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Year 5

Today we went inside the Wonerdome mobile planetarium to learn all about Space,!


well done to : 

Alana for achieve when retelling a story in a comic strip

Sonny for writing an excellent parable 

Today we were real scientists using our knowledge to investigate an imaginary mysterious planet. We asked questions, made comparisons and supported our ideas with evidence.


well done to : 

Louis B for excellence when creating a solar system model

Louis L for excellence in maths 

Harry and Kara for pride in Irvit 



Welcome back!



  • Please remember to learn your spellings weekly. They are on Google Classroom.
  • PE is on a Thursday.
  • Please ensure you have a water bottle everyday.
  • Homework is set on a Friday and due in on a Wednesday.
  • Please ensure you are reading at least three times a week. Records are checked on a Wednesday.


Welcome back to the Spring Term. The class have made a great start in their learning.

In Maths, we have been focusing on adding and subtracting fractions with the same denominators and with whole numbers greater than one. 
Instead of English, we have been having a focus on RE, learning and understanding about Christianity. We began by focusing on the main beliefs of Christianity, explored different text types in the Bible and looked at how stories are used in the Bible to teach lessons - parables.

PSHE this week is the last lesson in our unit on families and relationships. The focus has been on bullying. What might lead someone to bully others? How might someone who is being bullied feel? Who can you talk to if you are worried about bullying? The children looked at different scenarios and classified these as different types of bullying. We then discussed a case study of a bully and we had an interesting discussion about the choices the bully made and why.

We used bead strings in maths to help us understand the relationship between tenths and hundredths.


This weeks special mentions go to : 

Sam for achieve in Irvit

Hazel for achieve in Ivrit 

AJ and Chloe for always showing respect 

Well done everyone 

We made Positive attitude paper chains


Special mentions this week go to:

Harry for taking pride in DT when making bridges. 
Eli for showing respect to adults and peers alike.

Today we kickstarted our space topic in science with an experiment on gravity. We wanted to see if the size and weight of a meteorite affects the size of a crater


Well done to our special mentions this week.

Hazel for pride in her work.

Sam for include for helping others.

Scarlett for being respectful 

Mindfulness leaves

Today we began wood work to create truss bridges. We learnt how to use saws and clamps to cut wood

Chanukah art competition


Well done to …

Orli for excellence in DT

Callum for achieve in maths 

Orli and Emily for excellence in Ivrit

Well being Wednesday kindness t-shirts

Today we created spaghetti truss bridges in the studio.


Achieve for Sloane this week, for writing an excellent narrative based on the BFG

Excellence for Max this week, for his hard work and enthusiasm in science. 


Achieve for Judah for being reflective and Inspire for Ava and Kara for working to challenge opinions. 


Well done everyone! 

We have been learning about Parliament this week. We played a game about the House of Lords and The House of Commons to develop our understanding.

We began our unit on bridges in Art and DT today. We investigated how to reinforce a beam to improve its strength.


Inspire for Zack for independent and challenging work in maths when using known facts to derive others. 
Achieve for Max for working hard and focusing on lessons in maths and English 


Ivrit special mentions- 8.11.21

Sloane and Zack 

Well done! Kol Hakavod!

In PSHE, we discussed pressure groups with a focus on ‘Keep Britain Tidy’. We came up with our own campaign ideas linked to litter.

The children enjoyed showing their homemade African thumb pianos - great effort everyone, they are all fantastic!


Well done to Amelia for achieve for answering challenging questions in class.

Well done to Anna for excellence for a superb poster on mental health. 

Today we started creating art work based on the African artist Edward Tingatinga.


This weeks special mentions are for achieve and go to Ava and Sonny for their hard work in maths and for persevering when multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1,000. Well done -keep up the great work. 

Today in school we are celebrating World Mental Health Day - we created posters using mixed media in the studio on ways to keep our minds healthy.

In Computing today, we have begun our learning on concept maps. We have looked at different concepts, nodes and connectors and how these all link together. We then chose our own concepts to create our maps.

Concept Maps

Today in science we explored how best to separate different mixtures using sieves and filters.


Todays special mentions are for inspire.

Well done Katie for an inspiring performance as the prosecutor in our mock trial. 
Well done Ethan for a vibrant piece of artwork in the style of an artist. 

In our first lesson of PSHE, we began with the concept of ‘breaking the law’. We looked at why we have rules and laws in place and what the consequence of not following these would be, both in and out of school. The children held a mock trial to understand what happens in a court room. We found Mr Wolf NOT GUILTY of eating Grandma!

PSHE - Guilty or Not Guilty?


Well done to Kyle (Excellence)  and Rupey (Pride) this week. 
Rupey takes pride in all his work, especially in English. 
Kyle has been working really hard in maths with decimals, tenths and hundredths. 

Hundertwasser houses- today we looked at the artist Hundertwasser and transformed the look of our homes in his style.

Year 5 visited the Succah today.

Using mono printing, the children composed a print using acrylic paint, from a larger observational drawing.


Well done to Noah (Achieve) and Emily (Excellence) for receiving our special mentions this week!!

Noah persevered through Maths working on negative numbers.

Emily wrote an excellent compare and contrast paragraph using all the features of report.


PE is on a Thursday. Please ensure children are in their full PE Kit. This includes socks in the correct colour and black trainers.

Spellings and Reading Books with Reading Records will come home from the 1st October. 



Our unit in Art this half term is 'Architecture'. Please send in an A4 black and white photo/picture of a house. It can be your house / a relatives / a friend / a google search... as long as it is the full front of a house in black and white. If you are unable to print one, please email it in to the school office for the attention of Year 5.

Please ensure the photo is in school by Monday 27th September for our Art lesson or emailed in by Friday 24th September to allow time for printing. Thank you very much!  

Dissolving experiment in science.

NEXT WEEK - wb 13.09.21

On Friday, we are going to be doing Art. If you haven’t already done so, please bring in your painting apron and leave it in your locker.

Wednesday is an early finish and Thursday school is closed

Don’t forget to bring in your waterproof Succah decoration by FRIDAY 17th. We are looking forward to seeing your beautiful creations and house points will be given to everyone who brings one in. An email will sent today with more information.

Celebration Teas are back! We look forward to seeing children celebrating their excellent work and behaviour with Mrs Cohen.


We story mapped ‘The Frost Unicorn’ - the children performed these in front of their peers.

Today in Year 5 we went to ‘The Studio’ and created some life size Keith Haring replicas.

Today in Year 5, we continued our work on place value and comparing numbers. Mr Barnett led us in our daily exercise where he, along with the daily exercise helpers, modelled some new and exciting exercises. In art, we used model magic to sculpt our own Keith Haring figures which we dyed using felt. 

First Friday

Welcome Back!

We have had a fantastic first day in Year 5. The children have worked hard and have behaved beautifully. We couldn’t be more proud of the great start they have had!

This afternoon we began out artwork based on Keith Haring. We explored his work and experimented with line and form showing movement in stick men. This will be used to build up our artwork across the next 2 weeks.

Keith Haring