets. The children have books and their homework grids and we don't want to overload them! Please continue to practise the writing using the RWI handwriting phrases.


Next week we are learning about Purim and continuing with Jack and the Beanstalk.


Please ensure all clothes, shoes and socks are labelled.


Many thanks, 

The Reception Team 

Jack and the Beanstalk Week

Our Golden Egg Jar is Full! Time to Start Again....

Class Prize-2/3/20


Today Reception won their class prize. They reached the top of their golden egg jar for doing lots of fantastic things and working together. A sports afternoon got the most votes. We will be celebrating on Friday. 

Learning This Week

                                                  The Tunnel


This week we have been learning through the text 'The Tunnel.' We have been talking about where we think the tunnel will take us. The children enjoyed writing about and were able to sound out their words, use capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. 


We have been learning about halving and sharing in maths, and the children made pizzas to help embed their understanding of this. Once the pizzas were ready they were able to cut them up and share them out equally in class. This was a great hands on task to help them understand difficult concepts.


The children enjoyed the outdoors this week and have been digging tunnels and hiding treasure at the end of the tunnel. 


Next week we are learning about Jack and the Bean Stalk. We have some really exciting activities planned such as making castles out of recycling. 


Please keep practising your children's reading and writing at home. Keep us updated on tapestry.


Please can I remind you to bring in your librrary books on a Monday. We can't change books unless they are brought back. 


Thank you for all your support,


The Reception Team 

Half Term


It has been another fantastic half term where we have seen the children progress across all the seven areas of learning. Thank you for your continued support and the work you are doing with them at home.


Next term we are learning about 'Fairytales', we will be focussing on a new one each week. The first week back we are learning through the text called 'The Tunnel' by Anthony Browne.


Please remember to send your child in with the correct school uniform and the correct coloured hair accessories. 


The year is going very fast- please have a look at the document uploaded which states where we expect your children to be at the end of the year.


If you have any recycling- please send these materials in.


Many thanks,

The Reception Team 



The children have enjoyed learning through the text of 'Supertato' this week. We have had many discussions about the 'evil pea' and why he is a mean pea. The children were able to design their own 'Supertato' using potatoes, materials, pva glue and google eyes. 


We linked our learning to healthy eating. The children designed their own healthy food plates and labelled the foods on their plate. This lead them to do their own tally charts in mathematics. They went in small groups around school asking other children what their favourite healthy food was. We found the most popular healthy food was watermelon!


Phonics Update

The children are making their way through the Read Write Inc set 2 sounds. Throughout the next half term we will continue to practise the application of these sounds in reading and writing. The children are finding it hard to 'spot the sounds' in their reading, and struggling to remember how to write them. 


In the summer term we will start set 3 sounds. Please keep practising the reading and writing at home- this makes a huge difference. 


We would love some more recycling- please send a bag in with your children if you want to get rid of some! 


Next week we have 'Feeling Good Week' and we are learning through the text 'Superworm.' On Monday we are having a Tu Bishvat seder with lots of different fruits. 


Thank you for your support,


​​​​​​​The Reception Team 

Chinese Hats

Week 4 - Chinese New Year 


The children have enjoyed celebrating Chinese New Year this week. They engaged in lots of creative activities such as making Chinese lanterns, Chinese hats and exploring Chinese numbers. We learnt about the story of the Chinese New Year and we also looked at Chinese houses. We compared them to our own houses and the children wrote some fantastic letters to some children in China. 


We enjoyed our celebrations on Friday for working hard, following school rules and being kind friends.


Next week we are learning about Superhero's and will be basing activities around the fantastic book 'Supertato.'


Please ensure your children have spare clothes everyday and bring in their water bottles and snacks. Please keep informing us how they are getting on with their reading at home.


We hope you have a restful weekend, 


The Reception Team 

Learning how to Double using Numicon

Week 3- Space 


This has been our final week of learning about Space. The children have been so enthusiastic about this topic and there has been some fantastic learning. They enjoyed learning through the text 'On the Way Back Home.' 


A highlight of this week was making rocket fruit kebabs and 'moon rock cakes.' The children used their fine and gross motor skills to make a variety of different foods. The children used sharp knives to cut their fruit independently and then they threaded the fruit onto the stick. Whilst they were making their kebabs we spoke lots about healthy eating and why it is good for us to eat fruit. 


The children are doing so well with getting changed for their P.E sessions- we are really proud of them. 


In maths this week we have been learning about size and the children have been ordering twigs and sticks, shapes and blocks. They also enjoyed measuring each others feet out of cubes. 


Please note next week we are learning about the Chinese New Year. We always like collecting recycling for our art projects, if you want to get rid of any please send a bag in with your child.


Well done to all the children taking part in the drive through- our start to the day is now much quicker.


Have a fabulous weekend and thank you for all your support.


The Reception Team 



Look at all these Skills



Dear Parents,


Our reading system has been adapted for this term. Please note we hear your child read at least once a week and everyday in phonics through guided reading. The books will be changed on different days. We have updated our reading file and changed some books around. Please let us know if any of you have received the same books twice as we have restructured the scheme.


Please ensure you are completing reading homework and that you are also reading story books to your children.


Many Thanks,


The Reception Team

Space- Week 2


The children are still really enthusiastic about our new space topic. This week our text was 'Man on the Moon,' which focuses on Bobs journey to the moon and what he does whilst he is there. The children made their own jam sandwiches to take for their picnic on the moon. This involved the children using knives properly and learning the skill of spreading. We also made some moon dough which has a much softer texture compared to palydough. The children enjoyed moulding this into lots of different shapes.


In maths we have been learning about 3D shapes. The children went on a 3D shape hunt to see how many different shapes they could fine. They then tried to construct some 3d shapes out of plasticine and tooth picks- this was really challenging! 


In literacy the children have been writing shopping lists for picnics on the moon. They have been applying their phonics sounds to write words such as 'jam' and 'biscuits.' In phonics we have started learning set 2 sounds. Please practise these at home using the resources on the blog and the homework sheets. The children re finding it hard to apply these sounds in their writing. 


Next week we are continuing to learn about Space and our text is called 'The Way Back Home,' by Oliver Jeffers. 


Have a fantastic weekend,


​​​​​​​The Reception Team 

Week 2 Learning

The Drive Through


Dear Parents,


As we are in the spring term now we would like all the children to use the drive through. This encourages independence and helps get our morning off to a much quicker start. If any children are upset by this please let us know and we can support you.


Many Thanks,


​​​​​​​The Reception Team 

Welcome Back


The children have had a fantastic first week back. I am sure they will have told you that our new topic is 'Space.' They have been experimenting with light and dark using torches, making paper mache planets, singing our new space song and learning about landing on the moon.


Linked to space the children have been reading the text 'How to Catch a Star,' by Oliver Jeffers. From this they produced some fantastic literacy work where they had to write their wishes on star. Lots of the children wished for a unicorn!


In maths this week the children have been learning about subtraction. We played a game called subtraction smash using play dough to develop fine motor skills at the same time. We also worked on our baking skills and made star shaped biscuits which everyone enjoyed eating.


This week we have started dough disco intervention to develop children fine and gross motor skills, which will in turn develop their writing.


Please be advised from next week the children will be changing themselves for P.E.


Don't forget to bring library books back on Monday. Please see phonics update and information below.


Have a fabulous weekend, we are loving all the tapestry updates.


The Reception Team


Space Week

Phonics Update 


This term we have started the RWI set two sounds. These are much trickier than the set one sounds. Each group might start to go at a slightly different pace as the term goes on. Every group now has either a green book or a ditty book (this is the sheet of paper with the story.) It is really important you practise these during the week- it encourages blenders to blend more fluently and gain understanding of texts and it encourages non blenders to become consistent. Please have a look at any resources or links I upload. 


We have noticed that the children are struggling with sounding out their words in their writing. Please encourage them to speak out loud when they are writing. 

Set Two Green Words to Read at Home


                                                  Thank You


What a fantastic first term we have had in Reception. The children have learnt so much, acquired new skills, and made some blossoming new friendships.


Thank you for all your support and the lovely cards and gifts.


We have ended the term on a high learning about Kandinsky for art week. The children have been exploring colour through mixing paint, marble art and sponge printing. They have created some wonderful circle pictures in line with Kandinsky art.


We are looking forward to performing our showcase. The children are really excited to show you all the songs they have learnt.


Next half term we are learning about Space, Light and Dark, Chinese New Year and Superheroes. We will also be learning set two phonics sounds which I will upload onto the blog.There will be a new homework grid given out next term.


We hope you all have a restful break with your children. Keep us updated on all the fun activities you get up to.


The Reception Team



The children are enjoying learning about Chanukah. They have been spinning dreidals and recording the winners, learning about the number 8, singing lots of songs, and preparing for our Chanukah party. The children have been writing their own invitations to invite other children to our end of year Chanukah party. We are also going to be baking our very own latkes and donuts so that we can celebrate in style!


We have introduced challenge books in Reception. Each of the children have their own personalised challenge book, they take part in a challenge and when they have completed it an adult signs it. These get updated weekly. 


Please be reminded there is no need to provide snack on a Friday afternoon. 


From January the children will be changing themselves for P.E. Please ensure everything is labelled, including shoes and socks. 


Click on the links for our Chanukah songs we would be grateful if you could practise with your children for our upcoming show.


Thank you for your continued support,


The Reception Team



We Know A Man (The Chanukah Song!) - Learn all about Judah Maccabee

A song for Chanukah composed and performed by Stephen Melzack from his "Two Candles Burn album. Chanukah - Festival of Lights celebrates the miracle of the one day's supply of oil that burned for eight days after the Jewish victory over the Syrians and the reclaiming of the holy temple in Jerusalem led by Judah Maccabee.

DREIDEL, DREIDEL, DREIDEL with Lyrics - Hanukkah Children's Song by The Learning Station

Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel with Lyrics. From the award-winning CD, "Seasonal Songs in Motion" Seasonal Songs in Motion CD Download: Seasonal Songs in Motion CD: NEW! "Holiday! Fun Vids for Kids" DVD: Visit The Learning Station: Visit our store!

Maoz Tzur (Rock Of Ages) - Hanukkah Songs

Taken from the album: Hanukkah songs - Famous Hanukkah songs in Hebrew performances by leading artists from Israel.

Old Mikamba Had a Farm-25/11


This week the children have been exploring the text “Old Mikamba Had a Farm.” This is a lovely spin on the traditional “Old Macdonald” song and story. It allowed the children to investigate different cultures and animals that live in different countries. They were able to compare and contrast the difference between the two texts and there was some wonderful writing produced. 


Linked to this the children have been designing their own Kenti cloth using a range of different paints and resources. Some of the children have been learning to sew some Kenti cloth patterns using hessienth and thick children’s needles.


In our maths this week Reception have been learning to make ten in a variety of different ways using a variety of resources such as ten frames, compare bears and duple. The children also baked some numicon ten biscuits which they said were 'really yummy.'


Every Friday the children will now be coming home with a challah. Challah baking incorporates vital skills such as following a recipe, measuring ingredients, mixing, kneading the dough and taking turns. We hope your children are enjoying their fresh challah at home.


Next week we are learning about subtraction and we will be playing skittles, using numicon and playing subtraction smash. We will also be learning through the text 'Handas Surprise.' 


On Monday we are learning about advent.


Thank you for all your continued support and the fabulous birthday gifts- they are going to good use.


The Reception Team


Reading Homework


On your childs phonics reading sheet there will be words to blend. Some of these are real and some are classed as 'nonsense' words. Nonsense words are really important as they demonstrate whether your child is reading consistently or not. When they have read the nonsense words you can say 'thats a nonsense word! What a load of nonsense!' 


Please can we ask that you also fill in their reading diaries when you practise sounds, blending or books as it lets us know how they are getting on at home.


Many Thanks


The Reception Team


Lots of children did not return their library book on Monday. We cannot give new books unless old ones are returned. Please bring them back in their book bags every Monday. 


Please ensure all items of uniform are labelled. Lots of things go missing and it is usually because there is no name.


Please ensure reading folders are in your children bag everyday in case we need to read, add or change anything. 

Creepy Crawlies-20/11/19


The children loved meeting all the animals and insects that came into school the other day. Lots of the children were really brave and held the snake and the cockroach. This brought our topic of  'Animals and Patterns' to life and the children used their senses to touch and describe the patterns they saw. Pictures are coming soon! 

Zoo Lab

Humpty Dumpty Investigation- The children had to investigate what happened to Humpty at the crime scene today!

Hooray it's Nursery Rhyme Week 18/11


This week the children will be learning new things in the context of their favourite Nursery Rhymes. On Tuesday they will be doing some more investigation about 'Humpty Dumpty' who has fallen off his wall. We will be asking the questions - How do you think he fell? What do you think happened? Could we have saved him? 


Please remind your children we have The Zoo Lab coming in on Wednesday where we will be doing a senses workshop. The children will be able to touch, see and smell the animals. We will support any children who are nervous around the animals.


We hope you have had a fab weekend and we are enjoying all the homework uploads on tapestry.


Please remember to bring your library books back every Monday.


The Reception Team 

Class Prize Baking Morning 15/11


The children enjoyed making their Rice Krispie squares this morning.

The Library 


The children chose their own library book today. Please return them every Monday. Thank you.

We have been learning about size and the children have been measuring their friends and teachers !13/11/19

Farmer Duck Investigation


The children have been leading an investigation this week. We created a video of the “Farmer” coming in to steal our worry hand. The children had to create their own wanted posters to try and catch the Farmer. The investigation will continue tomorrow and the Farmer will return the hand. The children have been so excited about their investigation and we have gained some good quality pieces of writing.

Dubby Dinosaur 

Every Friday someone will take Dubby Dinosaur home. Please fill out the diary about all the exciting things you have done with Dubby over the weekend- some photos would be great too. Please return Dubby and the diary before Friday the following week. Names are picked out a hat so the process is fair.

Guru Nanak Learning Day 11/11/19


Reception class have been learning about Guru Nanak today. They were able to draw pictures of Guru Nanak and create Sikh temples out of recycling. We talked about what a kind man he was and discussed how the Sikh Temple is different to synagogue.

Guru Nanak Learning Day




The children have enjoyed investigating the text 'Farmer Duck' this week. They have been practising their newly learnt skill of story mapping and have been making their own mini ones. To help immerse them in the text we set up a small world farm yard where the children have been role playing and practising their animal noises. The children have been developing their fine motor skills by using pretend cow udders to squeeze milk- this was a popular activity this week! 


Next week we will continue with this text. 


It has been an exciting week for phonics- the children learnt their first digraph (two letters that make one sound) 'sh.' Phonics is moving at a fast pace now, please keep helping your children with their blending and sounds at home.


In mathematics this week we have started to learn about addition. The children have been learning to add two numbers together using numicon. Some of the children even made numbers beyond twenty! Numicon is a fantastic visual resource developed to enable children to have a deeper and more visual understanding of maths. 


The children will have the opportunity to vote for their class prize tomorrow. I am sure they will all tell you what option received the most votes.


We are asking for donations of old pots, pans and spoons to create a music corner outside. If you would like to give us some we would be grateful. 


On Monday we are learning about Guru Nanak and designing our own temples out of recycling materials. 


We hope you have a fabulous weekend. Thank you for your support.


The Reception Team



This Weeks Learning

4/11/19 HOORAY - We have filled our jar full of golden eggs because of the children’s fantastic behaviour. The children will now vote for their class prize on Friday, whichever has the most votes wins. Our class prizes are : a morning of baking, a morning of sport, a morning of messy play or a morning off yoga.



Thank you for all the fantastic gifts from our wish list, they are making such a big difference. 

Read Write Inc Books


 We hope you had a fabulous half term- we are enjoying seeing some of the activities your children have been doing over half term. If you haven't updated us on tapestry please do!



In the upcoming weeks children will be getting RWI reading books. These will be sent home every Thursday after 4 days of teaching. Please put all books back in their reading folders every day so that we can read and change any books where necessary. All children will eventually get a RWI book and a reading book, however these times will differ if we feel they are not ready. If there is no book given there will be blending practise/sound practise or games. Please be patient and remember everyone gets there in the end!

Phonics Homework 25-10-19


You will find a game enclosed in your child’s reading folder. Please cut all the pictures and words out and encourage your child to segment and blend the words. Please model this to them first.


Have a fantastic half term.


The Reception Team

Handout from RWI Information Morning


16.10.19 Story Mapping 


The children have enjoyed learning The story “Brown Bear” this week. Try asking them to repeat the story to you- they have been so engaged.

Brown Bear Story Mapping



The children loved learning about estimation today. We learnt a song that enables them to use the language of estimation. This might be nice to sing at home- please click on the youtube link to sing with your children.

Estimate Song - Musical Math

The Estimate Song is a great example of a fun way to teach academic vocabulary in math in an explicit, multisensory way. Educators sometimes forget the importance of helping kids remember key words such as "estimate" and what it means.

Playing at Home


We would love to hear about what your children have been playing with at home. Please upload an entry onto tapestry of them playing with their favourite toys. This will really help us when we are observing and planning for your child during focus week. 

Patterns Patterns Patterns


Reception have been learning about all different kind of patterns this week. We have investigated repeating patterns and the children have been creating their own patterns using a range of materials. A very popular activity has been making fruit kebabs. The children had to thread their fruit onto a kebab stick and make their own unique pattern. This also helped develop their fine motor skills for writing.


The children have enjoyed our halloween themed role play outside. They have been making spells, dressing up, creating potions and turning their teachers into frogs! If you have any pumpkins at home and want donate them to early years we would be very grateful.


Literacy this week has been so exciting. The children have been writing invitations to the rest of the school to come and visit our mini Succah. The children wrote their own invitations and did some CD decorations that can hang in the Succah. The children enjoyed role playing eating in their Succah. 


​​​​​​​In phonics we have started segmenting and blending. Please practise all your children sounds at home that are in their reading folder. This will help support their literacy development.


Next week we are learning the story 'Brown Bear' and we are learning about estimation. 


Please continue to send tapestry entries in, we love seeing what you all get up to!


The Reception Team 

Patterns and Ict

Please look at our handwriting phrases to support your children with their writing at home. It is really important that you support your children at home with their letter formation. We want the children to be in a good habit of forming letters, this is just as important as their reading skills. 

Phonics Handwriting phrases(Read Write Inc)

Focus Week


Now the children are settled, focus weeks have started.This is a chance for you to see an extended observation of your child. From this observation there will be a specific next step for your child to achieve. We will then post a following observation where we encourage your child to reach their next step. These observations will be clearly labelled so you know it’s their focus observation.

Active Learning Week 5


The children have had a very active learning week. Our focus in maths has been learning and using positional language within the classroom activities. The children really enjoyed the carpet time where they had to follow the positional language instructions using a bean bag. A follow on activity was map making and large map making. The children used electric cars to navigate themselves around the large map. This enhanced the children's positional language and ICT skills as they had to programme the cars to go in the correct direction.


In literacy this week the children have been talking about their hopes and dreams for the New Year, linking with Rosh Hashanah. The children discussed their wishes and wrote them down. We created a class wish box which they have posted their own wishes in.


Phonics learning is speeding up rapidly. We recommend that you practise the pure sounds with your children each day. This will give them a really solid base for blending. Next week we are starting blending sounds together to make words. If you have received this in your children's reading folder please practise and follow the you tube link I have posted. This does not mean they are blending yet, this means that we are encouraging this skill but they need support.


If you have not received words to blend yet please do not panic. This is normal and all children go at a different pace with their reading and it is important to be supportive of this. Please ensure you carry on practising their sounds and use our sounds video to help you. 


Like always, please contact us through the school office if you have any worries.


The Reception Team 

How to teach blending to children - Phonics tutoring with Ruth Miskin

Ruth Miskin demonstrates how to teach children phonics through assisted word blending. You can find out more about Ruth's approach at and Find Read Write Inc. resources on Oxford Owl: Oxford Primary website: Follow Oxford Primary on social media: Twitter: Pinterest:

Please try and go on an autumn walk with your children whilst we are off. If you could collect twigs, leaves and conckers and bring them into school we would love them for some of our autumnal activities. 


Thank You

Shana Tova 


The children have had a busy week learning about Rosh Hashanah. One of their favourite activities was apple tasting. The children tasted three different types of apples and used tally charts to mark down their favourite. The class favourite was a 'mixed' apple with 17 votes! Reception have been learning the skill of spreading. They have been toasting bread and spreading honey, some of the children cut their toast into halves and quarters.


In maths this week the children have been learning how to find one more number and one less number. The children have been using real objects to help them work this out. They found finding one less harder to work out- this might be something you want to practise at home.


In our literacy this week the children have been reading the story 'Michael Recycle.' The children have been sorting recycling into plastic, paper and metal. The children have enjoyed listening to the story and we would love more of your recycling from home.


On Monday the children  started their 'Rainbow Challenges. The children are encouraged to pic a challenge in the classroom daily. When they have completed their challenges they get a coloured stick. Hopefully by the end of the week the children have a rainbow of sticks. If you hear them talking about this please encourage them to take part in the challenges.


Please keep practising their phonics sounds at home. By the end of the week you will have a reading record book and some phonics sounds to go over at home. Please ensure you are saying them correctly by following the youtube link posted last week.


We are wishing you all a happy, healthy and sweet new year.


The Reception Team.

City of Lights

Always Learning!



The children are fully settled now and have begun purposeful learning each day. Since we last posted the children have learnt the skill of making a tally chart. They made their own tally charts and were able to ask their friends what they had for breakfast and make a mark in the correct column. Some children went around the school and marked down all the different hair colours. We found out, after counting our marks that brown hair was the most common.


At the start if the week we have learnt about 3D shapes. The children have been investigating which shapes roll and making tally charts using their prior knowledge.


We have been drawing self portraits and drawing portraits of our families. Children have been engaging with their teachers and telling us all about the different people in their family. This has been a fantastic activity to get to know all the children. The children were able to select the resources they wanted to use to create their picture, we had lots of chunky pencils out to develop the fine motor skills in the classroom. 


We are working on developing our fine and gross motor skills. The children have been using scissors to cut play dough and spaghetti and teachers have been helping children use their scissors correctly. Lots of the children enjoyed the large mark making we had in our outdoor area. The children used large paint brushes and mops to do painting on the floor and on large rolls of paper.


This week we have started our phonics sessions. We hope your children have told you lots about. We are learning the sounds 'm', 'a' and 's'. Reception are also learning to handwrite these sounds. We want to focus on all the skills children need to reach the end of year literacy goals. Below you will find the YouTube link of how to say the Phonic sounds correctly so you can reinforce this at home.


A highlight of the week has been a collaborative 'city of lights' building which was initiated by the children. We will post some pictures so that you can see.


As always we appreciate your recycling bits if you wish to bring some in. Keep the family pictures coming in- the children are enjoying talking to us about them.


The Reception Team 

Sounds of the English Phonic Code -Synthetic Phonics.wmv

Tami Reis-Frankfort, reading specialist and trainer, demonstrates how to pronounce the sounds of the English Phonic Code, when teaching children to read with Synthetic Phonics.

Welcome to Reception

Welcome to the Reception class blog. The children have settled in well and are slowly adapting to new routines , new rules and a long school day. The focus this week has been settling the children ensuring they know where everything is , what is happening throughout the day and what is expected of them. The children particularly like our “golden egg” whole class reward. The children receive a golden egg if they do something well as a team e.g. tidying up. Once our jar gets full the children can choose a class prize from our menu e.g. a morning of gymnastics.

This week we have been encouraging a love of reading. Everyday the children vote for the book they would like to hear their teacher read at the end of the day. The text with the most votes gets read. We have been reading the story “Silly Billy” encouraging children to tell an adult if there is anything they are worried about . The children made their own Worry Dolls and worry doll house to put their doll inside. Children used the skills of cutting, wrapping and glueing to make these.

We have been carrying out lots of mathematical activities using Numicon. Numicon is a fantastic resource to aid a solid foundation in number and shape space and measure. It is a visual, hands on resource that children will become very familiar with. The children have been ordering numbers one to fifteen.


Please help teach your child to put on their jumpers , coats and cardigans. This will help them become more independent in daily routines.

If you have any recycling that you don't want- we would like it for our creative development area.


Please bring in a family photo for our topic wall, the children can also use this picture to tell us more about your family.


We hope your children have had a fab start to Clore life.


The Reception Team