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'Engage, Inspire, Achieve.'

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Year 2

Music - The British Isles

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We have been exploring music from the British Isles.

Ivrit - reading competition of letters with the vowel ‘Aa’ with different levels

Trip to Iver Environment Centre to explore plants and flowers

Ivrit: playing games with the vowels’Aa’ and ‘Ee’

Exploring Time

Using Dictionaries

We really enjoyed finding words in the dictionary and writing what they mean! We learnt how to find words independently and did a great job at looking in alphabetical order. Some of of the words we looked for were: 




JS - We reflected on everything we are grateful for and the different ways we can show gratitude.

Today was our final lesson learning all about Buddhism. We have learnt so many interesting facts and today we went and decorated a BUddah and then wrote everything we have learnt around the BUddah.

Year 2 had a wonderful surprise today. Our new topic is learning all about ‘Our local heroes’ so the local fire brigade came to tell us all about what they do for the community. The children were given a tour of the truck, asked so many questions and were even lucky enough to squirt the water hose that is used to put out fires. The children loved this!

Maths - Fractions

JS - we learned about Birkat Hamazon, the Grace after Meals.

The children have spent the afternoon learning all about Shavout. They have made their own 10 commandments following oragami instructions, flowers for ‘Mount Sinai’ and decorated Hebrew letters to put around the classroom.

Year 2 have been growing butterflies. We watched them grow from tiny caterpillars to beautiful butterflies. Yesterday we set them free. Some children were lucky enough to hold the butterfly and then we watched them all fly off.

JS - the Ten Commandments.

Ivrit - Shavuot fun activities.

The children enjoyed an ice lolly and an afternoon of fun after working so incredibly hard this week.

Today we went outside to Plant our sunflowers and bulbs that we planted in class a few weeks ago. The children were very excited to get their hands muddy and were amazed to see how a seed had grown into a tall plant with long roots. They were very careful not to break to roots of the plants. We have planted them just inside the front gate. Next time you are walking past, have a look at our lovely sunflowers that will hopefully start to grow

JS - We had a fun lesson about Jerusalem. We created our own Western Wall in the hall and put our wishes in.

Year 2 have had a busy week this week. We have been practicing for our SATS next week, by reading and answering comprehension questions, completing arithematic papers and even challenging ourselves by answering some reasoning questions in preperation. The children have worked so incredibly hard. 


We have also enjoyed having some new visitors in our classroom - 5 hungry caterpillars. We have been watching them grow from being very tiny to almost twice their size and today the class was able to watch them spin themselves into a cacoon. We are excited to watch them grow and become beautiful butterflies. 


In our computing/art topic we learnt about the artist Piet Mondrian and we recreated his work on the computer and then on paper. Now our classroom is decorated with beautiful drawings from the class. 


Wishing you all a lovely weekend 

Mrs Athersych and Mrs Brahams  

The Kings Coronation. The children have had such a lovely day. We started off by decorating flags for our parade and then we learnt all about King George VI. We wrote some very detailed fact files on him and we even learnt a song from when he was King to sing at our school tea party. We had a lovely tea party where the “king” surprised us and came round to visit the school and hear all about what the children have been learning. We also all enjoyed scones with jam and cream and some cake and crisps.

Year 2 did some sewing in design and technology. They really enjoyed this and are really improving their skills

The children enjoyed a performance from the fantastic band Electric Umbrella. They even learnt some Makaton sign language.

Yom Hatzmaout

JS - We put together pieces of the map of Israel and found out key places.

The children wrote about the things they like best about Israel.

IVRIT: Yom H’atzmaut year 2 looked at the map and visited different locations with engaging activities.

IVRIT: Reading with the vowel ‘Ah’

JS - We talked about the Mode Ani and made little cards to remember the words.

Maths - Working out division calculations by grouping

JS - designing a Haggadah cover

Ivrit- fun activities for Pesach

STEM Week!

During STEM Week we became inventors! We started the week by learning about an inventor from the past and an inventor from the present. We learnt about Ada Lovelace and Ken Kuturagi! Make sure to ask us for some facts about them.

We then moved onto creating our own inventions and drawing our designs. After this we created prototypes of our inventions our of junk. Finally we had our own 'Dragon's Den' session where we presented our inventions. The children came up with some exceptional ideas such as pencils that draw what ever you want them to, a pizza oven that creates more pizza when a piece is removed from the box attached to it and a hand gadget that reaches out and grabs what ever you want! 

We also had lots of fun with our LEGO challenge, circus workshop and online lesson about tractors in space.