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בית ספר קלור שלום

'Engage, Inspire, Achieve.'

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Year 3

Ivrit - Putting the Aleph Bet in order.

Dragon ships by Year 3

Still image for this video

Making castle structures for Design and technology.


Presenting our science results.

Watering our grass heads for our plant growth experiment

Ivrit - reading words with two vowels.

Ivrit - playing four in a row with the vowels Patach and Kamatz.

Ivrit - Aleph Bet memory game.

Year 3 crafting sock puppets.

Using the Geo-boards to create polygons.

Drawing by using shapes as guidelines.

Hot seating as the characters from ‘Mummy, can I have a penguin’

Practicing performing a story for storytelling week.

Year 3 learning about perimeter.

IVRIT - playing Nought & Crosses with the vowel ‘Ee’

Ivrit - enjoying Noughts & Crosses with the support of Year 6 helpers.

Year 3 connecting the vertices and sides of polygons.

Amazing artwork looking at tints and shades.

Practicing and performing the fox and the crow fable.

Year 3 adding movement to music.

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Year 3 Science experiment observing and testing different types of natural rocks.

Ivrit - we continue to practice the Aleph Bet.

Learning about angles in maths.

Ivrit - We played a game of snakes and ladders to review the letters.

Year 3 gymnastics in PE

Performing limericks to deepen understanding.

Making apple tarts.

Design and technology week making fruit kebabs.

Dear Parents,

Mrs Woolstone and I are extremely grateful for all the gifts we have received. Especially, with the current financial climate we all find ourselves in. It has been a pleasure to teach your children this term and I hope they have enjoyed learning too! Finally, a huge thank you for all the support and work you have been doing at home with homework, spellings, reading etc. Have a wonderful and restful festive break however you celebrate it.



Mr Manning and Mrs Woolstone.

Year 3 making careful observations about the length of shadows when the light source moves angles.

Girls football sessions at Watford's Training Ground on Fridays!

Year 3 learning a story map for instructions to make jam on toast.

Year 3 making Origami by following instructions

Learning all about how we see light and the effect it has on our pupils.

Year 3’s Amazing DT work creating electric posters.

Teddy Bear Day with Biscuits!

Year 3 learning about reflection using mirrors.

In English we have learning about play scripts and stage descriptions.

Year 3 taking part in a fitness circuit delivered by Courtney Tulloch.

Year 3’s performance of Space Oddity by David Bowie

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In Music Year 3 have been learning about ballads and how they are songs that tell a story. They created their own actions to perform the song

Year 3 exploring the reflection of light in science, and what is the best reflective material to make a school bag.

In PE year 3 have been learning tag rugby.

Special mentions 7/11/22

Year 3 exploring light and light sources.

Year 3 performing play scripts about Stone Age Boy.

Learning a story map of a play script.

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Year 3 creating their own role plays about the changes throughout the Stone Age.

This week year 3 have been learning about the different features of a newspaper report in English. In Maths, they have been learning about commutativity. We also conducted an experiment in science (see pictures below).

Year 3 conducting an experiment to see if femur size has an effect on the distance you jump.

Number bonds Lego challenge!


Dear Parents,

I have set challenge for year 3 to learn their number bonds to 10 and 100. This is two numbers that pair together to make 10 or 100 Eg. 7 and 3 make 10, 70 and 30 make 100. Your child needs to practice these and recall the number pair when given a number. "I say 7 you say?" "3".


If they can show me they have been practicing and can recall number bonds to 10 and 100 to me they will win a prize of some Lego.


Thank you for your support,

Mr Manning

Ivrit - We played a memory game to review the capital letters

Year 3 learning about fact and opinions in English.

Dear Parents, 

Please can your child’s reading book and reading record be in their book bags every day so we can listen to them read.



Mr Manning

Year 3 learning about the Neolithic village of Skara Brae.

Year 3 creating fact files on our focused scientist this half term - Rosalind Franklin

Year 3 writing their neat copies of their edited Stone Age setting descriptions.

In topic we have been comparing the Neolithic period of the Stone Age to the earlier periods.