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Year 1

Mindfulness Pinwheel

Our disgusting sandwiches!!

8.7.19 - The Disgusting Sandwich!

A disgusting sandwich was found under Miss Baker's desk! We don't know who made it! Luckily we had a book called The Disgusting Sandwich, which we enjoyed reading. We came up with some other ways that the sandwich could have been made disgusting;

'A car drove over it' -  Ethan G
'The sandwich dropped into fire' - Mia
'It dropped in to someone's slime' - Sophie


We might even try to make our own disgusting sandwich soon...

24.6.19 - Skipping workshop

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Year 5 help us practice for sports day!


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This is our sports day song that we wrote with Rocktopus today. We can't wait to sing it on sports day!

Rocktopus!! 18th June 2019

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We had so much fun writing songs with Rocktopus today! Here is our song!!

Reading to Evie the dog

10.6.19 - Finding half

We have been halving numbers. We know that half is two equal parts. This week we are halving shapes and finding equal and unequal parts. We have made boats out of halving shapes. 

Tomorrow (16th May) we are continuing our topic on Toys. 

Please could your child bring in ONE of their favourite toys.

Please ensure it is either named or it is in a named bag. The children will be responsible for their toys so please do not send in anything which is of sentimental value or electrical. Please ensure the toy is of a sensible size to ensure the children remain safe.

15.05.19 - P.E - target hitting/throwing and catching

Coding in computing

Jam Sandwich making - 8.05.19

Science - Parts of a tree - 7.5.19

Year 1 and Year 2 join for music and singing

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English - We became news readers this week! We wrote out our half term news and then filmed our friends reading it out.

Maths - We have started to look at division by sharing items equally. We even found out that if we share an odd amount of items we will be left with a remainder.

Science - We know the parts of a plant and what their job is. Next week we will look at parts of a tree.

Singing - We learnt a new song! Hey You! 

15.04.19 - Bye Mr Wise! Thank you for helping us learn and grow. Love from Year 1

10.4.19 - P.E Mazel Tov on being Players of the term!

W/b - 25.03.19 - English

To begin our week of traditional tales, the children used the QR code reader on the iPads to hunt for QR codes around the classroom and scan them. Each QR code reveled a clue such as; 'Once upon a time', 'a wolf', 'Grandma's house' and 'red'. Can you guess which story we have been learning?

W/b 18.03.19 - Science Week!

Year 1 enjoyed learning how to make paper aeroplanes. We then wrote a set of clear instructions to teach others how to make them too. 

We also carried out lots of investigations with our paper aeroplanes including; changing the material, changing the size of plane and how hard we throw the plane.
We found out that bigger wings give the plane more lift and therefore it will stay in the air for longer. We also found out that more thrust will help to drive the plane forward.



12.3.19 - As an end to our Science topic on Animals (including Humans) we have been learning about how different animals have different teeth so they can eat different things. We learnt about our incisors, canines and molars and made a mouth model to help us understand what the jobs of different teeth are when we eat!

11.3.19 -

Auntie Goose replied!! She said she loved our postcards so much that we should celebrate with a party! We have become party planners this week, writing lists of foods, writing invitations and writing to entertainers to see if they can come and entertain at our party. We are so excited for Friday!

4.3.19 - This week we received a postcard from Auntie Goose who was very worried about her niece Farmer Duck. Auntie Goose asked Farmer Duck how she was. We helped Farmer Duck by writing postcards back to Auntie Goose. We told her all about the lazy and rude farmer and how he made Farmer Duck do all the work on the farm. We also wrote that the other animals on the farm helped Farmer Duck by sneaking in to the farmers house, squeezing under the bed and chasing the farmer away! The postcards were really fantastic and Miss Baker was very impressed! We wonder if Auntie Goose will reply... 

Spring 2 - home learning - see grid in homework books after half term.

15.02.19 - English. Let us tell you about Neil Armstrong...

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Science - We know the life cycle of a butterfly!

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We had a fantastic time learning about Carnivores, Herbivores and Omnivores in Science this week. See photos below...

12.02.19 - Science

8.02.19 - Did you know Georges Seurat invented a painting technique called Pointillism where tiny dots of paint make up a picture? Y1 gave it a go!


In Maths, we played 'What's missing?' - we made a part whole model with a missing piece and our partner had to find the missing piece and explain why. Then we recorded the sums. 

21.01.19 - Year 6 taught us a new version of Modeh Ani! Thanks Year 6!

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This week and last week we have been talking every day about friendships, kindness and personal space.
We held a compliment circle where every child gave and received a compliment. This made us feel very happy.
We also made a card for a friend in the class who perhaps we don't play with all the time. We wrote kind words in our cards and then enjoyed giving them to our friends. We were very happy to receive cards but we were even happier to give them. We spoke about how sometimes giving is even better than receiving. 

We have also learnt that everyone has a magical, invisible bubble around them and that we shouldn't 'pop' the bubble unless we are playing a game or we are asked if someone can come in to our bubble. Below are photos of us giving and receiving our friendship cards. 

18.12.18 - Science - Hibernating, Migrating and Adapting - PART 1

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18.12.18 - Science - Hibernating, Migrating and Adapting - PART 2

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W/B - 10.12.18


English - This week we have been learning about labels, lists and captions. Next week we will recap some of the important English skills we have learnt so far this year such as; handwriting, capital letters and full stops.


Maths - This week we have been exploring 3D shapes. We know lots of new words to describe the properties of these shapes including; vertices, edges and faces. Below are some photos of us making 3D shapes with toothpicks. 


P.E - Please continue to encourage your child to dress themselves independently at home. We have been teaching the children to pull their t-shirts and trousers the right way if they are inside out!


W/B - 3.12.18


English - This week we have written some poetry all about the senses. This was our first ever time writing poetry in school!


In Science we recapped EVERYTHING we have learnt about materials. We know so much about all materials now. Next week we are going to start thinking about Winter - how the weather changes and how animals survive in winter.


Humanities/Art - We had so much fun painting our castles that we made out of clay last week!


Maths - This week we have recapped 2D shapes and their properties. We even learned about; a heptagon (a 7-sided shape!), an octagon (an 8-sided shape!) and a nonagon (a 9-sided shape!). We went on a shape hunt around the school also. Below are some photos. Next week we will start learning about 3D shapes and their properties.


Lastly, we said goodbye to Miss Grant (our trainee teacher) this week. She has been helping us learn since October and we will miss her lots.


W/B - 26.11.18


English - The children have continued to follow the Talk for Writing process which has helped them to plan and write their own story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. They were very confident with learning and performing the story map which was evident in their writing. They also continued to challenge themselves this week by adding an innovation to their story. The children also enjoyed singing and practicing the Goldilocks song which helped them to sequence the story.

Maths - The children continued their learning of doubling numbers to 10 and 20 and when they were confident, we introduced halving and dividing by 2. We used lots of different resources to support learning including; cubes, counters and ladybug spots. They were even able to write the number sentence using the new division sign!


Humanities and D.T - The children designed their own castles and then enjoyed moulding them into clay.

Science - The children have enjoyed becoming scientist over the past few weeks. This week we were testing different materials to see which were waterproof and which were not. We learnt about predictions, methods and conclusions and also introduced the concept of 'fair testing'. We will continue to develop this skill over the year.


W/B 19.11.18

We had a fantastic trip to Windsor Castle this week. After a slow start due to traffic we arrived at the Castle and checked the flag to see if the Queen was in residence. Sadly it was the Union Flag and not the Royal Standard flying - so we knew she wasn't in . After a quick snack we went straight in to see the Changing of the Guard in the Lower Ward of the castle grounds. Once the guards had marched past we hurried up the steep hill and inside the State Apartments as it was bitterly cold outside. The State Apartments are very grand with high ceilings and we noticed lots of armour and weapons on display. We saw The Queen’s China collection and decided that she does have a lot of plates. We went into the King’s bedchamber where there was a huge bed and into a long hall with shields on the ceiling. We also saw a display from Prince Harry’s wedding to Meghan Markle including her beautiful wedding dress and the pageboy outfit worn by Prince George.
After a delicious lunch we went to the Billiard Room for a talk about castles from Sophie. We learnt that Windsor Castle was built by William the Conqueror 950 years ago! He chose to build it there as it had a hill so he could be high up, it was near the River Thames (which was used like a road) and it was surrounded by a forest. We looked at how a castle is built to defend the King from enemies using arrow slits to fire through and we also found out that Aiden is a great shot with an arrow as he very nearly fired his arrow into the castle. Finally after a very interesting and busy day we got back on the coach, had a biscuit and travelled back to school.  Year 1 were beautifully behaved all day and an absolute credit to Clore Shalom.

12.11.18 - Fun with number bonds to 10.

12.11.18 - This weeks story is...The Little Red Hen.

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W/B 5.11.18

We have had such a fantastic first week back after half term. This week we have linked most of our learning to Anti-Bullying. We focused on the story Leave Me Alone by Kes Grey and talked about what a bully is and what to do if you think someone is being bullied. We have also had lots of circle times and PSHE lessons about; respect, mindfulness and being a good friend. In Maths we are now number bond to 10 champions and we can add and subtract within 10 using our number bonds to help us. Please continue to practice number bonds at home. Next week we will be focusing on the traditional tale 'The Little Red Hen' - there are a few home learning tasks in the new grid to support next weeks learning.


We started our topic on Castles this week and found out that the many features common to castles such as being on a hill, surrounded by a moat and having a drawbridge were all important to make the castle a safe and powerful fortress against enemies and to protect Kings and Queens. We are really excited about our trip to Windsor Castle and are looking forward to learning more about the history and importance of the castle.

Lastly, well done to Jack - our house point champion who got an incredible 115 house points last half term. The house points have now been reset for a fresh new half term.

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A music session learning about rhythm and beat.

W/B: 22/10/18 -

We have learnt all about Mary Seacole this week. Show your child the story map below and let them tell you Mary Seacole's story.

W/B: 22/10/18 -

In Art we have loved learning about Kente Cloth - a special cloth worn in West Ghana where the different colours represent different emotions. The children had great fun trying it on and then we created our own Kente Cloth patterns...

W/B: 22/10/18 -

To start Black History Week we have been introduced to Atsu and his team who taught us about African Drumming. We had great fun learning about rhythm and beat and drumming our own beats.


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W/B - 15.10.18

As part of our topic on family history, Year 1 spent an afternoon playing with games from the past. They had a go at tiddlywinks, pickup sticks, snakes and ladders, naughts and crosses and Jacks. We spent time talking about how toys and games have changed over the years and many were surprised to discover that games they can now access online were first played years ago with pen and paper!

Year 1 Common Exception words - homework

W/B - 8.10.18


English - Before assembly, Amelie drew a picture of a castle and gave it to Polo the Bear.

After assembly... we found a poster left by William The Conqueror!!
He has traveled back through time and he wants to hire year 1 to build castles!! We spent the week researching castle defenses and next week will we start to write our reports to send to King William.


Maths - We have learnt about the parts and whole of a number using Cuisiniere Rods and then have learnt to record this using the bar and cherry models.

Materials Hunt - Science. Ask your child what materials they can find in the house...

Haggigat Siddur Assembly

Art - We will be taking part in different arts and crafts over the next year. We would appreciate if you could send your child to school with an apron to ensure their school uniform doesn't get messy. It is not necessary to buy an apron as an old, baggy t-shirt, over-sized shirt or cooking apron will do. We will keep the aprons in the classroom. We look forward to our arts and crafts sessions!
Over the next two weeks we shall be discussing with the children changes that have taken place in living memory as part of our family history work. Please could all the children talk to someone in their family from an older generation and ask them about their childhood and other changes they have seen in their lifetime. It would be helpful if together you could write a few notes in their homework books for them to use in class. The children will be sketching the person they talked to and writing about their memories. Thank you very much!

Autumn Walk!







Hungry Caterpillars


Rainbow Fish

Cats in Hats

Year 1 book changing days
Please send in your child’s book to be changed on the correct day. Children's reading groups will be told to them and written in or stuck in reading records from this week.


Homework in by Wednesday please.
Reading books will be changed throughout the week.



Another lovely week in Year 1. We have been looking at position, estimation and have been using the bead strings in maths. In Phonics we have been recapping some sounds and learning lots of new tricky words. In Geography we looked at Google maps to see where we were in the world! A new English wall in the classroom has got us very excited - we look at the picture and then write down what we can see, what we think and what we wonder. Have a look at some of our learning this week...



Mazel Tov to Natasha and Sophie - our new school councillors and Amelie and Raphael our new Tzedakah councillors.

Wishing you all well over the fast.

W/B: 10th Sep

This week we have started our class reader "Come to School too Blue Kangaroo!" - A story all about starting school. We already know the story as we have made story maps and acted it out also. We will continue to look at this book more next week.

In Maths we have been thinking about ordinal numbers. We had a race to see who came 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th. We have also learnt to subitise which means knowing an amount by just looking instead of counting.
It's been a lovely week and next week we look forward to welcoming Miss Grant, our trainee teacher into the classroom.

W/B 5th Sep.


Wow! What a fantastic first week. The children have all worked extremely hard to get in to the new year 1 routine.

English - We did a treasure hunt around the classroom to get used to our new environment. We also wrote postcards to Polo (our class Bear) about what we did on our summer holidays.

Maths - We have learnt about position including left and right.
History - We have been thinking about our families and we are going to make a family tree!

Word of the Week - INDEPENDENT - ask your child what it means and encourage lots of independence at home.

L'shanah tovah - See you Wednesday

Welcome back Year 1 children!
We are looking forward to seeing you all on Wednesday morning and we are excited to hear all about your summer holidays.

Don't forget to bring your labelled water bottle (and Kippah if you have one).



Miss Baker and Mrs Bernard