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'Engage, Inspire, Achieve.'

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Year 5

We said goodbye to Yotam. We will miss him so much. He is great 👍

DT- This week in DT we have been completing our pop-up books!

Geography- learning where our fruit comes from 🍎

Sports Week - Boxing 🥊

Sports Week - Cricket 🏏

Sports day

Sports Week - Hand Tennis 🎾

RE day -Sikh artefacts

English Drama - The Tempest 🎭

PSHE Mental Health Workshop - Retune

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With Tom from Retune, Year 5 wrote their own song about how to look after our mental health.

St Albans Cathedral Trip

St Albans Cathedral Trip - Tasting Anglo-Saxon Food!

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St Albans Cathedral Trip - Anglo-Saxon Food Workshop

St Albans Cathedral Trip - Viking Trail

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An epic recreation of how crime and punishment was handled in the Viking era.

St Albans Cathedral Trip - Viking and Anglo-Saxons Topic

Shavuot activities with Reception buddies

Art - creating our own products

English - poetry slam

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Maths - Creating our own word problems

Mini Police PSHE Workshop

Yotam Activities - Learning about the Eurovision 🎤

PSHE police workshop

Coronation history- finding out about Henry VIII six wives

Maths- Finding angles on the playground using protractors

PSHE- Police Workshop: Police car and equipment 🚔👮

Yom Ha’atzmaut activities 🇮🇱

Class reward- Doing chalk on the playground

Ivrit- What my favourite thing about Israel is 🇮🇱

Ivrit- Yom H’atzmout activities

English - Acting out our Narrative poem

Internalising a Narrative poem

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Maths - Understanding nets

PSHE - Police visit🚨

Learning How The Alps Were Formed 🏔

PSHE - Managing Finances

S.T.E.M Week - 3D Printing Workshop

S.T.E.M Week - CGI Workshop

Using Manipulatives To Prove Cubed Numbers

Formatting Google Doc Texts

Hot Seating Jay From Our Mystery Story

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Purim activities with year 6

Starting Our New Science Unit - Living Things and their Habitats

Converting Measurements Using Place Value Grids

The Stuffed Toys We Have Designed And Created In DT

Presenting Our Space Presentations

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Presenting Our Space Presentations

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Preparing Our Science Presentations

Multiplying Fractions

Storytelling Week - Hot Seating

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Year 5 had some special visitors this week, as part of our Storytelling Week the characters from ‘Nimblefingers’ popped in to answer our questions.

Storytelling Week - Hot Seating

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Visiting The Book Fair! 📚

Interpreting Statistics 📊

Storytelling Week Online Workshop with author Wendy Shearer

Researching Planets And Presenting Scientific Evidence

Starting Our New History Topic - Anglo-Saxons! We found out where they settled and why.

Editing Our Explanation Texts

Our Olympic Explanation Writing

Ivrit- the children played board games with their partner, using all the learnt vowels.

Well done to all of the musicians who played in assembly on Monday. They were absolute superstars.

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Year 5's Local Area Outing!

Reviewing Each Other’s Computer Games!

Cooking Our Bolognaise Sauce 🍝

Identifying Features Of An Explanation Text

DT Week - Test Tasting Bolognaise Sauces

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DT Week - Test Tasting Bolognaise Sauces

RE Day - Making Mala Beads

RE Day - Observing and Sketching Sikh Artists’ Work

English - Internalising An Explanation Text

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Identifying and labelling fractions

Dear all, 


Thank you ever so much for the amazon vouchers and chocolates. The gifts are incredibly thoughtful and generous, particularly at a time where I know a lot of people are struggling financially so again a massive thank you. 


Wishing you all a lovely break with whoever you choose to spend it with. 


See you all in the new year!




Mr Thompson and Mrs Drew

Maccabi Scouts Visiting

Our Spaghetti Truss Bridges

Girls Football After School Club - Watford FC

Typing Up Our Own Versions of ‘The Queen’ chapter from the BFG 👑

Designing Our Own Spaghetti Truss Bridges

Investigating How Craters Are Created

BFG Workshop - Performing Scenes

BFG Workshop - Trying Different Props For Our Scenes

BFG - Creating Our Own BFG Freeze Frames

BFG Drama Workshop - Creating Our Own Giants

Anti Bullying Week - Planning Our Own Anti Bullying Stories Based on ‘One’ by Kathryn Otoshi

Geography - Naming and Locating Key Topographical Features of the UK 🇬🇧

RE Day - Creating Invites To Guru Nanak’s Birthday

RE Day - Learning About Guru Nanak Gurparab

Starting Our New Design and Technology Unit - Designing Different Bridge Designs 🌉

Year 5’s Multiplication Tips!

Max had a light bulb moment today in Maths when we were looking at different multiplication strategies, he suggested doubling and having! 💡

Finding Factors and Multiples In Maths

Designing Our Own Hundertwasser Inspired House 🏡