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Rosh Hashanah Week 3


This week the children have enjoyed learning about Rosh Hashanah. We started off the week with Apple Tasting. The children were able to cut and try a variety of different apples. They then had to vote for their favourite apple and tell us why. The most popular apple was the Royal Gala with lots of children describing it as 'sweet.' They have really enjoyed singing Rosh Hashanah songs. 


On Monday afternoon  we had our capacity lesson where children learnt how to bake honey cake. With Miss Barber, they followed a pictorial recipe and they each added in ingredients. We used cups as our measurements as it is easier for the children to understand and therefore they can bake more independently. 


As you all know our Phonics journey has started-hip hooray! The children have had a flying start and have learnt the sounds 'm' 'a' 's' and 'd'. Please keep practising sounding these out and don't forget to practise the letter formation rhymes to ensure correct forming of the letters. This is on going practise- please let us know how they are getting on at home in their reading record books. 


In our maths we have been doing lots of counting with cubes and dinosaurs. This week we noticed the children were interested in number blocks. We set up  a number block interest tray so the children could recap their counting and also create their own number blocks. As part of our daily maths we count our Golden Eggs - we are near the top of our jar!


Music and movement was another hit this week. The children had to clap and dance to the beat. We introduced the parachute to develop their gross motor skills which is vital for early writing.


Next week we are learning about Recycling, maths through numicon, learning new phonics sounds and learning about Yom kippur through the story of Jonah and the Whale. 


Please be reminded to send one named fruit or vegetable snack in for your child.


We are wishing you all a happy and healthy new year. Thank you for your support this week.


The Reception Team 

This weeks Learning

Welcome to Reception

Wow- what can we say. We are so proud of each and every one of the children for starting Reception and settling in so well. They are using their environment purposefully and are engaged in all that they do. 


We have been learning about our school rules, and the children are enjoying receiving their house points and golden eggs. A highlight of the week was learning through the story of 'Silly Billy' where the children were able to talk about their worries and make their own 'Worry Dolls.' Some of the children even named theirs. 


In addition to this we have been talking about our own families. This has been a great way for us to get to know the children. They enjoyed re enacting 'Owl Babies' and drawing their families. 


In our mathematics we have been learning about 3d shapes. We explored shapes in the environment and had a go at describing them. We linked this learning to a fun song, here is the link if you want to sing it at home:


Next week we are learning about Rosh Hashanah, baking honey cake and taking part in apple tasting.


Please don't forget to send a fruit or vegetable snack in the labelled box. Please email in if someone different is collecting your child. 


We hope you have a restful weekend.


Thank you for your support.


The Reception Team 

Pictures From Week 1-2

Independent Play-dough Making
Self Portraits
3d Block Exploration
Working Together
Silly Billy
Owl Babies