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“Engage, Inspire, Achieve”

Year 1

Monday 27th September 2021


This week's Special Mentions go to:


Anabelle (Achieve)- For working well in English lessons and producing fantastic work. 

Noah (Inspire)- For always being on your best behaviour, joining in lessons and being kind to others. 

Week 4- 24.9.21 

We had a jam packed three days at school this week, full of learning and fun!


Maths – This week we focused on counting and comparison (more, less, fewer) and we will continue with this next week.  


English- We read the story ‘The Old Toy Room’ and shared our opinions on the story, we discussed and wrote which parts we liked and why. We  recalled the story and created fantastic story maps. Next week we will be focusing on adjectives (describing words) and learn how to include them in our sentences.  


We had a chance to visit in the school’s Sukkah. We enjoyed seeing our decorations hanging in the sukkah but our favourite part was eating biscuits!!!  


Buddy time- One of our favourite times of the week is Buddy Time! We played with our buddies in the field and had lots of fun!    


Ivrit/JS- We learnt another two letters in Hebrew. Vet ב (makes the sound v) and Gimmel ג (makes the sound g). We also learnt that we celebrate Simchat Torah because we have finished reading the whole Torah and before we start reading it again, we have a big celebration.  

Take a look at our beautiful Simchat Torah flags!  


Have a lovey weekend, Shabbat Shalom and Happy Simchat Torah!!!  

Year 1 team

Buddy time 24.9.21 ( There are more photos on the Year 6 Blog)

Making flags for Simchat Torah!

The children had a great time eating biscuits in the Sukkah!

Monday 20th September


This week's Special Mentions go to:


Amelia for taking pride in her work and being proud of her achievements 




Reuben for being so focused in all his work and  challenging himself.


Week 3- 17.9.21

Maths – At the start of the week we learnt about position within a grid and identifying rows and columns. At the end of the week, we have learnt about matching quantities and subitising (seeing a number of items and knowing exactly how many there are without counting them).

Next week we will focus on counting and comparison (more, less, fewer).


English- In our English lessons we have read the story ‘Oliver’s Vegetables’ and written some lovely sentences about our favourite vegetables, making sure we use full stops!  We learnt about different types of lists and why you may write one! We wrote our own lists of all the vegetables we know.


We had an Art lesson in the studio with Mrs Scott and Mrs Rathbone.

We created an abstract piece using circles in different sizes and colours.


Buddy time- Today we spent time with our buddies. We made decorations together for the school Sukkah and had lots of other fun activities for Sukkot.


We wish you all a great weekend, Shabbat Shalom and Chag Sukkot Sameach.

Year 1 team

Maths- finding familiar patterns and subitising

Subitize Rock (sŭbitize) to 10 | Math Song for Kids | Jack Hartmann

Subitize to 10. Subitize is the ability to tell the number of objects in a set, quickly, without counting. In this subitizing song name the numbers in each...


Week 2- 10.9.21

We have had a lovely week in Year 1. All of the children are settling in beautifully to the routine in Year 1.

Maths – This week we learnt about ordinal numbers (first, second, third….). Next week we will learn how to subitise - this means seeing a number of items and knowing exactly how many there are without counting them!

English- we learnt about capital letters. We know that sentences start with a capital letter. We also learnt that names and places start with a capital letter. Next week we will read the book Oliver’s vegetables and we will be focusing on full stops and writing a list.

JS- we learnt about Yom Kippur and wrote sorry cards to our friends and family.

Ivrit- we learnt the first two letters in the Hebrew Alphabet (Aleph א- makes no sound and the letter Bet בּ- makes the sound b).

We had our first Art lesson in the studio, we learnt about Keith Haring and the children made drawings inspired by Keith Haring’s art.

Buddy time- Today we have met our new buddies from Year 6. We played together and got to know them. Every Friday afternoon we will have a chance to spend time with our Year 6 buddies and we are very excited!


Additional information-

PE – will be every Wednesday afternoon with Mr Kane. PE kits should be worn on Wednesdays.

Art- We have now started to use our new Art and Design studio. Please could you send with your child a clear named apron / old shirt that they can keep at school.

Reading books- Please keep in bag every day. These will come home from the beginning of October.

Home learning- will commence from October.


We wish you all a wonderful weekend, Shabbat Shalom and Gmar Chatimah Tovah.

Year 1 team

Our fabulous art work inspired by Keith Haring

Meeting our new Buddies from Year 6




Welcome to Year 1!!!‎

We have had a fantastic start to the Year. All the children have settled in brilliantly and have worked hard to get to know the new year 1 routines. The classroom has been a big hit with the children and they are enjoying exploring all the different areas! ‎

We have already started with lots of fun learning!

English - We wrote our own class rules. We also read the book 'Incredible Me' and wrote all ‎the things that we are good at. ‎

Maths - We have learnt about positions, including left and right.‎

Have a wonderful weekend, Shabbat Shalom and Shana Tova!‎

Year 1 team