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Year 2


What a fun week we have had. The lovely weather has meant that we could get outside and explore all of the trees and flowers around school to really bring our Science week learning to life! The children have loved going on leaf and weed hunts, dissecting plants and creating their own flowers in art. 


We also had the big event of their first ever spelling test! Before we took the test we discussed that the most important thing is that they always just  try their best. It doesn't matter if they make mistakes or even if they get all of the spellings wrong so long as they worked as hard as they could.Hopefully they children understand that tests are to show us what they might need some help or practise with.  They all did brilliantly to focus well and stay silent throughout. 


The children have continues to persevere with their maths learning and it has been lovely  to see them all grow in confidence already with their writing. 

Science week pictures

This week all of the children have settled in beautifully. We have been working hard to build resilience and persevere with tasks - just like Humpty did in the book 'After the Fall'.


Our hardest challenge was to build a tower of paper cups.  The children were not allowed to use their hands to complete the task but had to work as a team of 6 using just a rubber band and 6 pieces of string! 


We have also spent the week writing a diary entry as Humpty Dumpty and securing our place value knowledge by regrouping numbers to 20. 


It has been an absolute pleasure getting to know all of the children in year 2. I hope you all have a lovely and restful weekend. Shabbat Shalom.


Miss Grant 

Next Week...



English - Write a fairy tale.

We will be basing our writing work off of 'Jack and the Beanstalk' and focusing on forming our letters correctly and using full stops and capital letters. 


Maths - Place Value

We will continue to look at regrouping numbers. We will look at how to add using 'base 10'.


Next week is science week and the topic we will be exploring is plants. We will be spending the afternoons carrying out investigations, going on tree and plant hunts on the field and drawing scientific sketches.