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Year 3

W/B - 14th December

English - This week Year 3 have written their own versions of the story The Hodgeheg. The children's writing has been full of wonderful ideas, exciting vocabulary and lovely handwriting also.


Maths – This week Year 3 have recapped all learning over the Autumn term with a particular focus on timestables. We have learnt to make arrays; use a multiplication square and we have also played Timestable Rock Stars!


Our class book next term will be The Ickabog.


Have a wonderful winter holiday, rest, relax, read… and see you back on January 5th 2021.


Year 3 team x



W/B 30th November

English – This week we have started reading The Hodgeheg by Dick-King Smith. The children have enjoyed listening to the story, especially the parts where The Hodgeheg mixes up his words. The children have been writing setting descriptions of the park using their senses to help them.

Maths – In maths we have continued to practice column subtraction, particularly focusing on the exchanging method. We have also worked logically to find missing numbers in these sums.

Science – In science we made fossils!

History/Art – In history we designed, painted and decorated Ancient Egyptian headdresses. We look forward to wearing these when they are dry.

PSHE – In PSHE we have learnt the new words ‘conflict’ and ‘compromise’ – some children have been practicing ‘comprising’ in the playground.

This weeks homework is on MyMaths - there are two activities to complete. 

See below for photos of our week...

w/b 30.11.20

Our Year 3 Cleopatra’s!

W/B – 23rd November

English – This week we have had a big focus on grammar. We have learnt: how to use 1st person and 3rd person, when to use subordinating conjunctions, past, present and future tense, new vocabulary and how to use similes… WOW!

Maths – We have all really enjoyed column addition. We know to set our numbers out neatly so we don’t make any mistakes. We also know how to carry tens. We have learnt to apply column addition to word problems too.

History – This week we used Purple Mash to write fact files on Cleopatra. We used books, the internet, videos and role play to learn all about her. (see photos)

PSHE – Another lovely lesson on names of female and male animals. We also looked a scientific names for male and female body parts, as well as more funny, personal names too. The Year 3 children certainly do like asking Miss Baker lots of interesting questions on this subject!!!

Please ask your child if they need to replenish any equipment in their pencil case.



W/B - 16th Nov

English – This week has been Anti-Bullying week. We looked at the book ‘I walk with Vanessa’ – a picture book with a powerful message about uniting to stop bullying. The children enjoyed writing words for the book using 1st person (I Me My) or 3rd person (Her She).

PSHE – We have had many PSHE lessons this week all with powerful messages about the effects of bullying. Ask your children about; the heart and the paint, the big apple and the small apple and all the different people involved in bullying.

Maths – This week the children have enjoyed the beginning of column addition. We will practice this for another week and then move on to column subtraction.

Science – A fun (& messy) experiment with water and rocks… photos to follow soon…

PSHE (SRE) – This week the children were captivated by another lesson on body parts, males, females and how baby animals are fed. Miss Baker is exhausted by all the fantastic questions that the year 3 children have on this subject!!!

Please remind your child about safe and sensible behaviour during P.E lessons on Thursdays.

Shabbat Shalom

Rocks experiment

Diwali Learning Morning - 16.11.20

Update 13.11.20

Since coming back to school after half term, the year 3 children have been working very hard.


Maths – We have been learning many different methods of subtraction including using base-10, bead strings, regrouping cherry model method and 100 squares. We are much more confident subtracting 3-digit numbers from 3-digit numbers. Next week we will move on to the formal method of column addition (with no carrying).


English – We have now finished a 2-week unit on fables. We have read many fables over the English lessons and have our favourites. We know that fables teach us life lessons called morals. We have planned and written our own fable with the moral ‘if you lie, then no one will believe you when you tell the truth’.


Science – We have started our new topic – Rocks!


History – We have learned all about the Ancient Egyptian pyramids and had a chance to work in groups to re-create pyramids using lots of different materials and resources. This also gave us an opportunity to use good team work skills. We also used sand art to make Tutankhamun masks – this was very fun (see photos below).


PSHE – We have just started our 3-week unit on body parts, birth of animals and differences between males and females. All the children have been exceptionally sensible and very captivated so far!


Remembrance Day – we had a lovely discussion about Poppy day and why it is so important. We had a chance to share special memories and listened to a story about soldiers.


Next week is very busy with Mitzvah day learning, Diwali learning day and Anti-Bullying Week!


Please ask your children if the need any equipment in their pencil cases.
Please remind your children to be kind and sensible during playtimes.


English homework found on Google Classroom and below


Tutankhamun Sand Art!


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Still image for this video


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Dusty the skeleton came in to help us in our science lesson today...

This term in Science we have been learning all about our bones! We have learnt the different types of skeleton (endoskeleton, exoskeleton and hydroskelton) as well as the main functions of a skeleton. Today we had a special visit from 'Dusty Graham' who was kindly brought in by Ethan. Dusty really helped us to visualise how our skeleton, supports, protects and allows our body to move.

w/b: 12th Oct


English - Our focus for Black History Week has been The Windrush based on the book Coming to England by Floella Benjamin. The children have written the most fantastic letters to Floella's wicked auntie telling her all about the journey on the Empire Windrush and what life is like in England. These letters will be displayed in the hall.


Maths - We have been practicing finding approximate numbers on a line of magnitude and have also been ordering 3-digit numbers from biggest to smallest.


History - This week the children took part in Ancient Egypt's got Talent where the children acted as different Gods and Goddesses to win the judges votes.


Computing - We are still focusing on online safety and soon we will move on to coding.


Reading Books...


Your child will be told their reading level, group and book changing day over this week and next week.


If your child reads pink - lime, they will receive a book via Collins Big Cat e-Library once a week. Their username and password will be stuck in the front page of their reading record along with their reading group and book changing day.


If your child reads copper – pearl, they will receive a physical book once a week. Their reading group and book changing day will be stuck in the front page of their reading record. They will also receive a Big Cat e-library username and password should your child like to free read from the online library. Please make sure reading books are returned on the book changing day. Physical books will be cleaned and quarantined for 72 hours before being put back on the shelf.




w/b 5th October 2020


English - This week we have continued our unit on poetry focusing especially on the poem 'The Magic Box'. We have learnt new features of poetry including; onomatopoeia, alliteration, repetition and free verse.

Maths – We played lots of different fractions games including fraction action snap which was a favourite. We also started to understand how place value of digits change if we add 10, 20 or 100 to numbers. We have enjoyed using base-10 and place value counters to help us with our learning.

Science – We have been naming bones using their scientific names and also drawing where we think specific bones in our bodies might be.

History – This week we learnt all about the fashion of the Ancient Egyptian’s and enjoyed designing, making and wearing ‘wesekh’ collars.


Ancient Egyptian collars

7.10.20 - lunch in the sukkah

W/B 28.09.20


English - This week we have been learning, writing and performing poetry. Our favourite was The School Kid's Rap (see video)


Maths - We have continued learning fractions this week and have moved on to finding fractions of amounts (1/2 1/3 1/4) and have begun to understand how to find 3/4 of shape and numbers.


History - We enjoyed learning about the famous Pharoah, Tutankhamun and learning about how is tomb was discovered. We used our English skills to write a diary entry as if we were the archaeologist who discovered the tomb!


Science - This weeks science included learning about animals with different types of skeleton e.g. outside and inside skeletons.



30.9.20 - today we learnt and performed The School Kid’s Rap!

Still image for this video

And that’s no word of a lie...

Still image for this video
29.09.20 - some performance poetry from Year 3

And that’s no word of a lie...

Still image for this video
29.09.20 - some performances poetry from Year 3...

W/B - 21.9.20

English - we finished reading Fantastic Mr Fox and then we watched the film. We worked hard on writing a comparison text between the two.


Maths - this week we have recapped fractions and have been finding half, thirds and quarters of numbers.


History - this week we wrote like Egyptians (see photos)


PSHE - we have a had a big focus on kindness this week. Some of the children will be coming home with ‘caught you being king’ vouchers which are equal to 2 house points. 

Year 3 suggested reading texts

W/B 14.09.20


Another fantastic week in year 3. The children have settled back in to school life well and all come in with big smiles!


English - This week we have been loving reading Fantastic Mr Fox and writing about the characters and learning how to use speech marks correctly. Next week we will continue with Mr Fox and do some artwork based on the book too.


Maths - In maths we have recapped place value and have used place value cards and base-10 to make 3-digit numbers. Next week we will learn about fractions.


Science - The Human Skeleton.


History - We have continued to learn about The Ancient Egyptians and how they live. Next week we will write like an Egyptian. 

Reading records and Homework.


Reading records were sent home last week.
We are unable to send books home at this time, however please allow your child to choose a book from home and sign the reading record at least 3 times per week. This will be checked every Wednesday.


Homework is due in on Wednesdays and feedback will be given on Google Classrooms before Friday.

W/B - 7th September

History - this week we started our new topic - Ancient Egypt. We learnt about the ritual of mummification and even pretended to perform it on a peer. See photo.


Maths - we have been learning about lines of symmetry in 2D shapes. Next week we are looking at place value in 3-digit numbers.


English - our writing has been based on the book After the Fall. We have written some fantastic newspaper reports which will are excited to put on display.


Reading - our class reader is Fantastic Mr Fox.


Rules - we have been talking about calling out and why it is so important to put our hands up.

11.9.20 - Homework



Read the instructions for the Mummification process. Perform the Mummification process on a toy - (you will have to use your imagination and creativity for some parts!) Send a photo of your Mummified toy. Challenge - Create your own sarcophagus for your Mummy to go in or use the template provided.



Reading records will be given out today although reading books cannot be sent home just yet... Please read at home and sign the reading record.


Spelling - WK2

Practice your spellings ready for the spelling test on Friday.

W/B 31.8.20


Our first two days back at school have been fantastic. We have played lots of welcome back games, recapped our rules and learnt some new outdoor games too. (We have also been washing our hands a lot!) Our work this week and next week is based on the book ‘After the Fall’ - it is about what happens to Humpty Dumpty after his great fall. We worked in two teams to build tall ladders for Humpty Dumpty to climb back up the wall. We also wrote targets for the first half term.

W/B - 31.8.20