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Year 2

Captain Underpants: Chapter 2

Geography: China

China quiz

Captain Underpants

Ivrit work - 6.7.20


We hope you are all well and had a lovely weekend.

This week we are learning summer vocabulary in Ivrit.

Please watch the 2 videos and complete the task/worksheet of your choice.

You can send photos/videos of your work to, we would be happy to see/hear your work.

We hope you enjoy it!

This is the last Ivrit home learning of the year so we want to wish you all an amazing 'kayitz' (summer)! Well done for all your hard work this year, it was very heartwarming to see.

If you would like any extra ivrit work over the summer, there are some fun activities and interactive games on the blog for you.

Best wishes and stay safe,

Mrs Sharon and Mrs Jacobs

Year 1 and 2 summer vocabulary - Video 1.mp4

Still image for this video

Year 1 and 2 ohev_et - Video 2.mp4

Still image for this video

Week 12 'Hi'

Home learning 22.6.20 Week 11

The Great Wall of China

Still image for this video
Video of story map and quiz

Ivrit home learning 22/06/2020


We hope you are all well and have had a good week.

This week we are going to learn pronouns in Ivrit.

Go through the PowerPoint presentation and listen/watch the short videos of Mrs Sharon's explanation on each slide. Then complete the task of your choice.

Year 2 Ivrit home learning pronouns.mp4

Still image for this video

Best wishes and have a lovely week,

Mrs Sharon and Mrs Jacobs

Emily Brown Story Map

Ivrit work - 8.6.20

Ivrit home learning 8.6.20.mp4

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If you would like to share your work with us, you can take a video of you saying the sentences or you can take a photo of your completed worksheet and send them to 

Home learning grid 1.6.20 - Parents, please send in the 3 items highlighted in yellow to our class email address during the week for marking and feedback. Please note response times for emails will be up to 48 hours. Thank you for your continued support.

Emily Brown - part 2

This is "Emily Brown - part 2" by Mrs Benedick on Vimeo

Topic - Geography 1.6.20

Home Learning Grid - 18.5.20

Science Project -Bridges

Emily Brown story

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Emily Brown - Story Map

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Ivrit work 18.5.20

Shalom! I hope you had a lovely weekend with your family. 

This week I am sending you a short PowerPoint quiz in order to check if you can recognise learnt letters. I am also attaching an online puzzle of the aleph bet letters for you to complete, and there’s a timer if you would like to see how quick you can be. I hope you will enjoy it and share your answers/results with me (you can email it to:

Good luck,

Mrs Sharon

General Knowledge Quiz 2

Enjoy the general knowledge quiz!! We will post answers soon.....

Ivrit 11.5.20 

Shalom! I hope you all had a lovely weekend. Please watch the videos in order to help you complete the worksheets. I would be happy to see your work, so please email me your photos to:



Hebrew Alphabet- part 1

Still image for this video

Hebrew Alphabet - part 2

Still image for this video



We hope you all had a lovely weekend. Here is the new learning grid and attachments. 

For the writing activity, if you choose the mild level and draw a picture of your own invention. We would like you to write two sentences about it as well. 


Reading comprehension - If you complete the mild level and answer the questions orally, please make sure someone scribes the answers so that we can see them. 

We have highlighted yellow the pieces of work which we would like submitted for marking. 


We hope you have a lovely week. 

From Year 2 Team 


 Shalom! In Ivrit this week, we are focusing on our speaking and conversational skills. Please read/listen to the PowerPoint presentation and complete the shorts tasks. I’ll be happy to see/hear you practising if you would like to share it with me. You can record yourself and send it to me by email (

Shavua tov (have a nice week), stay safe and I hope to see you all soon, Mrs Sharon.

Yom Ha'Atzmaut

Good morning parents,

A gentle reminder to please ensure the 4 pieces of work for each week are sent in throughout the week so we can provide timely feedback. No work is to be sent in after 3pm on a Friday as feedback is only able to be given during school working hours. Please avoid sending in work this week from last week as we would like to be able to give our full attention to this week's work. Thank you for your understanding and support.

Have a good week,

The Year 2 Team

We hope you have had a lovely Pesach holiday. Here is the learning grid and all the work you will need for next week. We can't wait to see all your brilliant work and to speak to you all over the week. 

Don't forget that you can email us if you are having any problems with any of it. 

Take care 

Year 2 x


History Aviation

Today the class sorted transport pictures into the past and present. There was a lot of super discussion around the pictures. They also learnt about the changes to aeroplane design and completed a chart looking at the differences. 



Over the last two weeks, the class have been studying the story ‘The Tunnel’.They read the story then learnt it off by heart. Following this they re wrote the story.

This week focused on changing the middle section of the story. Today they rewrote the whole story including their innovation. We can’t wait for you to read them, when you come for parents evening.
In maths, we have been revising addition and subtraction of two digit numbers.

Please ask your children to show you how they would solve the following number sentences. 

38 - 12 =
43 - 21 =

82 - 29 =
73 - 17 =

In Music, we learnt a new song and in History we continued learning about the history of aviation. 

Please remember to send a pound in 20ps coins in an envelope or money bag on Monday. 
Have a lovely weekend 

Year 2 Team 

Welcome to Year 2!

Florence Nightingale letter writing

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Florence Nightingale

Talk for Writing History and English

We have been very impressed with all the lanterns, which have been made for homework.

Keep up the good work!

This week the class learnt the features of an explanation text and wrote a report on healthy eating. 

In History, they learnt about what life was like working in the hospitals in Scutari and they learnt about the changes Florence Nightingale made to the hospitals. Please ask your children to read the story maps to you. 


Music - Rock

Music- beat

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Nurse Visit

We were really fortunate to have a visit today from Nurse Cohen as part of our History topic on Florence Nightingale.Nurse Cohen explained the differences between hospitals then and now. The children were fascinated by her talk and asked lots of excellent questions. 

Today the class had lots of fun with Year 6, learning how to use the Times Table Rock stars programme on the IPads. We loved seeing all their colourful hair styles! 

Times Table Rock stars

In History we started our topic on Florence Nightingale. There is a video on You Tube you can watch with your children. It’s called BBC Watch Magic Grandad - Florence Nightingale. We learnt who she was and about her life. Next week we will be completing time lines of her life. 

Follow this link to see the common exception words (tricky words) for years 1 and 2.

Week beginning 16th December 

Developing sketching skills- today we learnt to sketch a sunflower from the side.

This week is Art week! Year 2 are looking at the famous artist Vincent van Gogh. We have been focusing on his famous painting 'Sunflowers'. The children have started to develop their sketching skills by sketching a sunflower from the front, adding light and shade to make the sunflower look 3D. We will continue to develop sketching skills this week and work towards a final interpretation of the painting using acrylic paint. 
Week beginning 9th December 

Bar model work in maths:

Bar model work in maths:

Week beginning 2nd December 

We wrote our own algorithms to control the turtles. Watch some of our code in action below.


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

For Advent learning day we learnt about some of the traditions of Advent and wrote our own promises inspired by Advent candles.

Week beginning 25th November
In English, we have started a new topic learning about instructions. We have learnt that good instructions contain imperative (bossy) verbs, time conjunctions, useful detail and are written in the present tense. The children followed a set of instructions to make a cup and ball and had to decide if the instructions were good, or needed adapting. They will write their own set of instructions later in the week. 

Following instructions to make a cup and ball:

Our instructions:

  1. First decorate the cup.
  2. Secondly cut a length of string 45cm long.
  3. Next, tape the string to the bottom of the cup.
  4. After that, tape the other end  of the string  to the middle of a sheet of foil.
  5. Next, scrunch the foil into a ball.
  6. Finally, try to catch the ball in the cup.
Week beginning 18th November

During our phonics lesson, the children practised their spellings. We played a game where the first partner had to act out one of the words and the second partner had to write down the word. They then checked the spelling together. The challenge was then to write a sentence using the word.

Week beginning 11th November
Please send in empty and washed out drinks cans for our science experiment on Tuesday. Thank you. 
Today we had our Guru Nanak learning day where we learnt lots of information about Sikhism. We learnt that Guru Nanak founded Sikhism around 500 years ago. We found out about Guru Nanak's life and the main beliefs of Sikhism. We spent time exploring what a Sikh temple is like. The children created their own beautiful collages of a Gurdwara (the Sikh temple) and then wrote about what the Gurdwara is like. 
Week beginning 4th November 2019

Fire of London news

Still image for this video

Fire of London news

Still image for this video

Trip to the Monument

To continue our work on materials, Mrs Coen asked the children to help her solve a problem. Her cat keeps knocking over glasses of water and she wanted to know which kitchen towel is the best to use. The children conducted an investigation comparing five different kitchen towels. We looked at the claims made on the packaging, such as 'strong even when wet' and 'extra absorbent'. The children then tested each paper towel to see which could hold the most water before allowing some to drip through. They recorded their results using labelled drawings and then wrote a conclusion. It was quite surprising, as the towel we thought might be best to start with, turned out to not be as good as we predicted. 
Week beginning 21st October 
In Science, we have been identifying and comparing the suitability of everyday materials. The children have gone on a material hunt and investigated what items around the school are made of. They have been introduced to new vocabulary such as transparent, opaque and absorbent. We then became designers and decided what materials various items should be made of, such as a cup for a toddler, a pillow case and a rabbit hutch. 
Week beginning 7th October

Design and Technology - The Fire of London

The children had lots of fun this afternoon making Tudor houses. They learnt the skills of turning a box inside out and joining two sides together. They used masking tape to secure the joins and they all worked very well with their partners. The children decorated their boxes and covered them with flames. We are looking forward to burning them all down! 
The children took part in an assembly where we discussed ways to stay safe. We recapped who they can talk to if something makes them feel unsafe. We also went over the PANTS rule, which is a simple way to help children stay safe from sexual abuse. The NSPCC website below offers some useful advice about how and when to talk to your child about this.  
In English, we have been learning about diary entries. The photos below show the children working with a partner to identify features of a diary entry in an example page. This week they are going to write their own diary entry, imagining that they were present during the Great Fire of London. 
Week beginning 30th September 

We are taking part in Global Diversity Awareness Month, which honours and celebrates the achievements of people from diverse backgrounds and cultures. We are taking time to discuss what makes people unique and support global diversity. 


The class have been researching Dina Asher-Smith and the children have written facts about her and her recent sporting achievements. The children were excited to discover that she is the first British woman to win a major sprint title, which she did at the World Championships this week. 


Week beginning 23rd September
In English we are now moving on to our 'innovation' phase with our fairytale work. The children know the story of Jack and the Beanstalk really well and are now thinking about how to change the middle of the story. Today they worked in groups to develop this change and act it out. They had some fantastic ideas and worked together really well. As the week continues, they will plan their own stories and write them, complete with a change to the middle of the traditional tale. 
Spellings are now being stuck in homework books so please look out for them.
Week beginning 16th September

Spellings will now be given out on a Friday for the following week. Next week we are focusing on the sound /r/ spelt ‘wr’ at the beginning of words. Spellings for next week are: write, written, wrote, wrong, wrap, wrist, wreck, wrestle, wriggle.


In maths this week, the children used two tens frames and counters to help them work out addition calculations. They were encouraged to 'think ten' and fill up the first tens frame to make the sum easier to work out. See if your child can remember the rhyme that Mrs Cohen taught them about this!

Our School Councillors attended their first meeting this week and proudly reported back to the class. Through the School Council, the children are learning more about democracy and how to be good citizens. 

Spelling lists are going home on Monday. The words this week are:

knock, know, knee, knitting, knife, gnat, gnaw, gnash, gnome, gnarled.


We will be working on these words throughout the week, exploring their meanings and the spelling rule associated with them. Please work with your child to practise these words, ready to be tested on Friday. 




Week beginning 9th September 2019

Having fun in Year 2

The class have learnt lots of facts about The Great Fire of London.

Over the weekend, see if they can answer the following questions: 

- When did it start? Where did it start? Who started it? What happened? Where did the baker and his servants escape to? 

What was the problem with the houses? 

Challenge- What was different about life then an d now? 


Homework books have gone out and spelling sheets will be given out next week. Please return the books by Wednesday. Every child has a reading book. Please make sure you read with them over the weekend and keep it in their bags. 


Today the class formed their own rock bands!!! The videos will be posted soon! 

On Monday we had our first PE lesson of year 2. We had a fun warm up where we worked in partners. Partner one was the leader and partner two followed the actions. We then swapped over. Great actions including side stepping and high knees. After that we played a game of 'fox and chickens' where one person in the team pretended to be a fox, collecting the tails of the 'chickens'. 
In English we have started learning about Fairy Tales. We read the story of Jack and the Beanstalk and used a story map to retell the story with actions. 
Week beginning 2.9.19

We are so proud of the class, they have all settled in extremely well! Over the last couple of days, they have written accounts about themselves and their dream bedrooms. They thoroughly enjoyed designing their dream bedrooms...We apologise in advance for any requests they may now have. Many designed rooms with private pools and roller coasters!!!

In Maths we explored doubling and they learnt how to access the resources in the Maths trays. 

In Art they learnt how to mix paint colours and paint a portrait. Today they were very excited to learn the first song in our new music curriculum and we finished the day thinking about what makes a good friend. 

We have taken lots of photos but they won’t load at the moment!! Please bare with us and we will get them all up next week. 

We hope you have a lovely weekend and look forward to meeting you next week. 

Welcome back to school! We have had a great first day. The children discussed the rules and demonstrated that they have a good awareness of the school rules and values. We spent time exploring the new classroom and finding out where everything goes. The children were excited to receive their very own pencil boxes and special Clore Shalom diaries. We are looking forward to a successful term.