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בית ספר קלור שלום

'Engage, Inspire, Achieve.'

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Year 4

A Message from the Year 4 Team


Dear all, 


Thank you for the incredibly thoughtful cards and presents. We are all truly grateful and appreciative of your kindness and we are blown away by the thoughtfulness. Thank you.


More importantly, the support you've given the children over the course of lockdown and the home learning period has been remarkable and the impact you've made in supporting them has been immeasurable. 


We wish you all a wonderful, safe summer and we know that Year 4 will continue to be successful next year in Year 5.


All the best and thank you again.


Year 4 Team.

Year 4 Vlog - 13.07.20

The final Year 4 home learning video!

Year 4 Class Vlog - 06.07.20

The last of the Toy Story intros and the penultimate Year 4 home learning video!

Ivrit work - 6.7.20

Fun quiz

Video 6.7.20.mp4

Still image for this video

Ivrit quiz!

A Message To Year 4


Hello all, firstly thank you all for your patience with regards to the Zoom Meetings this morning and some of the technical issues we were experiencing. It was lovely to see you all and I hope it all brought a smile to all your faces being able to see most of your classmates even if it was on a laptop/computer. Thank you again for your patience. 


I just wanted to post an update with regards to MyMaths. When you login to MyMaths there is a Purple Tab called 'SCORES'. Please click on this tab to see feedback from myself and Mrs Drew. If we have asked you to try a task again please do so. 


See you in the next vlog!


Mr Thompson

Year 4 Class Vlog - 29.06.20

The penultimate Year 4 vlog of Toy Story intros explaining this week's learning grid. Just two(!) weeks of home learning left!

Year 4 Class Vlog - 22.06.20

Negative numbers, adding fractions and crackers - another learning video for Year 4!

Ivrit work - 22.6.20

Topic- Numbers   מִיסְפָּרִים   

Numbers in Ivrit

Still image for this video

Year 4 Class Vlog - 15.06.20

This week's Year 4 vlog explaining the learning pack! Thank you to all the parents who contributed to this week's new intro.

Reading Activity Help

Hey Year 4, here is a video link which may be of help to you for this week's reading activity. The video shows a fan meeting David Walliams face to face and asking questions about one of his books, feel free to magpie ideas from this for your own letter writing to your own authors.

Year 4 Class Vlog - 08.06.20

The final instalment of the Year 4 Star Wars Home Learning Saga!

Ivrit work - 8.6.20

Topic- My Family

My Family - Examples mild, medium, hot

Year 4 Class Vlog - 01.06.20

Back once again after half term with a new, fresh, exciting vlog explaining this week's learning pack!

Year 4 Learning Pack Feedback Update

Dear Parents,


Please send in the 3 items highlighted in yellow to our class email address during the week for marking and feedback. Please note response times for emails will be up to 48 hours.


Thank you for your continued support. 


Year 4 Team

James & the Giant Peach w/ Taika & Friends ft. Nick Kroll, Liam & Chris Hemsworth

Hey Year 4, thought you may or may not be interested in this reading of James & the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl. The reading features some celebrities playing characters who you may or may not recognise and there's going to be ten episodes in total. It's really well read by Taika Waititi and is really funny, every episode has some new special guests to play the parts. Hope you enjoy it!
Join Academy Award-winning filmmaker, Taika Waititi as he reads James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl, in full across 10 episodes, to raise money for @Part...

Year 4 Class Vlog - 18.05.20

The last class vlog explaining this week's activities, until after half term.

Some Percy Jackson News which may be of interest to Year 4...

Ivrit work- 18.5.20

Shalom Kita Dalet, 

It was lovely to see your work this week, we really appreciate your effort.

We have attached another worksheet for you to complete.

There are also fun games for Shavuot on the Ivrit Blog.

We look forward to seeing your fantastic work.

Shavuah Tov (have a good week שָׁבוּעַ טוֹב ).

Mrs Sharon and Mrs Jacobs


Year 4 Class Vlog - 11.05.20

A weekly vlog explaining this week's learning pack and another test for Mr Thompson to attempt!

Ivrit- 11.5.20

Shalom Kita Dalet,

Ma Nishmah?

Thank you and Kol Hakavod for all of you who sent us Ivrit work, you made us very proud.

We have attached another task for you to complete this week.

There are also two links in the Ivrit Blog with games for you to play and revise the Hebrew letters- Enjoy!

Please feel free to send us photos/videos of your Ivrit work, it makes us very happy!!!

We look forward to seeing / hearing your amazing work.

Shavuah Tov (have a good week שָׁבוּעַ טוֹב ).

Mrs Sharon and Mrs Jacobs

Ivrit work



We hope you are all well and healthy.


1) Here is a link to a fun quiz – just to check if you know the Hebrew letters.

Feel free to share your score with us!


2) We have attached a task for you to complete during this week.

    There is no need to print this out!

     You can:

  • Write your answers in your exercise book, take a photo and send it to our email.


  • Answer directly on the PDF sheet and send it back.

Our email is


For your convenience, we uploaded to the Ivrit blog videos that can help you learn the Nikud (vowels).


We look forward to seeing your great work.

Shavuah Tov (have a good week)

Mrs Sharon and Mrs Jacobs

Year 4 Class Vlog - 04.05.20

A vlog explaining this week's exciting home learning grid along with another challenge attempt!

Work Feedback and Marking

Dear Parents,


A reminder please to ensure the 4 pieces of work for each week are sent in throughout the week so we can provide timely feedback. No work is to be sent in after 3pm on a Friday as feedback is only able to be given during school working hours. Please avoid sending in work this week from last week as we would like to be able to give our full attention to this weeks work. Thank you for your understanding and support.


Have a good week,


The Year 4 Team

Year 4 Class Vlog - 27.04.20

Another instalment of your weekly class vlog, as Mr Thompson faces not one but TWO challenges!

Phone Calls

Dear all, 


Just to let you know Mr Thompson or Mrs Drew will be ringing at some point this week between 1:30pm and 3:30pm just to check in on your child and their work. 


If you are unavailable during these times please let us know so we can rearrange.


Kind Regards


The Year 4 Team

Year 4 Class Vlog - 20.04.20

Welcome back! After two weeks away a new class vlog arrives, as Mr Thompson attempts his next challenge.

Year 4 Class Vlog - 30.03.20

A weekly update video from Mr Thompson and a challenger emerges!

Year 4 Class Vlog - 23.03.20

The first in a hopefully a short series of vlogs explaining the learning pack for this week, enjoy!

A Message For Year 4 


Attached above and via email is a learning pack for the first week of learning starting 23.03.20, there will be weekly video updates on the Year 4 class blog every Monday morning. 


The weekly video will (hopefully!) offer a weekly form of mild entertainment and be accompanied with an explanation of the learning grid for that week going through each activity. 


Learning packs and grids will be uploaded onto the class blog and emailed out every week.


If you are not sure about any of the worksheets please do not hesitate to email.  Responses will be made either via email or a video explaining the specific worksheet/task in greater detail. 


Please keep an eye on the blog over the coming weeks as this will be a vital form of communication given the circumstances. 


Obviously these are strange times for all, we hope that you and your family stay safe and we hope to see you all again soon. 


The Year 4 Team.

Predicting X-Rays; Looking At Marie Curie - Science Week

Looking At How Light Refracts - Science Week

Looking At Features Of A Fact File: Louis Pasteur - Science Week

Observing The Growth Of Bacteria - Science Week

Making Shakers In Jewish Studies

Organising Information About Einstein Into Subheadings - Science Week Learning

Poetry Reading - The Titanic

Still image for this video
Beginning our new topic of poetry about the Titanic.

Finding Out About The Different Passengers On The Titanic 🛳

Happy Purim From Year 4!

Still image for this video
You’re welcome 😉

Ivrit Learning

Designing Our Own High and Low Pitch Instruments

Spring 2 Homework Grid

Titanic Learning ⚓️

Finding Complements of 1 Using Manipulatives

Making Points For and Against Entering The Tunnel - The Tunnel by Anthony Browne Week

Resilience Learning

Mindfulness Painting

Mindfulness Painting - Feel Good Week!

Investigating Which Material Is Best At Absorbing Sound

Year 4 Spring Term Trip Announcement - WWF Learning Centre Trip

Starting Our New English Topic - Immersive Polar Exploration Learning!

Finding Lines Of Symmetry

Investigating How Sound Can Travel Further 📞

Shape Guess Who?!

Still image for this video

Shabbaton 2020

Shabbaton 2020!

Year 4 Science Presentations - The Relationship Between Sound and Vibrations

Still image for this video
The children were asked to create their own science presentations to explain the relationship between sound and vibration to show how sound travels, they also learnt about amplitude.

Science Presentation - Sound and Vibrations

Still image for this video

Planning and Presenting Science Presentations On The Relationship Between Vibrations and Sound

Spring Term 1 Homework Grid

Measuring Levels Of Sound Around The School

Estimating and Measuring Different Units Of Measurement

Typing Up Our Playscripts

The Year 4 Glockenspiel Orchestra

Israeli Scouts Visit 🕎

Ancient Greek Architecture Workshop 🇬🇷

Digestive System Experiment

Using Manipulatives To Learn Our 6 Times Tables

Dramatic Readings Of Percy Jackson

Still image for this video

Dramatic Readings Of Percy Jackson II

Still image for this video

Dramatic Readings Of Percy Jackson III

Still image for this video

Designing Our Trojan Horses 🐴

Home Learning Grid - Autumn 2

Sikhism Learning Day

How We Thought The Digestive System Worked

Plagiarism Computing Quiz

Designing Our E-Safety Posters

Announcement: Year 4 Greek Parthenon Building Workshop - November 27th


As part of this term's learning in Year 4, we are delighted to confirm with you that we have booked a Greek Parthenon Building Workshop for the afternoon on November 27th. Children will work individually, in teams and altogether to construct a very large model of the famous Temple of Athena in Athens, name the Parthenon, complete with columns, pedaments and capitals.  During the process pupils will learn about the different parts of the building and walking through the structure. There will be problem solving, teamwork and a great celebration when they raise the roof using the 2m high columns. 


We're excited for this opportunity for the children and hope you can support them in being able to attend.


Thank you for your support as always,


The Year 4 Team.


Regrouping In Subtraction Work

Starting Our Ancient Greek Myths Topic With Percy Jackson

Some Of Our Favourite Books!

Firstly, thank you to those who came to the curriculum evening this week, it was wonderful to share the exciting learning we have planned this year. 


For those who didn't attend, some key points:

  • Every Wednesday Home Learning Books need to be returned, the Homework Grid has been loaded up onto the blog (see below). 
  • Every Wednesday morning a timestable test will take place, use the website if you wish to support your child in learning these. The website provides a range of activities as well as a test, which can be customised to support your child further, timings and timestables can be edited. 
  • Every Thursday morning a spelling test takes place (see below for spellings).


Finally, it's been an exciting first full week in Year 4! We've begun our Ancient Greek topic by investigating how chronology works and also had a fantastic street dancing workshop where everyone was busting a move.


We're very excited for a fantastic year ahead, have a lovely weekend.


The Year 4 Team 

Street Dance Workshop - Dance Off! 💃🏼🕺🏻

Still image for this video

Street Dance Workshop

Year 4 Homework Grid - Autumn 1

Year 4 Curriculum Evening

Year 4 Ages Timeline