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בית ספר קלור שלום

'Engage, Inspire, Achieve.'

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A Busy Week!

Our First School Trip- What a fabulous day!

Learning about Greece 20/6- Greek Buildings, Structure, Weight and Form

The Bog Baby 13/6/22

Some Highlights From Summer 1

That's a Wrap


WOW- we can't believe we have reached the end of another half term. We are so proud of how well the  children are growing and learning. We can't wait for another exciting term of learning and hands on opportunities. 


For the first half of the next term we are learning about 'Under the Sea.' Please check tapestry for updates.


Wishing you all a restful break,


The Reception Team 

The Tiny Seed- 9/5/22

Welcome Back- Mini Beast Week

Celebrating Pesach

Transport Week 28/3/22

S.T.E.M Week

Zog Week- We had a campfire!

Dough Disco

Still image for this video
Here is a very short snippet of our new Targeted Teaching. We have implemented dough disco twice a week to develop fine motor skills for writing. Some Year One children join us and all the children love it! Check tapestry for the full video.

World Book Day 3/3/22- We learnt through the text called 'Mixed,' by Arree Chung

1/3/22-In PSE this week we learnt about being kind. We chose a friend and said something kind, then passed the string to join us all together.

Ahoy There! Week of 21/2/22


-Please ensure you write in their orange reading record book at least once a week

-Please practise any ditty sheets, red ditty books or reading books that your child receives

-Please make sure all red ditty books are retuned in good condition - these will be changed on a Thursday 

-Please send in and replenish labelled spare clothes

-Please make sure all uniform is clearly labelled 


Thank you for your support,


​​​​The Reception Team


Red Riding Hood and Cinderella Week

Little Red Riding Hood and Cinderella- 24/1/22


We have ended our 'Fairytale' topic with a bang. This week we have learnt through the texts of Red Riding Hood and Cinderella. We have story sequenced, learnt new songs, baked (lots) and learnt lots! 


A highlight of the week was our literacy where we talked about our own Grandparents and what we do when we visit them. The children all bought in a picture of their own grandparents, spoke about them and drew a picture of them. Lots said they like seeing their grandparents because: "they get tickles", "play games" "see if they are ok" and "love sleeping over."


Phonics is speeding ahead, we are reviewing all our set 1 sounds, developing blending confidence and practising hand writing including sentence handwriting. 


In maths this weeks we learnt the basics of subtraction- we spoke about how the number gets 'smaller' and the children used a hand sign to represent this. 


Next week we are moving onto Superheroes and learning through the text of 'Super Potato."


Please replenish spare clothes for next week and dress your children warmly.


Please be reminded if you need to speak to the class teacher to email in rather than write on tapestry as sometimes we don't see the messages and the day is busy! 


Thank you for your support,

Shabbat Shalom,


The Reception Team

Music Time-17/1/22

Still image for this video

Reception had some strange visitors this week-17/1/22

Still image for this video
This week we were learning about 'The Gingerbread Man.' The children had to try and catch the Gingerbread men that entered our classroom without permission!

Next week we are learning about 'The GingerBread Man.' We will be setting up a 'Gingerbread Man Factory.' See pictures below of the learning from this week. 


Please don't forget to practise all your reading homework, including the set 1 sounds from the start of term. Please feel free to upload any homework to tapestry so that we can see it. 


Please ensure your child has enough labelled spare clothes and a pair of wellies. Dress them warm next week, as you know, we go out whatever the weather. 


Please can we ask that if it is your child's reading day to try and send them in by 8.30am so we have enough time to read with them.


Another thank you for all your gifts from the wish list- we are so lucky to have such supportive parents. 


Have a fabulous weekend,


The Reception Team

Jack and the Beanstalk Spring 1 Week 2

Welcome Back! 


We are so proud of how well the children have settled back in. We have kicked off the term with a bang! We are learning about fairytales and have started our journey on 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears.' We have done story mapping, learnt about size, porridge tasting, making flap jacks and lots more. Please see below our week in pictures. 


Next week we are learning about Jack and the Beanstalk and we have lots of exciting learning planned. Please ensure you are practising all the set 1 sounds and any other reading homework, it is really important that they practise. 


Please ensure everyone has spare clothes and wellies. 


Thank you for all your support, 


The Reception Team 

Week 1 Spring 1

Week 6- Space


We have had another wonderful week of learning. This week we have been learning about 'Space.' We have enjoyed a 'picnic' on the moon, 'Tim Peake Tennis' and creating our own planets. 


We have been recapping set 1 sounds in phonics and have started our ditty sheets to ensure consistent blending. Please practise all these at home and write to us in their orange book. Next week there will be a new ditty. 


In maths we have recapped addition and subtraction. The children are grasping these concepts really well. 


​​​​​​​Next week we are continuing to learn about Space and Light and Dark. 


Please remember to label all hats, scarfs and gloves. 


Thank you for your support,


The Reception Team 

Space-Week 6

Happy Chanukah..and lots more learning!

If you have any sturdy boxes, wrapping paper, sellotape, cards, decorations etc for our gift wrapping centre we would really appreciate it! We are changing our role play on Wednesday the 1st December. 


Thanks so much ,


The Reception Team 

Working at the Car Wash!

A huge well done to all Reception children for reaching the top of their Golden Egg Jar. The children voted for their class prize and a pyjama day won! See you all on Wednesday for a very fun day! 

Nursery Rhyme Week


Wow what a week! We have been learning number, rhyme, role play and lots more through our Nursery Rhymes this week. A favourite was '10 Fat Sausages' where children role played this in our new class bakery. 


We had a huge accident with Humpty Dumpty! He fell of a wall in the classroom and the children had to try and find out who pushed him. The main suspect was Farmer Duck- it was great to see children using previous learning and experience to influence their decision.


In phonics this week we have focussed on blending and learning some new sounds. The children found our new sound 'th' really tricky so please practise this at home. 


Next week is our final week of set 1 sounds, we will then have week to review the sounds and after that move onto the ditty sheets. This system is designed to increase their blending accuracy. 


In maths this week we have continued to work on making ten out of bottle tops. Next week we are working on concepts 'more' and 'less'. 


Next week we are learning about 'People Who Help Us' and 'Chanukah.' On Monday the children will be washing staff cars, please provide a warm set of spare clothes and their welly boots.


If you have spare boxes and wrapping paper, birthday cards, greeting cards then please send them in for our gift wrapping role play. 


Thank you for your support, 


Have a fab weekend,


The Reception Team



Nursery Rhyme Week

Adopt a Pet Week, Diwali and Lots More 



It has been another fantastic week in Reception. We kicked off the week with out 'Adopt a Pet' lesson. The children chose a pet and have been given the task to name it, read with it, keep it warm and feed them. They enjoyed making houses for them and took them everywhere they went. This was a fabulous activity to boost communication and language. Thank you to all the parents for supporting us with this and getting involved too!


Another highlight was learning about Diwali. The children made rangoli patterns, practised some traditional dancing and tried lots of indian foods. They enjoyed learning our Diwali song- please see link on the blog below! 


In maths this week we have been learning about number patterns - we played a fab game where the children had to learn signals to stop at the numbers 5,10,15 and 20. We then played a game where they picked a number card and had to find that many animals in the straw. 


We are moving through the sounds nicely in phonics- please practise the letter formation at home. 


Please keep checking their bags for new sounds and blending books. We will now be reading with the children in their table top groups each day. If your child is ready for a reading book they will receive one. Keep practising the blending and sounds along with the letter formation. It makes a huge difference to their progress.


Next week we are learning through the text of 'Farmer Duck' and 'Rumble in the Jungle.'


Thanks for all your support,

The Reception Team 



Adopt a Pet Week and Diwali

CBeebies Songs | What is Diwali? | The Let's Go Club

Sing along with The Let's Go Club as we find out all about Diwali.For more videos, games and makes visit The Let's Go Club page on the website:

That's a Wrap!

What a fab half term we have had. It has been so lovely seeing how happy and settled the children are. We are so proud of everything they have achieved and we can't wait for another fantastic half term. Please see a few snippets of this week below! 


Please ensure you practise your blending book and upload pictures and videos to tapestry. 


Next term is 'Adopt a Pet Week' thank you for all the donations. The children will be bringing their pet home each day and be expected to bring it back in. We will have tasks and instructions for them to ensure their pet is well looked after. 


Please ensure all cardigans and jumpers are labelled- we have lots that aren't. 


We can't wait to see you in November. 


​​​​​​​Thank you as always for your support,


The Reception Team 



Reception have had another engaging and exciting week, learning about Autumn. They enjoyed going on an Autumn walk with clipboards and ticking off all the wonderful things they found. They developed their creative skills through leaf printing and making 'nature crowns' linking to the children's interests. 


We are really working and developing the children's fine motor and independence skills. This week we have introduced a toast making station. We have taught the children how to make toast and spread their butter. Spreading is a really good skill to develop wrist movement for writing. 


Phonics is going really well and the children are trying hard. Next week we are recapping all the sounds we have taught so far to ensure they are secure with letter formation. You will also be getting some blending homework to practise. Please model this first- they aren't meant to be able to do this by themselves. Please contact us if you need support. 


In Maths this week we have been working on our number recognition. We played a really fun game called 'BOO.' Children pick a number from the bag and read it allowed, some children have a ghost card - if they pick that they shout 'BOO,'


Next week we are starting number of the week. This is where we will learn to form the number and how to make it in different ways. Our number next week is '3'. 


We are learning about 'Pumpkin Soup' and 'Room on the Broom' next week. We are so excited. 


If you have any animal teddies you are willing to donate for adopt a pet week please send them in. 


Please ensure all clothing is clearly labelled. 


As always, thank you for your support. Have a fab weekend. 


The Reception Team 

Autumn Learning!

Houses and Homes 

This week we have been learning about Houses and Homes. The children enjoyed looking at their front door pictures and talking about all the different numbers. They then went on a number hunt around school to find lots of different numbers in the environment. We have been learning how to form the different numbers and have been practising our counting. The children also learnt how to make 'repeating' and 'random' patterns through games on the whiteboard and making their own fruit kebabs. 


The children enjoyed learning through the 'Three Little Pigs' and acting out the story with Mrs Benedick. They created houses out of bricks, straw and twigs. For our maths they made houses out of 2d shapes and experimented with them by making patterns.


Phonics is 'flying' please ensure you are going over the sounds in their book bags for a few minutes each day. You also need to practise the formation of the letters as this is just as important. 


We have enjoyed lots of role play outside and our petrol station is still  going strong! 


Next week we are learning about Autumn, and carrying on learning through 'The Three Little Pigs.'


Please bring in any autumnal objects such as conkers, pine cones and leaves. 


Lots of cardigans and jumpers are going missing, we are also finding lots without names or with pen rubbed off. Please make sure everything is named and encourage children to hang their coats and jumpers up. 


Thank you for all your support- we are looking forward to welcoming you to our phonics morning on Tuesday. 


Have a fab weekend, 


The Reception Team 

A week of great learning!

Petrol Time

Your Junk is our Treasure

Week 4- Succot, My Family, Owl Babies and More!


Wow- what another fantastic week we have had. In our literacy we have practised and revised m, a, s, d and t. We have had some 'word time' sessions so we can start the blending process. 


Earlier this week we learnt about fruit and used the book 'Handa's Surprise.' We sorted fruit, went shopping and practised our counting. We also made some delicious apple crumble! 


In literacy we have continued developing our mark making skills for our Keith Haring Display. We have been talking about our families and the children have enjoyed creating their family portraits. It is great to learn more about the children and the people who are important to them. 


In maths we have been counting and recording. The children went to Mrs Cohen with their tally charts and were able to record her favourite fruit. 


Next week is another broken week. We will be learning sounds 'i' and 'n' and having some more word time. You will get these in their reading folder next week. Please ensure you only practise using pure sounds. 


We are learning about our bodies next week through the text of 'FunnyBones.' 


Thank you for your support- please feel free to add observations onto tapestry of anything fun you get up to. We enjoy seeing this. 


Have a fab weekend,


The Reception Team 





Week 4 Learning

Week 3 Learning

Reception have had another exciting (and short) week at school. We kicked off the week talking about our worries and using the text 'Silly Billy' to help us. The children made their own 'worry dolls' that they can talk to if they would like. We elaborated on this concept by using a text called 'The Worry Monster.' We explored mixing colours and how colours made us feel. 


The children enjoyed an interactive lesson of the Story 'Jonah and the Whale' where they took part in some drama. They enjoyed getting into character and sequencing the story. They also enjoyed learning about Succot and making their own mini Succah's. 


In our phonics this week we learnt sounds 'm', 'a','s' and 'd'. We practised saying the sound and writing the sound. Please find attached the Read Write Inc handwriting phrases to help support your children with this. 


In maths we consolidated counting through measuring. We used 'non standard' measuring units to measure our hands and feet. We also made play dough to develop our mathematical language of 'more' and 'less.' 


Please send in welly boots for outdoors. As winter is approaching it gets muddy and wet outside. We allow children outdoors in all weathers and this will help keep them dry. Please ensure they are labelled. 


We are so proud of the children and how well they have adapted to the stopping and starting of school. 


Have a fab weekend and thank you for your support ,


The Reception Team 

RWI Handwriting Phrases

Week 3 Learning

We are Settled!


We are so proud of how the children have settled into Clore life. They have had another exciting week learning about Rosh Hashanah, making honey cake, chopping apples and going on an Autumnal Conker hunt. We have been learning all about 'Ourselves,' and the children have been mark making by doing their own Self Portraits for the wall. 


Next week we are starting our phonics journey. Please check their reading folder for sounds they are learning. These sounds for the week will be given out on a Tuesday- it will include upcoming sounds they may have not learnt yet. Please use the link provided on the blog to practise saying the 'pure' sounds. This is really important for their phonics journey. 


Next week we are learning through the text of 'Silly Billy'. This is a book where we will explore all our emotions and how to talk about them using 'Worry Dolls.' We will also be talking about our own families and creating family portraits. To support us with this please send in a photograph of your family. 


On Thursdays Please send them in their P.E kit. We will revisit changing in the spring term.


Thank you for all your support and a big well done to all the children.


The Reception Team



Our Week in Pictures

Sounds of the English Phonic Code -Synthetic Phonics.wmv

Tami Reis-Frankfort, reading specialist and trainer, demonstrates how to pronounce the sounds of the English Phonic Code, when teaching children to read with...

Welcome To Reception Class 21/22


Welcome to our Reception Class Blog. We have enjoyed meeting all the children and getting to know them. We have heard all about Summer and their families. 


Next week we are learning about Rosh Hashanah and lots more. 


We are wishing you all a happy and healthy New Year.


The Reception Team 


Our Week In Pictures