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Year 4

Science - Investigating melting points

DT - Creating sculptures

Science - Sorting solids, liquids and gases 🥼👩🏼‍🔬🧑🏻‍🔬

Maths in pictures - Properties of shape

RE Week - Making stained glass windows inspired by churches

Art Studio - Using our stamps to make geometrical pattern art

English - Writing Ancient Myths

Computing - Using spreadsheets to plan a party

Art - Creating stamps for printing

Maths - Making Clocks

Ivrit- Practising our speaking skills using the verbs ‘omer’/ ‘omeret’ (eat) and ‘ochel / ‘ochelet’ (say)

Ivrit special mentions- 22.11.21

Aiden and Maxwell 

Well done! Kol Hakavod!

Science - Sorting carnivores, omnivores and herbivores

Ivrit- My Family (Hamishpacha Sheli) המשפחה שלי

JS special mentions- 15.11.21

Mason .L. and Natasha

Well done! Kol Hakavod!

Art - Exploring Charcoal

Ivrit special mentions- 8.11.21

Mia and Gracie 

Well done! Kol Hakavod!

Story Mapping a Non-chronological Report

Still image for this video

Still image for this video

Still image for this video

Science - Writing our conclusions

Which egg was in the water? Which was in the coke?

Maths in pictures - Factors, Multiples and Division

Mum is…

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Mummy is….

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Science - Investigating tooth decay

Art - Creating an Optical illusion

History - Timelines

Exploring colour mixing in the studio

Maths this week - Column addition



This week homework is on MyMaths. Children will be looking at rounding. 












Science - Creating a model of the digestive system 🥖🥖🥪🥪

PSHE - Role playing as county councillors

Today we learnt all about the role of county councillors. After taking part in a democratic vote to see who would role play as a councillor, the rest of the class became concerned residents. We then took part in a mock surgery meeting.

Still image for this video

Still image for this video

Eating in the Sukkah

This Week’s Maths - Equal Difference and Equal Sum

⭐️⭐️Well done to our special mentions this week! ⭐️⭐️


Daniel - An excellent descriptive piece of writing about the Minotaur

Charlie - A fantastic positive attitude to his learning 



This week year 4 have been writing some engagaing physical descriptions of the Minotaur using similes, adjectives and prepositions.  They have also been looking at mental strategies for addition and subtraction.


Next week, we will continue our focus on addition and subtraction. In English we will be imagining our own Greek g-ds and writing about their physical appearence and personality. Thursday afternoon is going to be messy and exciting as we will be creating a 3D functioning model of the digestive system by turning biscuits into faeces, using tights, plastic bags and trays!


Shabbat Shalom! 

Becoming Ancient Greek Archaeologists 

Today in topic year 4 became archaeologists and dug up lots of Ancient Greek artefacts. They sketched the artefacts they found to make sure they were inspecting them closely before making a guess as to what they were. To help them check the real significance of the artefacts, they completed a Google image search using the iPads.

Think 100 and 1000 in Maths

⭐️⭐️Well done to our special mention winners this week!⭐️⭐️


Jack H and Jamie

Our first Ivrit lesson in the new Ivrit/JS room

Drama during PSHE

Group performance Part 1

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Group performance Part 2

Still image for this video

Learning how to use shadow when sketching. 🍏

14/09 Making and labelling the digestive system. 👅🍅🥝🥔🥖🍗🍟



What a fun and creative start to year 4 we have had! The children have loved learning all about Keith Haring and using his work to inspire their own. Not only have we been real graffiti artists by producing chalk works of art on the school building and pavement, we also sculpted our own models using felt tips to dye the clay.


Next week we will be looking at estimation and rounding in Maths while delving deeper into our English text ‘Percy Jackson and the Lightning Theif’. 


- PE is on Tuesdays. Please ensure children are in Pe kits.

- Spellings and reading books with reading records will come home on the 1st October.

Keith Haring Sculptures

Graffiti inspired by Keith Haring

Using the Art Studio