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בית ספר קלור שלום

'Engage, Inspire, Achieve.'

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Year 3

Picnic and movie!

Composing our own pentatonic melodies.

More st albans trip photos

Year 3 trip to St. Albans museum.

Ice lollies for good effort this week.

Leaning our text map for our persuasive writing text.

Learning pentatonic melodies

Learning different stretches to calm our minds and bodies.

Making our own compasses

Learning about the poles of a magnet.

Exploring the cross stitch and running stitch.

Using our knowledge of magnets to design and create a game.

Using puppets to explore adventure stories.

Exploring equivalent fractions.

Testing the strength of different magnets using newton metres.

Saving Elstree studio campaign

Still image for this video

Planning a campaign to save a local building - Elstree Studios.

Using magnets to sort materials into magnetic and non-magnetic.

Using drama to deepen understanding of kenning poems.

Kenning poem text map

Kenning poem text map.

Still image for this video

Paper weaving creations!

Year 3 tie dye T-shirts.

Coronation Day!

On Friday 5th of May, Clore Shalom celebrated King Charles III coronation by taking parts in lots of different activities.

Year 3 created and designed their own flags which would be used in the tea party in the afternoon. After the flags, we learned all about Queen Victoria, who was Year 3’s chosen royal. The children had to create a fact file all about the life of Queen Victoria and learn a song associated with her. Our song was food, glorious food from the musical Oliver as it was set in the Victorian era. During the tea party the children sang their song to the school and enjoys some delicious food. To finish off an amazing day all the children joined in for a dance in the hall.

Coronation day activities!

Year 3 tie dying t-shirts for our art and design topic.

Learning walk to the Shenley cage.

Learning how to call for help in an emergency situation.

Exploring fractions using cubes.

Year 3’s experiment on friction from different surfaces.

Designing our own mosques for RE day.

Year 3 learning about identifying facial expressions to show emotions.

Year 3’s trip to the Barnet Environmental Centre!

PJ Day!!!

Teamwork activity.

STEM Circus workshop

STEM Week creating our inventions.

Grasshead experiment results

Year 3s science experiment to see if the size of the stem affected how much water was transported to the flower.

Ivrit - Putting the Aleph Bet in order.

Dragon ships by Year 3

Still image for this video

Making castle structures for Design and technology.


Presenting our science results.

Watering our grass heads for our plant growth experiment

Ivrit - reading words with two vowels.

Ivrit - playing four in a row with the vowels Patach and Kamatz.

Ivrit - Aleph Bet memory game.

Year 3 crafting sock puppets.

Using the Geo-boards to create polygons.

Drawing by using shapes as guidelines.

Hot seating as the characters from ‘Mummy, can I have a penguin’