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בית ספר קלור שלום

'Engage, Inspire, Achieve.'

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Year 5


Drawing Angles

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Here is our wordle from our zoom session this morning. For our last session next week please have a think about something that you are looking forward to in Year 6 and anything you are apprehensive about.

Hello everyone,

We hope you have all had a good week. Well done to those children who have completed the MyMaths activity. There are still quite a few of you who have not done it yet - there is still a little bit of time! Please find time to complete the activity - it is highlighted in yellow.

This week Mrs Berger is going to explain to you how to use a protractor. Don't forget to prepare the 2 items for our zoom call on Monday - 1) a word to describe what lockdown has meant to you. 2) a photo/explanation of a skill/talent you have learnt during the past few months.

We hope you have a fantastic weekend and we are looking forward to seeing more great work from you next week.

'See' you Monday!

Mrs Berger, Mrs Goldsmith & Mrs Woolstone 

Home Learning Grid

Fractions Video

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General Activities


On your mymaths page there is a purple tab called SCORES 

Please click on this to see your feedback from us 

If we have asked you to try again then please click on 'try again' 

Ivrit work - 6.7.20

Transliteration activity

6.7.20- Ivrit.wmv

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Happy Birthday to Rafi for Friday - we hope you have a fantastic day!

Please could you ensure your child has a protractor for week beginning '6th July'. These can be purchased from Amazon, Tesco or WHSmiths. Many thanks. 

We looking forward to 'seeing' you all on Monday!!

Mrs Berger, Mrs Goldsmith & Mrs Woolstone 

Home Learning 29.06.20


Watch the video below for a quick start guide showing you how to locate, log in and start the activity set on MyMaths.

General Activities

Hi everyone,
We hope you have had a good week - bit of a wet one with all this rain!! Hoping you still managed to get out for some fresh air.

Next week, we have 2 videos for you to watch - one of Mrs Berger explaining arithmagons and another of Mrs Goldsmith explaining angles. We hope you find these useful !

It has been lovely to catch up with you on the phone this week too and hear about some of the other things you have been doing besides work. Keep us posted on your home projects.

We hope you have an enjoyable weekend,

Mrs Berger, Mrs Goldsmith & Mrs Woolstone 

Happy Birthday this week to:

Seth, who celebrates his on Wednesday 24th ;

Marley, who celebrates hers on Thursday 25th and

Brooke, who celebrates hers on Friday 26th. 

We hope you all have a fantastic day! 

Home Learning Grid



Video to explain sheet 3 imperial measures

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Ivrit work - 22.6.20

Topic- Hebrew months

Video 1- Hebrew months

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Hebrew months song

Lyrics for the Hebrew months song

Hi everyone !


We hope you all have had an enjoyable week filled with a good balance of work and play. Have you been on lots of walks or bike rides? We have been very busy with our families baking, walking, cooking, playing and working too. Thank you to those of you who have sent in work - please keep it coming! We are incredibly impressed with the effort you are putting in and it is great to see such hard work from you all in such tricky times.

We understand that being at home for this long is hard, try to keep motivated if you can. Hopefully we will all get to be together again soon.

Don't forget to email us if you need anything.

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Berger, Mrs Goldsmith & Mrs Woolstone

Home Learning 15.06.20

Comprehension Video

PV Decimal Numbers

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What is friction?

Still image for this video

Friction Rough and Smooth

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Ivrit work – 8.6.20


This week we will be focusing on script writing.

When we read in Ivrit, we read Block letters but when we write in Ivrit, the expectation is for you to write in script letters.

Please complete one activity (Mild, Medium or Hot).

We have attached script sheets and a short video to explain how to rewrite from block in to script.

Please send us your work to

שָׁבוּעַ טוֹב   (shavuah tov- have a good week)

Mrs Jacobs and Mrs Sharon

How to rewrite in to script.wmv

Still image for this video

Wishing Joshua a very happy birthday for Friday.

We hope you have a fantastic day!

Dear Parents,

We hope you all had a lovely half term, enjoying the sunshine and spending time with your family.

From this week, please send in the 3 items highlighted in yellow to our class email address during the week for marking and feedback. Please note response times for emails will be up to 48 hours. Thank you for your continued support. 

The Year 5 Team

01.06.20 - Home Learning

Holes - the last chapter!!

Chapter 49

Chapter 48

Parenthesis Help

Still image for this video

Chapter 47

Chapter 46

Ivrit work- 18.5.20

Shalom Kita Hey,

It was lovely to see your work this week, we really appreciate your effort.

We have attached another worksheet for you to complete.

There are also fun games for Shavuot on the Ivrit Blog.

We look forward to seeing your fantastic work.

Shavuah Tov (have a good week שָׁבוּעַ טוֹב ).

Mrs Sharon and Mrs Jacobs


The Planets

An animated short film about 12 invented planets - you may want to watch for inspiration before writing your planet description.

Example of planet setting description:


This planet was a maze of thick, spiralling branches. Golden yellow leaves dangled down from them and flickered like candle flames in breeze. Sweet scented pollen drifted through the archways created by the curving branches. Beneath, on the carpet of red dust grew strange, exotic, unfamiliar plants, which glowed bright neon colours. The creatures that lurked in this tangled forest, spun on a single point like a child's spinning top. Their surface was silver-white and rippled like a liquid, but kept it's shape like a solid. They emitted  the most beautiful and enchanting music as they spun.

Please hold on to any cardboard recycling items for the project week after next  (wb 18.05.20). Items could include empty cereal boxes, amazon boxes, shoe boxes, etc. 

Holes Chapter 45

Holes Chapter 44

Holes Chapter 43

Holes Chapter 42

Holes Chapter 41

Holes Chapter 40

Ivrit - 11.5.20

Shalom Kita Hey,

Ma Nishmah?

Thank you and Kol Hakavod for all of you who sent us Ivrit work, you made us very proud.

We have attached another task for you to complete this week.

There are also two links in the Ivrit Blog with games for you to play and revise the Hebrew letters- Enjoy!

Please feel free to send us photos/videos of your Ivrit work, it makes us very happy!!!

We look forward to seeing / hearing your amazing work.

Shavuah Tov (have a good week שָׁבוּעַ טוֹב ).

Mrs Sharon and Mrs Jacobs

Dear Parents,

A reminder that this week is a 4 day week due to Bank Holiday Friday 8th May. Please send in the 3 pieces of work highlighted by Thursday at 3pm for marking and feedback.

Chapters 36-39 of 'Holes' can be found underneath the IVRIT work...keep scrolling!

Many thanks and have a great week,

The Year 5 Team

Insect life cycle video

Still image for this video

===  Ivrit  ===


We hope you are all well and healthy.


1) Here is a link to a fun quiz – just to check if you know the Hebrew letters.

Feel free to share your score with us!


2) We have attached a task for you to complete during this week.

    There is no need to print this out!

     You can:

  • Write your answers in your exercise book, take a photo and send it to our email.


  • Answer directly on the PDF sheet and send it back.

Our email is


For your convenience, we uploaded to the Ivrit blog videos that can help you learn/recap the Nikud (vowels).


We look forward to seeing your great work.

Shavuah Tov (have a good week)

Mrs Sharon and Mrs Jacobs

Chapter 39

Chapter 38

Chapter 37

Chapter 36

Happy Birthday to Amber who celebrates her birthday today - have a great day!

Happy Birthday to Asher who celebrates on Saturday - we hope you have a fantastic time! 




Dear Parents,

A reminder please to ensure the 4 pieces of work for each week (highlighted in yellow) are sent in throughout the week so we can provide timely feedback. No work is to be sent in after 3pm on a Friday as feedback is only able to be given during school working hours. Please avoid sending in work this week from last week as we would like to be able to give our full attention to this week's work. Thank you for your understanding and support.

Have a good week,

The Year 5 Team


Amphibian Life Cycles

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Reflecting Shapes

Still image for this video

Translating Shapes

Still image for this video
Please hold on to any recycling items for the project next week (wb 27.04.20). Items could include empty cereal boxes, yoghurt pots, fruit tubs, small plastic bottles, cardboard - anything that can be cut with scissors is good. 

Holes chapter 35

Holes chapter 34

Holes chapter 33

Holes chapter 32

Times Table Grid to help with division

Welcome Back!

Life Cycle of Birds

Still image for this video

Chapter 31

Chapter 30

To all the children and parents of Year 5,


We have thoroughly enjoyed hearing from you all over the last few weeks. We hope you get a chance to rest, have fun and spend time with your families where possible. Have a lovely Pesach and we look forward to communicating with you again after the holidays!


We miss you lots!

Mrs Berger, Mrs Goldsmith & Mrs Woolstone

A video to help with division

A video to help with long multiplication

Video to support explanation of nets activity

Touch Typing

At the moment, everybody has a little extra time on their hands (get it?) Why not learn how to touch type? Click on the link below and follow the levels to learn how to do this with confidence. Take your time and remember to take regular breaks. Happy typing!


Dance Mat Typing


Hi from Mrs Berger & Mrs Goldsmith

Hi everyone!!

We hope you have had a good weekend. We will now be communicating with you on here for a while... Remember, you can send us an email anytime and we will get back to you during school hours :-) Please remember that any one of us will reply to your email so don't write to one of us in particular :-)

Let us know what you have been up to, are you making any videos? Cooking delicious meals? Creating masterpieces of art or online games on purple mash...? We want to hear from you.

We are having a few technical issues with the grid and resources which we hope will be emailed to you some time tomorrow...please bare with us! We will also upload it to the blog.

In the meantime, check out the video below of Mrs Woolstone reading some more of 'Holes' so you can sit back, relax, and listen to our class book.

We miss you lots! 

Mrs Goldsmith, Mrs Berger & Mrs Woolstone

Schools in Space workshop


Still image for this video


Enjoying our Street Wise session on body image

Learning about volume in maths

Drama immersion activities based on our whole school book this week : The Tunnel

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Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Lyrics for Class Assembly - to the tune of 'Rocket Man' by Elton John

Tu B’Shevat Seder in Year 5

Rock painting - feel good week

Discussing mental health.

Our trip to the Greenwich Planetarium. Standing on the Meridian line.

Today we carried out a quiz to find out facts about Nigeria.

Still image for this video

Our African sunset pictures. We blended acrylic paint to create the sunset and cut silhouettes to collage on top.

Today we found out about gravity and carried out an experiment all about craters.

Reading our discussion text from a story map

Still image for this video

Finding countries in Africa

Looking at our nail investigation and recording observations

Today we begun our new topic on Africa with some food tasting. We tried mango, papaya, chin-chin, plantain, couscous and Okra.

Festival of Light Showcase song words for learning

Art week is here! Our artist in Year 5 is Keith Haring. We tried to replicate his work in different ways.

Our Saxon village

Finding out new vocabulary to use in our legends.

Learning about advent around the world in Year 5


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Stage two of our Anglo Saxon houses: papier-mâché to create strong models.

Today we begun our Saxon house project. Our challenge was to build the structure of our house in 20mins.

Workshop at Arsenal Training Ground

Today we learnt about Sikhism. We began by creating a memory map of the 5ks.

We made Chauris which are used to fan the Sikh holy book.

Mrs Simon speaking about JDA


Mrs Simon came to visit us today to talk about people who are deaf or deaf blind As she works for JDA. The children have been learning about Diversity Awareness Month and how everyone is different. They learnt how to sign their names using finger spelling and were taught some simple greetings. It was a very interesting and informative talk which the children greatly benefitted from.


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


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chromatography in science

Crime scene investigation using chromatography - who stole the painting - ask the children how they worked it out,

This week we have been learning different strategies that can help us with mental subtraction and addition.

We have been learning some techniques which will help us to solve tricky questions in Maths. We have looked at doubling and halving to help solve tricky multiplication questions and learning the rules of divisibility so that we can quickly identify which numbers can be divided.

In English this week, we have been learning about recount writing. We have given the children wide experiences of different recounts to familiarise themselves with what is expected when they write their own next week.

During computing, we have been developing our spread sheet skills using the 'how many' tool to calculate the number of vowels in words.

#helloyellow for Mental Health Day!

Today was Saxon Day in year 5 - we began the day by finding out about the Saxons, playing Saxon games and investigating Saxon artefacts.

This afternoon we looked at Saxon weapons and armour.

Today we found and used natural materials to dye cloth just like the Anglo Saxons did!