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Year 1



All the children have worked so hard and have settled so well in Year 1. We are so proud of them and are looking forward to next term when we can continue with our exciting learning.


Our week has been filled with lots of Chanukah fun! We decorated menorahs and dreidals and sung and danced!


In English we have really enjoyed learning how to write a recount and this is something that you can do over the break if you want to! We are very good are writing what we did in order and produced some amazing work.


In Maths we have been practising our odd and even numbers! We are really good at recognising these now.


We hope you have a lovely break and wish you all a happy new year!



The Yeshiva Boys Choir - "Those Were The Nights (of Chanukah)"

Here's the links to buy the Album (YBC 5 "Chanukah" - Available as a download or CD - Thank You!!):To Download:

Year 1 have been working really hard this week! Our focus in English has been on Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The children have made wanted posters for Goldilocks and have written their own silly porridge recipe.

Our Maths focus has been number bonds to 10 and 20 and showing equal amounts.

In DT the children designed the houses they are going to make. They really thought about the interior and what the house will need.

Have a restful weekend!

The Equal Song: What Does This Mean

It has been 'Anti-Bullying Week' this week at Clore Shalom! We have been reading the story 'A Walk with Vanessa' and thinking about how all the characters feel. At the end of the week we discussed what we should do if we see someone upset or someone being unkind. All the children were fantastic at articulating how we could manage both of these situations.

In Maths we have worked really hard on finding the difference between numbers.

Our Art lesson was very exciting and all the children thoroughly enjoyed it. We made household interiors using different resources! We now know how to make curtains using felt, string and a lolly stick!

Thank you to everyone who has brought in ‘old’ household objects.

Have a lovely weekend!

Our story this week has been 'The Little Red Hen'. We explored and discussed the moral of the story and thought about how the different characters felt and why they felt that way! 


In Maths we looked at the different way we can represent our sums and answers. We at getting very good at part-whole models! 


We continued learning about the features of houses and compared different types of homes. 


This week we had our first spelling test and all the children got full marks for effort!


Thank you for some of the 'old' household objects you have been sending in. We will be putting them on our explorers shelf next week. 


We had a fantastic DT lesson where we created houses out of junk. We spent time planning what we were going to do and enjoyed using different skills (designing, cutting and joining) that we had been practicing!


Week 2



tested on 19th November


ay and oy

















This week we have been reading the story 'Stanley's Stick'. We went for a walk and collected sticks and made them into things we wanted them to be e.g a fishing rod or a magic wand! We described our sticks and created storyboards about our stick's adventures. At the end of the week we thought about a new adventure Stickman could go on and drew a story map of this.


In our Maths lessons we continued to work on our subtraction using manipulatives. 


Our phonic sound this week is 'ea' as in the word bread. Can you think of anymore words with the sound 'ea'? 


We have now moved onto our new topic 'Homes Now and Then'. Please send in any old household items you may have and we can put them on our 'Explorers Shelf'.


Please check Tapestry for this term's homework grid and don't forgot to complete the 2Do set on Purple Mash!


Reminder - Spelling test will be on 12/11/2020 (words below).


Have a lovely weekend!



Week 1



tested on 12th November


ai and oi
















We have had a fantastic end to this half term! 
Throughout the week we have been reading the story ‘The Old Toy Room’ and writing about the different toys Lottie found! To end the week we made a fact file  about one of our toys at home.


In our Maths lessons we looked at the different seasons and months and started exploring time! We played a really fun game where we had to stand up and then guess when one minute was up and sit down! You can try this at home too! 

We finished our topic on Toys this week and drew pictures of our favourite toy, what we think our parent’s favourite toy was made also our grandparents! We then labeled these pictures too. At the start of our topic we all thought that our parent’s and grandparent’s favourite toys were IPads and Playstations but now we know they the weren’t. You can ask us all about toys from the past and we can show off our knowledge. 
Our next topic is Houses and Homes - Past and Present. If you have any vintage or old household items we would love to see them! 

We finally made our paper toys of weeks of skill practice and designing. These are on display in our classroom as they are so fantastic.


Have a super break and we will see you soon!


Mrs Brahams and Mrs Spencer 

We have had an exciting two weeks learning about Black History!


Last week we learnt all about Mary Seacole and what an amazing person she was. We found out lots of facts about her life and wrote facts about our own lives too!


This week we have been learning about The Windrush and read Floella Benjamins book 'Coming To England' We discussed the difference between the Caribbean and U.K. and found out why people wanted to come from the Caribbean and why the U.K needed them to come and help. We wrote what we would bring with us on a long journey and the jobs we would want to do! To finish off the week we made Jamaican Ginger Cake and tasted it, lots of the children thought it was absolutely delicious and Mrs Cohen enjoyed her piece too! 


In Maths we worked on subtraction and lots of different ways to help us work out the sums. 


In our DT lesson we used all the skills we have learnt over the past week to design a paper toy that we will make next week. 


We we hope you have a fantastic weekend!! 

Making and Tasting Jamaican Ginger Cake

Autumn Poetry

Still image for this video

In our English lessons this week we went on an Autumn walk and used our senses to help us think of some adjectives. We then wrote some poems together and performed them. 

In Maths we  found different ways to make a number eg 5 / five/ dots on a dice/ tens frame/ dominoes/ drawing 5 pictures.

We loved looking at Victorian toys and identifying the similarities and differences between our dolls and diablos! 

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

We have had such a busy week full of fun activities. In English we focused on the story 'Incredible Me!' and wrote all the things we are great at! We also learnt about different types of dreams and discussed out dreams for the future - lots of us want to be mermaids and Pokemon catchers! We made beautiful dream catchers to catch any of our bad dreams and put all our future dreams in our class dream jar! 


In Maths we really enjoyed playing a game where we put numbers to 20 in order and then our partner hid 2-3 and we had to work out what numbers were missing!


During our Topic lessons we compared toys today and toys from past and also continued learning about seasons. 


This week we read the story "Traction Man" and wrote about our favourite part of the story. Our focus was on using captial letters, finger spaces and a full stop. During our Maths lessons we practised working out one more and one less than a number using different objects.

We absolutely loved the video of our parents and grandparents talking about their favourite toys from when they were younger! We realised that they didn't have Ipads or Nintendoes! We continued learning about Autmun and made some lovely pictures of trees and really thought about the colours of the leaves. 




On Monday 14th September we will be sending home a new homework book and grid.

We have all had so much fun being back at school this week. In English we read the story 'After the Fall' and wrote about all the things we can do now that we couldn't do before! We also learnt about capital letters and where we use them. In Maths we have been looking at subitising and using a tens frame. We also started our topic on toys and discussed our favourtie toys and had a guess at what we think our parent's favourite toys were.