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'Engage, Inspire, Achieve.'

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Year 3

Ivrit - We reviewed the letters using a game board of snakes and ladders.

Year 3 experimenting with different amounts of friction on different surfaces.

Year 3 giving out their own special mentions.

Year 3 Outing Class Photo

Year 3 Outing 🚌

Year 3 Hula Hooping

Year 3 Road 2 Tokyo sports.

In JS we talked about the Birkat Habayit, the home blessing, and we decorated a hamsa which is a traditional symbol of protection.

Commonwealth Games Week - Kung Fu: Year 3’s Tiger Faces 🐯

Commonwealth Games Week - Martial Arts 🥋

Sorting and Classifying Seasonal Uk Foods

Special Mentions 27/06/22 ⭐️

Year 3 learning about being hygienic with food.

Designing Our Own Museums And Persuading People To Visit Them!

Using iPads To Virtually Explore The British Museum For Our Persuasive Writing 🇬🇧

Year 3 limerick performance.

Still image for this video

Year 3 limerick performance.

Still image for this video

Year 3 practicing and performing their limericks.

Year 3 Tie Dye Tops.

Recognising intervals on an analogue clock.

Tie Dye T-Shirts In Art

Year 3 have been learning complements and intervals of 60.

Using Calendars To Understand How Many Days In A Month 📆

Year 3 performing an Egyptian limerick

Still image for this video

Year 3 and 4 Learning About Disabilities

Understanding Quotients and Remainders Using Manipulatives

Celebrating The Platinum Jubilee With Year 3! 👑

Year 3 learning about mummification.

⭐️ Special Mentions 23/05/22 ⭐️

Year 3 and 4 Learning About Buddhism During RE Week

Year 3 Class Reward - Baking Cookies 🍪

⭐️ Special Mentions 16/05/22 ⭐️

In Ivrit lesson we played bingo with two new vowls.

Celebrating Yom Ha'atzmau With Year 3 and 4 🇮🇱

In JS and Ivrit we made Israeli windwheel decorations to celebrate Israel Independence Day.

S.T.E.M Learning - Planning Rock Databases

Using Online Thesauruses

Creating Mood Boards For Our Tie Dye T-Shirts 👕

Year 3 puppet performance of the time slip scarab.

Still image for this video

Year 3 engaging with a text about Egypt.

⭐️Special Mentions 11/4/22⭐️

Showing Thirds In Different Ways

Year 3’s poetry showcase engaging with different types of poetry.

Thank You To All The Year 3 Parents Who Helped Make This Fantastic Book Corner! 🥳📖

Year 3 meeting different animals from Animals Edge Farm.

Year 3 observing and drawing their surroundings.

Special Mentions 28/3/22

Planting Our Biodegradable Plant Pots With Seeds In Them!

Mixing Paints For Different Shades 🎨

Year 3 learning about being considerate to others

Special Mentions 21/3/22

Year 3 creating underwater volcanoes.

Year 3 became engineers and created paper water bombs and tested to see if water temperature had an impact on its strength.

Purim Sameach From Year 3! 🥳

Creating Chemical Reactions To Power Boats 🚤