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בית ספר קלור שלום

'Engage, Inspire, Achieve.'

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Year 2

PSHE - we did an experiment using egg shells as examples of our teeth. We learnt that sugary drinks and even juice can be bad for our teeth, but milk and water will make our teeth strong and healthy.

Week beginning Monday 11th July


Special mentions

Johnny - Include - For always including his friends in his playground games.

Lily - Include - For always thinking of others and recognising people's differences as a strength.

We loved the Hula Hoop lady

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In PSHE we created a web of kindness

In JS we discussed the story of the Golem which is a Jewish folklore tale.

Week beginning 4th July

Special mentions

Izzy Lichman for excellence for always trying her best in all lessons.

Sam Tropp for respect for always using his manners and being polite to his peers and all staff.

For Sports week we started off doing some exercise with Mr. Harris

In science we looked for micro habitats and we drew them and thought about why the mini beasts might live there.

We learnt some martial arts too...

Our lovely stars with our funny poems written in them

We have been learning to tell the time

In Science we went outside looking at our habitat to see what we could find. We noted down whether they were living, dead or never been alive.

Age appropriate magazines needed for Fridays (1.7.22) art and design lesson please.

Week beginning 20th June

Special Mentions

Ella - Inspire - Ella never gives up and always perseveres when things get tough!

Poppy - Excellence - For her contributions in class during whole class discussions.

Jack, Rafael & Gabby - Excellence - For learning all the names in Ivrit for the family.

Week beginning 13th June

Special mentions

Sophia For include. She is always thinking of others and helping others at school.

Cole for include. He always lets people join in his games at break times.

Maths. Today in maths we used mirrors to check if shapes had a line of symmetry.

We have been learning a new story map all about a boy called Alfie and a falling star.

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Ice lollies by the sea side!!

Having fun walking (over a mile) on the pier...

Most importantly .... It’s snack time!!

Southend .... Here we come!!!! We are on our way !!!!

We have arrived!!

In JS and Ivrit we talked about the holiday Shavuot and made little scrolls of Torah.

The most amazing seaside display writing from Year 2


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Our Punch and Judy shows!

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Our Punch and Judy shows!

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R.E week - we have been learning about the Sikh religion. We made Kalgi’s which are royal ornaments placed on top of a turban and also the Sikh flags with the Khanda on it.

W/B - 9th May

English - This week our story has been The Storm Whale. The children wrote amazing setting descriptions all about storms.

Maths - We have continued our work on fraction, finding 3/4 of shapes and amounts.

History - We learnt why the seaside was so popular 100 years ago. We also spoke about steam trains and Victorian times.

Art - This week we started a big art project in groups of three. We can't wait to share photos of these when they are finished in a few weeks.

PSHE - We recapped the PANTs rule and safe and unsafe touch.

Science - We continued our learning on animals and humans. 

Music - We enjoyed singing with the year 4s again this week.

Artwork reminder!

We need old comic books/children's magazines for our upcoming art project. Please send any in from today.

Week beginning 9th May

Special Mentions

Zoe - Excellence - For writing an amazing shape poem with beautiful handwriting.

Jayden - Excellence - For trying hard with spellings and hand writing.

Seth - For beautiful art work using his sketching skills.


Sophia and Izzy Lichman - FOr working really hard in the lessons and joining in so well for Yom Ha'atzmaut.

Yom HaAtzmuat fun

Calligrams (shape poems) in English

W/B- 2.5.22


English - See above for some fantastic photos of our English work this week.

Maths - This week we continue our work on fractions. If you have pizza or cake this weekend it might be worth talking about halves, thirds and quarters!
History - We were detectives in this weeks lesson and looked carefully at old photographs to see what we could learn about the past. We learnt that clothes and entertainment were very different in the past.

Art - We enjoyed learning about how to draw different expressions on faces.

PSHE - In our first lesson on ‘The Body’ and we spoke about names of private parts.

Science - We thought about our heart rate and what makes it beat faster.


Shabbat Shalom

In JS and Ivrit we made lantern decorations to celebrate Israel Independence Day.

Week beginning 3rd May 2022

Special mentions

Seth - Achieve - for writing a fabulous rhyming poem using his own ideas.

Jayden - Achieve - For completing the chilli challenge in History.

29.4.22 ~ creating the human 3D form in art

Some of our fabulous poems

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Week beginning 25th April

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Today we have been learning a new poem a called Please Mrs Butler.


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Week beginning 10th April
Special mentions 

Excellence Daniel for improve his writing in English.

Include Maya for being such a kind and fair friend. 

Seder at school

W/B 4.4.22


Maths - this week we have been learning about fact families e.g.






English - this week we finished our explanation texts that we have been working so hard on!

(they were brilliant!)


D&T - the children in year 2 love creating things out of paper, so this week we decided to make paper toys. We made snails and flying birds.


PSHE - this weeks lesson was all about different types of families. The children looked at many photos of diverse families in Britain and discussed them.


Shabbat Shalom

Week beginning 4th April

Special mentions

Respect - Poppy - For using and respecting the library and finding new vocabulary.

Respect - Izzzy Lichman - For using and respecting the library and finding new vocabulary.

Respect - Jonah - For using and respecting the library and finding new vocabulary.

Animal Farm visit

Science - Measuring our feet and Y6's feet to see how much we might grow!!

Music with year 4

W/B - 28.3.22

English - this week we have been looking at features of explanations texts. Explanation texts explain something e.g. how to care for an animal. Next week we will write our own explanation text.

Maths - we have continued to start to learn times tables. We learnt to count amounts of money using our multiplication skills e.g. 3 x 5p = 15p or 5 x 2p = 10p



1.4.22 - Finding the glossary in English and learning new words.

31.3.22 - Making illusions (wonder turners) in DT

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Week beginning 28th March 2022

Special mentions

Skyla - For writing a great super hero story.

Mai J - For writing a great super hero story.

Ella - For trying hard in maths and never giving up.


Jonah - For participating well in the lessons.

Issy Jay - For participating well in the lessons.

Week beginning 21st March 2022

Special Mentions

Achieve - Samuel Auerbach - For working independently.

Respect - Poppy Shields - For always using her manners and including people in her games.

Ivrit - Lily and Rafael - Excellence - For always participating and working hard.

Maths - This week we have been learning that multiplication is repeated addition. This means that 2+2+2 is the same as 3 groups of 2 or 3x2. We also used pictures to help us learn what an array is (see below) and how this links to multiplication.


English - At the beginning of the week we made our changes to our super hero story. Some children changed the main character and some children changed their super jet! Then we wrote our super hero story with an introduction, beginning, middle and an end.


Science - We have started learning about our new topic - Animals including Humans - and we have been finding out which animals offspring look like their adults and which do not.


It was so lovely to see so many parents in school at parents evening last night, we hope you enjoyed looking at the children's books. We are looking forward to welcoming lots more parents in next week on Tuesday for the next parents evening.

We are going to learn about Jewish people around the world in JS next term. We used our knowledge in Ivrit to write letters to Jewish children in Madrid. Noa, our shinshinit, is going to deliver them next week. We can’t wait to get the replies.

Purim in photos!


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We celebrated Purim in JS and Ivrit. The children acted the story of Esther, made noisemakers and enjoyed music and a challenging quiz.

‘Quick Draw’

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We used such a fun website called ‘Quick Draw’ - where we had to trick the computer! We learnt about AI (artificial intelligence) in this lesson.

Robothink Workshop - in this workshop, the children followed instructions to make a target practice tool. The children worked amazingly in pairs to find all the equipment they needed to build successful ‘robots’.

16.3.22 - Lego Challenge. In this session the children had to complete building challenges with Lego.

Week beginning 14th March 2022

Special mentions

Achieve - Jesse - for improving his writing and working so hard in every lesson.

Inspire - Zoe and Sophia - For being great role models.

Learning our new story map

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15.3.22 - For STEM week we are experiment with food colouring and flowers

14.3.22 - For STEM week we went into the studio and we became investigators We had to solve clues to find out who the suspect was.