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School Council

What is a School Council?


A school council is a group of pupils elected by their fellow pupils to represent their opinions and raise issues with your headteacher and governors in the school. The school council can also take forward projects on behalf of the pupils, and be involved in planning and things like the School Development Plan, governing body meetings and interviewing staff.


To be effective, the school council must:


  • Represent all pupils and include as many people as possible
  • Take time to listen to all pupils and communicate their views
  • Feed back to pupils about what happened about their views
  • Make things happen – or explain why they can’t!

Our School Council


Our school council is made up of pupils from Year 1 - 6. Children from each class are democratically chosen at the start of each school year by their classmates to represent the views of their class at council meetings. It is a great compliment to those pupils that are chosen, as it shows that their peers have placed their trust in them.


During the year, the Council take part in a variety of activities which help to provide information about the well-being of our pupils and how to make our school a better place for everyone.

Food Tasting Friday                                                                                1st December 2017

Today School Council took part in a food tasting session with Wendy and her team from the kitchen. We had already made some different suggestions as to what we might like to try, and then the kitchen team came up with a wide range of new dishes for us to try. These included toad in the hole, chicken curry, sweet and sour chicken, sweet corn fritters, meat pie, chilli con carne and sweet potato bahjis. We all had a fantastic time trying some new and different dishes, and many of them surprised us!


Having filled our stomachs, we discussed our thoughts on the tasters with Wendy, giving her some really informative feedback that will hopefully feed into our school meal menus. The big favourites from the entire group were chicken curry, chilli con carne and toad in the hole. Thank you very much to Wendy and her team for working so hard to set up our session this morning.