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Year 2

This week has been super busy! Year 2 have been practising our songs for our ‘Festival of Faith’ to make sure we are ready to give a fantastic performance!

In our maths lessons we started the week by rounding to the nearest multiple of 10 and then explored rebalancing for an equal sum. 
English focused on calligrams and we created some fantastic calligrams of our own. Next week we will be writing a recount of our trip on Wednesday. We are so excited to make our own bread at the mill!!! 

Have a lovely weekend

mrs brahams mrs athersych and mrs rathbone


Still image for this video
African call and repeat song

This week we have had a busy week learning all about how to be kind to our friends during Anti-bullying week. 

In Topic we have been learning all about Guy Fawkes and why he had decided to plot against the king. In Maths, we have been revising our number bonds to 10 and 100 and using addition to complete these sums. 


We sent children home with their Rotary boxes and appreciate all the gifts and boxes you have already returned. 


Wishing you a lovely weekend

Mrs Athersych, Mrs Brahams and Mrs Rathbone 

Children creating their Rotary boxes which they will be bringing home with them.



Our week has been full of some really exciting learning!!


English - This week we have written an explanation text about keeping healthy. Over the past few weeks we have looked at the features of an explanation text and used these to write out own. 


Maths - In maths we learnt about placing numbers on a number line. 


History - We have started out new topic on 'The Great Fire of London'.


Our exciting design and technology lesson about stable structures!

Our Budda pillars

Yesterday we learnt all about past and present tense.

W/C 18.10.2022


We can NOT believe it is half term already! What a fantastic start (and lots of stops!) to the school year!

We hope you all have a wonderful break and are looking forward to next half term and some more exciting learning!


Mrs Athersych, Mrs Brahams and Mrs Rathbone

Our final 3D drawings after completing our Art topic!

Science experiment testing materials and how absorbent they are. Thank you to my wonderful helpers

Creating 3D space pictures during our art lesson in The Studio!

Time in The Studio

Year 2 in the Succah

W/C 03.06.22


Congratulations to Sophie and Oscar who are going to represent Year 2 on the School Council!yessmiley


We cannot believe how quickly this term is going! The children have all made an excellent start in Year 2!


Our music theme this week was 'friendship'. We really enjoyed singing songs about being a good friend. 



This week we have written our own versions of Jack and the Beanstalk. We innovated the story and changed the characters! Next week we will move onto our new English topic about poetry.



We continued exploring tens and units. We used lots of different manipulatives (cubes, Dienes, Numicon, coins) to separate numbers into tens and units. 


Have a lovely weekend and see you on Wednesday!

Mrs Athersych, Mrs Brahams and Mrs Rathbone





In JS we learned about the holiday of Sukkot and had fun making Sukkah decorations.

W/C 26.9.2022

Another busy week comes to a close! We hope you all had a lovely start to the week. Shana Tova!



This week we continued with Jack and the Beanstalk, and the children worked in groups to sequence the story.



We continued with numbers to 20 and focused on putting ones into groups of 10. E.g., 10 ones -1 ten!



In our art lesson we looked at tone. The children drew a ribbon and used different tones with a range of pencils to create a 3D effect. 


Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Athersych, Mrs Brahams and Mrs Rathbone


The children are enjoying painting a tree and writing about their chosen seasons

Children enjoying time table rockstars

Our Jack and the Beanstalk stories

W/C 19.9.2022

We have had a jam-packed week full of exciting learning!



We started the week learning about speech. We acted out the moment Jack came home with the beans and mum was very cross with him. Later in the week we sequenced the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. We are now FANTASTIC at retelling the story using our story map. 



We recapped subtraction using a part whole model and practiced taking away the units from teen numbers to get to 10. We also had our first times table rockstar lesson which was so much fun! We are very good at our 10 times table!!



We learnt about the scientist John Boyd Dunlop who created the first pneumatic tyre.



We learnt about why the weather changes, and we now know that the north wind brings cold air and the south wind brings warm air. 



In our art lesson we learnt about the artist Max Ernst and the term 'frottage'. We created rubbings of different textures and then carefully tore these to create a picture. 


We hope you have a wonderful weekend and wish you a Shana Tova!

Mrs Athersych, Mrs Brahams and Mrs Rathbone

Rosh Hashanah for Kids: Dip the Apple

A great Rosh Hashanah song for kids is "Dip the Apple in the Honey" - it's easy to learn and really fun for children to sing while they celebrate the sweet Jewish New Year by dunking apples in honey. Join the cast of Shaboom! for a singalong your kids - and you - will love.

Dip Your Apple - Fountainheads Rosh Hashanah

Welcome to YEAR 2!!

We have had a fantastic start to the year and the children have settled in beautifully. This term we will be exploring the story "Jack and the beanstalk" so if you have any versions of the story at home please read them together. We would love to hear about different versions of the story the children encounter. 

In our Maths lessons we have been recapping some previous learning and securing our knowledge of 1-20. 

Our Geography topic this term is Seasons and we really enjoyed creating our own weather forecasts... we wonder if they will be accurate?

In Science we are learning about Everyday Materials and went on a material hunt around school and identified plastic, rubber, metal, glass, wood and brick. Can you find any of these materials at home? 

This morning (9.9.22) was RE Morning and we learnt about Buddhism and their places of worship. We even made our own Buddha temples.

We hope you have a lovely weekend and look forward to seeing you on Monday!!


Mrs Athersych, Mrs Brahams and Mrs Rathbone