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Year 2

This week in JS and Ivrit we celebrated Tu b’Shvat. We sang songs and made book marks with flower petals.


Special mentions

Jewish Studies - Excellence - Sam and Samuel A for fantastic joining in during the lesson.

Achieve - Daniel - For working very hard on a lovely aerial drawing in Geography

Achieve - Cole - For working very hard at his neat handwriting.

This week in Science we have been planting. We are learning what plants need to grow well. Ask your children about the experiment we have set up and where we have ‘hidden’ some of the plants and why,,


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The children have been learning about germination. They acted out what happens to a seed when it germinates. The seed soaks up the water and swells and the tiny new plant bursts out of its shell.


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Getting ready for the planetarium. We planned some questions we wanted to ask the visitors.

Inside the dome

13.1.22 - our first Design & Technology (D&T) lesson where we explored shapes and their stability.

12.1.22 - well-being Wednesday - mask making

Monday 10th January science. Today the children started their topic about plants. They went outside to do some observational drawings of plants.

Maths. We have been learning how to read scales. Today the children weighed fruit and some measured the corridor using a trundle wheel too.

Monday 10th January 2022


Special mentions:

Pride - Sam for amazing behaviour and making positive choices.

Pride - Issy Jay for challenging herself in Maths lessons.

Include Skyla for always including people and being a good talk partner


Spellings - attached are spellings for the next two weeks only. Please practice at home ready for the spelling test on Friday.

W/B 5.1.22


Happy New Year and welcome back to Year 2 - we can see how much you’ve all grown over the holidays!


Although a short week, there has been lots of lovely learning happening in class. The children have learnt to measure liquid in millimetres, use directional language in geography and learnt where money comes from. (Believe it or not the children were so shocked to find out that Mrs Gee gets paid to be a teacher!)


When we asked the children what they most enjoyed this week they said making treasure maps in geography! This week has also been R.E week and the religion the children learnt about was Christianity. The lessons included; signs and symbols of Christianity, looking around a church (virtually) and thinking about the similarities between Christianity and Judaism. Finally, year 2 have had fun and exciting phonics and handwriting lessons this week so please continue to read and write for fun at home too. 


Spellings will be on Google Classroom soon but please bare with us as we are altering our spelling schedule slightly. 


We hope you all have a restful weekend.


Mrs Gee and Mrs Spencer 

Week beginning 20th December

Special Mentions

For Excellence - Jayden, Jesse, Sam and Johnny.

All these children contributed some fantastic knowledge to the History lesson.


Science ~ today we investigated the strength of different types of paper.

Week beginning 13th December

Special mentions

Gabby - INSPIRE - Gabby perseveres in all her work and is an inspiration to others for her perseverance.

Seth - EXCELLENCE - For excellent home learning.

Raphael Weston - EXCELLENCE - for applying himself in Ivrit lessons and contributing to discussions and writing his thoughtful ideas in his workbook.

Lily - INSPIRE - For her inspirational words when we discussed ways to carry the light of G-d. She showed excellent understanding of what it means to be a kind and generous person.

W/B 6th December

It has been a funny few weeks with lots of children (and teachers) off school but it has been so lovely to nearly have the whole class back together again. Well done to all the children who were learning at home.

English – This week year 2 have recapped grammar and punctuation including; suffixes, adjectives and question marks.

Maths – This week year 2 have learnt how to combine coins to make an amount e.g. 26p = 10p, 5p & 1p. The children have also learnt how to use the inverse e.g. 5 + 4 = 9 so therefore 9 – 5 = 4.

PSHE – The children were taught about gender stereotypes and how males and females can do any job they want to when they grow up!

Art – The children enjoyed experimenting with different brushes to develop their painting skills. This week we painted rollercoasters.

Science – The children enjoyed learning about the inventor John McAdam.

Next week was meant to be the Toy Workshop but this has been postponed until January 27th.


Great Fire of London song

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1.12.21 - The children learnt a Chanukah song - Banu Chshech Le-Garesh

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W/B 29th November


Special mentions go to:

Seth for INCLUDE - He is always including others at school.

Gabby for PRIDE - She is always taking pride in her work at school.

W/B 22/11/21


English - We wrote our instructions to make jam sandwiches and then we made them! See photos below (thank you so much for all that contributed to buy the ingredients) 


Maths - This week we have been practicing adding 2-digit numbers to 2-digit numbers using base 10. Some of the children 'regrouped' meaning they swapped 10 ones for 1 ten.


Art - Amazing art from Year 2 (the teachers are always so impressed!) The class looked at the work of artist Clarice Cliff and re-created some of her art.


Science - We built bridges out of different materials to see which bridge would be the strongest.


PSHE - We read the story 'On Sudden Hill' about playing in groups of 3. We then thought about all the characters feelings. 

Following instructions to make jam sandwiches! Yum!

In Ivrit we learnt Chanukah vocabulary. The children had a lot of fun playing with the big dreidel and creating sentences in Ivrit.

22.11.21 In science the children had the challenge to create a bridge that can hold a toy car. They had to think about what material to use and how to shape that material to help them make their structure strong.

22nd November 2021

Special Mentions... well done to....


Maya - Pride - for trying her best in EVERY lesson.

Jack - Inspire - for beautiful behaviour.


Johnny - Ivrit - Achieve - For excellent reading and sounding out all learnt letters beautifully.

Skyla - Ivrit - Achieve - For excellent reading and sounding out all learnt letters beautifully.

19/11/21 - We found two apples. We were very kind to one apple and said kind words. We bullied the other apple. We hit it and said unkind words. We found that the apple we were kind to was white and juicy inside but the apple we bullied was brown, sad and mushy. This made us think about how we feel on the inside when people are kind and unkind to us. Year 2 choose to always be kind to others.



Still image for this video

Learn this weeks story map

Monday 15th special mentions

Raphael Weston . Achieve. Being a kind friend and having a positive attitude.

Cole . Achieve. For always working hard and applying himself in every lesson.

Mia Ryner. Excellence. For her work in History and using her own ideas.

Anti bullying week / odd socks day

Well-being Wednesday - we made gliders and wrote secret notes and flew them to our friends.

Week beginning 8th November

We talked about Tzedakah and the difference between charities, donation and volunteering. We had fun making Tzedakah boxes.

Monday 8th November

Special Mentions

Daniel  - Achieve - Excellent work in ALL lessons.

Zoe - Inspire - Always contributing good ideas to class discussions.

Ivrit -Excellence - Zachary and Leah for excellent behaviour and joining in.


W\B 1st November 2021


Maths - year 2 have been practicing generating 2-digit numbers and then ordering them.

English - the children learnt features of explanation texts and drew a story map. Next week we will write an explanation text all about healthy eating and exercise. 
History - we learnt about the Gun Powder Plot and spoke about firework safety.

Art - we are continuing to practice our shading skills - see amazingness below!!!

Science - we have been experimenting to see which materials are absorbent. 

PSHE - we have started a new topic all about families and diversity. If you have any story books about different types of families at home and you wouldn’t mind, please send them in so we can use them in our lessons. 



Spelling tests are on Fridays. Please practice the spellings with your child.

Reading record days have changed - please see note in your child’s reading record.


Shabbat Shalom 


5.11.21 - sketching using tone and shading

2.11.21 - drama workshop

Fire Fire!

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Fire Fire!

Some of the houses from 1666 (homework)

In Ivrit we practiced writing and selecting all the the letters that we learned in this term with lots of fun.

19.10.21 Maths - Today we were ordering numbers to 100.

Monday 18th October - Special Mentions


Include - This Special mention goes to Poppy for including her friends and creating a great Fire of London presentation.


Pride - This Special mention goes to Lexie for a fabulous Fire of London presentation.


Well done!

15th October


Another jam-packed week in year 2!


Maths - this week we have investigated which numbers are missing in a calculation using a tens and ones frame and diennes cubes. We also learnt how to represent a number in different ways. Can you investigate what number is missing here: 26 = ____ + 15?


English - we have been learning about different types of poetry. We also wrote our own Autumn poems using repetitive phrases and adjectives to describe. Can you name at least 3 different types of poetry?


Computing - We discussed the importance of keeping ourselves safe online and looked at what a digital footprint is. We have learnt who to tell if we have a problem online and what types of things we must keep private online. Can you name 3 of them?


Music - we have been learning the song 'Hands, feet, heart', a song that celebrates South African music. We have also listened to 'The click song' and a song by a gospel choir. We tried to identify the instruments. Can you remember the song 'hands, feet and heart' and sing it for someone at home?



Reading books changed on Wednesday and Thursdays - please read at least 3 times per week and sign the record.

Topic homework set on Google Classroom this week.

14th October - shading and tone

We practised writing our names in Ivrit using pasta


Special Mentions this week go to....

Rose - For being a kind friend


Sophia - For writing a fantastic story of Jack and the beanstalk


English - this week we wrote the whole story of Jack and the Beanstalk. The children worked so hard to write a clear beginning, middle and end, making sure to also remember capital letters finger spaces and full stops! Some children even used fantastic adjectives to improve their writing.


Maths - we have continued to look at the part-whole model and even applied it to money e.g. 22 = 20+2 and 22p = 20p+2p. We learnt that some coins do not exist e.g. 30p. But we learnt to make 30p using three 10p’s instead. 

History - Samuel Pepys was the focus of this weeks lesson. We learnt facts about him and the important role he played in The Great Fire of London. 

Well-being - The children made a lovely compliments circle and everyone in the class gave and received a compliment. 

Congratulations to Seth and Zoe who are the Year 2 school councillors. 
Well done to all the children who got up in front of the class to apply.


Shabbat Shalom



First spelling test is Friday 15th

Reading records and books in on Wednesdays and Thursdays 

Attached is the spelling list for the rest of Autumn 1 and Autumn 2.

It is SO important that you practice spellings at home with your child. Please check you are practicing the spellings for the correct week. The quizzes set on Purple Mash each week are also a good way to practice.

The first spelling test will be on Friday 15th October (please don't worry - the spelling test is a fun opportunity for the children and the scores aren't known by the other children unless the children choose to share their score)

If you have questions, please ask them on the Google Classroom thread.


Special mentions this week go to:

Lily and Izzy L for Pride. They took so much pride in producing a fantastic story map. Well done!


Another funny week in year 2 but we are finally looking forward to full weeks next week!

Maths - this week we have investigated odd and even numbers. We learnt that two even numbers added together make an even number and two odd numbers added together still make an even number. Can you investigate what an odd number add an even number equals?


English - we have been learning and creating the story map of Jack and The Beanstalk. Video below… Can you learn it off by heart this weekend?


History - We started to think about how it might feel to be in The Great Fire of London. We listened to the noise of fire crackling and closed our eyes and used our imagination. We then wrote some great sentences using interesting adjectives. 


Art - we have been learning to take ‘rubbings’ of different objects with interesting textures. Next week we will use the rubbings to try the frottage technique.



Reading books changed on Wednesday and Thursdays - please read at least 3 times per week and sign the record.

Homework set on MyMaths this week.


Learn the story map

Still image for this video

23.9.21 - Fun in the studio - using all sorts of art tools to make beautiful repeating patterns.

Monday 20th September


This week's Special Mentions go to:


Leah for taking pride in her English writing




Jonah working independently and for making the right choices.


Well done!!

W/B 13.9.21


Maths - this week we have been practicing the ‘think 10’ method. We have learnt that sometimes it is tricky to do a sum like 8 + 4 and it can be easier to change the sum to 10 + 2!


English - we are continuing our learning on traditional tales. This week we have practiced using adjectives (describing words). We have also been focussing on neat handwriting.


History - we found it very funny dressing up as firefighters from 1666! We realised that firefighters in the past didn’t have much protection and are much prepared to fight big fires in the present time. 

1666 vs 2021

10/9/21 - This week we have enjoyed starting our topic in English on traditional tales with a specific focus on Jack and the Beanstalk. The children did a brilliant job of writing neatly in their English books for the first time in Year 2!

In Maths we have been learning to regroup numbers up to 20 and we will continue with this next week (e.g. 5 + 5 + 3 = 13). We have also learnt that = doesn't just mean 'the answer' - it can also mean 'equal to' or 'the same as' (e.g. 3 + 4 = 5 + 2)

In History we have started our topic on The Great Fire of London and we have been looking at London in the past.

A few reminders;

- water bottles MUST be sent in on a Monday.

- P.E day is Tuesday

- Spellings (not starting just yet)


Shabbat Shalom 

9/9/21 - Our Keith Haring inspired clay sculptures

3/9/21 - We have had a fantastic few days settling in to year 2. We have loved learning about the artist Keith Haring and creating our own inspired pieces.