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Year 2

Our new music programme song - I wanna play in a band

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Clapping to the beat

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Jumping to the beat.

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This week the class have had lots of fun finding right angles around the classroom and on pictures. They also learnt what an acute, obtuse and aright angle is. Many children were able to identify these angles on a set of shapes. 

This week we have been learning all about angles.


In Science we have been learning all about microhabitats, these are habitats for minibeasts. We went into our Israel garden to see if we could find any... luckily none of us were afraid of the creepy crawlies we found!

21.6.19 Music composing ICT and brilliant story writing!!

This week in ICT, the children produced amazing music compilations using the programme 2Explore on Purple Mash. 

In Literacy they read and enjoyed the story 'The Lighthouse Kepper's Lunch'. Every child retold the whole story in detail, using the storymap.  They then rewrote it ensuring they had a clear structure to their story. Many children added extra description and speech into it. 

We are really looking forward to Sports Week next week! Please remember to send your child in PE kit for the week and if it is hot, they should have suncream on and lots of water with them. See you on Tuesday at Sports Day! 

The children all had a wonderful time on our trip to Southend (despite the British weather). We enjoyed playing on the beach, visiting the sea life centre, a rock pool talk, taking the train down the pier... and of course ice cream!


Thank you again to our parent helpers.

Southend Trip

The Storm Whale 🐳


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The Storm Whale

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22.5.19 Year 2s first ever Glockenspiel lesson

Our class band

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9.5.19 Exploring Equivalent Fractions


This week the class had lots of fun exploring equivalent fractions using cusinaire rods. 

Lots of the children managed to build their own fraction walls.


In Literacy, the class have continued working on writing their own myths.

We are really looking forward to reading the finished products!


The class are thoroughly enjoying our brand new music programme, last week they had an introduction to playing the recorder and this week they were very fortunate to have a joint music lesson with year one. During this lesson, they learnt a rap and some new musical language. This weeks focus was on the pulse of the music. They enjoyed tapping the beat to the music. 



Year 1 and Year 2 join for signing and music

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Myths - How the tortoise got his shell 1.5.19

1.5.19 In Maths, we have been doing lots of work on fractions.

1.5.19 Music Y2 loved playing their recorders today.


We hope you have all had a lovely break. The children have settled back very quickly. This week we learnt all about Myths. We read the story ‘How the tortoise got his shell’ and then retold the story using a story map.

Over the next couple of days we will be writing the story and next week, we will be writing our own Myth. 


Class Assembly 

Thank you all so much for coming to our class assembly. We are so proud of every single child in the class! They all shone.

Thank you very much for all the effort you put in sourcing costumes. The children enjoyed every second. 

We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. 



This week we gathered results for our experiment ‘Do we run faster as we get older?’ We had great fun timing a number of people of different ages to find out the answer to this question. Please ask your child to explain what they found out.


Hare Krishna Temple Visit

Year 2 had the most fantastic day at the Hare Krishna temple yesterday. The children learnt so much about Hindu culture and religion and got to share their own knowledge with our guides. We learnt about the different Gods and Goddesses, went on a tour of the beautiful grounds and had a delicious vegetarian feast.


A special thank you to Mrs Conroy, Mrs Wax, Mrs Vega and Mr Lowe for all their help on the trip.



It has been another busy week of learning in Year 2!



The children have been writing a report about 'How to look after a Hamster'. This has helped to teach them the features of report writing, ready for writing their own pet reports next week.



The children have been learning how to divide by sharing and grouping. They have also been making links between division and multiplication, and using inverse calculations to prove their answers.



The children have been learning about 'basic needs', these are the three things we need to survive. We used our knowledge of basic needs together with our understanding of other things that are important to us to create a fact sheet about 'How to look after a human'.



The children have been learning how to use oil pastels this week. We looked at the different textures, tones and ways we could mix and blend colours using the pastels. This is in preparation for our butterfly artwork which we look forward to sharing with you over the coming weeks.



We have had a great day celebrating the festival of Purim. The children have learnt the story of Purim, have exchanged mishloach manot and taken part in a variety of activities organised by Year 6. 



As part of our science topic we have been focusing on life cycles. Last week we learnt about the life cycle of a hen. This week we learnt about the life cycle of a human. We looked at how humans developed as the got older. We were very excited to invite in Sophia’s baby brother, Brody, to help us learn how we change and develop from when we were babies. The children were able to ask some very interesting questions and find out a little bit about some of the ways our bodies develop as we get older. 



This week we have really enjoyed completing some maths investigations around number. We challenged ourselves to fill an empty hundred square, focusing on what we knew about number so help us fill it efficiently.

Sound Collector Front Cover Competition

Well done to all of the children who entered our class competition to design a cover for the sound collector poems. 

Congratulations to Sam who won the competition with his fantastic design. We are very proud of you!

Half term voluntary homework activity - Produce an A4 poster with pictures and writing about the Montgolfier brothers inventing the hot air balloon. For the first day back after half term.

There will be prizes for the most informative posters. 

13.2.19 The Smartest Giant In Town

This week in English, we read the story ‘The Smartest Giant in Town’ by Julia Donaldson and Axel Sceffler. We learnt to recall the story using a story map and had lots of fun sequencing the story and acting out different scenes from the book.

After the holidays we will be writing our own version of the story. 

The Smartest Giant in Town

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The Smartest Giant

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Smartest Giant

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Smartest Giant

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Smartest Giant

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We are so proud of the Year 2 letters on our latest display.

Internet Safety Day

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Internet Safety Day 2019 We learnt how to stay safe online.

How to stay safe online.

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5.2.19 We have been learning how to tell the time in five minute intervals.


Over the past few weeks we have been developing our sketching skills. We have learnt about creating outlines, shading, tone and perspective. Today we applied these skills by drawing flowers. We are sure you will agree that the results are amazing, and we can’t wait to show you our final painted versions.



We have been using 2calculate on purple mash to create our own spreadsheets. We learnt how we can use the 2caluclate program to solve different calculations.


Today we had great fun learning about the different parts of a bulb, we used real bulbs to identify each part. We then planted our bulbs and we will be tracking and recording their progress over the coming weeks.

Class Competition 

We are going to make a class poetry book with all the poems everyone has written. However, it needs a front cover.

Can you design a cover for the class book? 


We we are holding a class competition to design a front cover for the book. The winning entry will be used as the front cover. All designs must have the title ‘ The Sound Collector Poems by Year 2’. They should be on an A4 piece of paper and can have pictures of all the sounds in the school poems we have written. The deadline for entries is next Friday and we will be announcing the winner on the Blogg. Get designing! 


The Sound Collector


The children had great fun creating their own verses for the poem 'The Sound Collector'.


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