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Year 6

Having fun at Bushcraft! Happy Birthday Mrs A! Practising First Aid!

Sleeping out and Jenna's birthday!

We have arrived!...and yes we really are in the middle of a forest!

Sports Week


Legal Eagles

The Park



We have had a busy week, revising for our SATS as well as running fantastic activities for Yom Ha'atzmout. The children enjoyed planning and preparing their activities and were all great in their sessions.

In class, we have been continuing to prepare for SATS through different reasoning questions and different spag and spelling activities. 


They have worked so hard - please ensure that over the weekend, they do continue with their revision but most importantly they spend time outside, seeing friends and making sure that they come in on Monday refreshed and ready. 


Wishing you a lovely weekend

Mrs Athersych



The children have worked really hard over the term, practising for their SATS. They should all be so proud of the work they have achieved and should continue to work over the holidays on their Revision Pack. 


When we come back to school, we will be having revision lessons and children will be able to work with a teacher to address any misconceptions they might have. If there are any questions in their holiday homework that they are unsure of, then please do let us know when we return. 


Have a lovely break

Chag Sameach

Mrs Athersych




This week in English we have been beginning to write a flashbacks based on a short film 'The Piano'. We spent the first half of the week looking at what the flashbacks meant and we interpreted them in different ways and the second half, we started writing the flashbacks in our book. We will continue this next week. 


In Maths, we have been focusing on reasoning questions; shape, angles, symmetry and ratio. The children have been finding this useful as this is able to address any misconceptions they may have. 


Next week is our final Mock week before SATS which begins the 13th May. 


The children have been working extremely hard in preparation for this. Please ensure that the children spend some time over the weekend looking through their revision book - and practising their spellings.


Please find this weeks spellings attached and also a useful page to help children with their revision. 

A reminder that homework is due Monday - children were given a reasoning paper on Wednesday


Wishing you a Shabbat Shalom 

Mrs Athersych 


25th March


Homework due in on Wednesday

Blue Maths book - Geometry, measures and statistics

Page: 3, 22, 23, 39, 40. 

Happy Purim, 


This week has been Science Week and we have been reading a book called FArTHER which is all about a Journey between father and son. The children this week have been writing some fantastic flashbacks in their English lessons, which they are looking forward to you reading when you come to Parents Evening.  In Science, the children have been making and investigating different types of paper aeroplanes to see which material or design of plane will fly the furthest.  We will be flying our planes on Friday to see which plane wins the race.


In Maths, we have been focusing on line graphs and pie charts; looking and answering past SATS questions. The children have been working really hard on this topic this week. If any child feels that they need more practice,  please do let me know and I can ensure they have more questions to practice with. 


Next week, we will be continuing our book Pig Heart Boy by Malorie Blackman in English and writing a persuasive letter. In Maths, we will be reivising algebra and finding out the mean of a problem. The children have revision books which we are updating daily which has key information that will help them prepare for their SATS. Please ensure children look over this regularly and use this to help them with their homework. 


Please see the pictures below from Purim!


Purim Sameach

Mrs Athersych 



This week we have been reading and studying a new book 'Pig-Heart Boy' by Malorie Blackman. We have been focusing on the use of short sentences and the way it builds up suspense in the writing. We have been working hard this week trying to adapt this style of writing in class and are beginning to write as if we were taking part in a race, looking at the suspense technique.


In Maths we have been focusing on measurement and conversion, answering reasoning problems and SATS styled questions on this.


All the children did really well last week during their mock week and have continued to make great progress in their reading, spag and maths. In order for this to continue, we have started a revision book which we hope will encourage children to use and learn from in these weeks leading up to SATS. Please spend time with your child going through this revision book, making sure they are confident and understand the work. 


Thank you for your ongoing support.

Mrs Athersych 





We began the week by looking at formal letter writing in English - the children were shown a letter from a head teacher, back in 1939 when the war started, who was advising parents to evacuate their children. We discussed how we might feel evacuating our children and then wrote formal letters back to the head teacher with requests and questions we had. We ended the week by looking at comprehensions and looking carefully at how to answer them. 


In maths, we were learning ratio and we looked at recipes to see how we could scale the ingredients for more people.


In Science, we have started our new topic of light - thank you for bringing in torches. 


Next week we will be looking at past SATS papers and completing them in class, to give children the feel for what the real SATS week will be like. Please remind children to always read the questions carefully and to go back and check their work when they have finished the paper. 


Thank you for your support

Mrs Athersych



Over the past few weeks the children have been extremely busy writing diaries, newspapers and persuasive letters all related to our topic of World War 2. 


Last week, the children wrote a persuasive letter, asking families in the countryside to take in and host children who had been evacuated from London during the bombing. 

This week, we have been looking at newspaper features and writing very detailed newspaper articles that describe what would have been seen during the bombings.


In Maths, we have been revising fractions and have spent majority of the week answering reasoning style questions, which has been very informative for the children, showing them how fraction questions would be presented in the SATS. 


I have sent home a pack of work to be completed over half term and returned first day back. This will support children's learning from what we have covered this term.


Wishing you all a lovely half term. 

Mrs Athersych 





Wow! What a fantastic but freezing cold day we had yesterday in London. The children were amazing when travelling on the train and walking in and around London.They enjoyed the SMASH Hit TV production they had to make in the museum and we look forward to receiving their documentaries from the IWM early next week. In the afternoon, we enjoyed a scavenger hunt around South Bank, and as you can see from the pictures, the children had a full, action-packed day out. They all joined in together and it was so lovely to see them working as a team to solve the missing clues. 


In class this week, we have been writing diary entries from WW2, focusing on our thoughts and feelings. In Maths we have been revising long division and solving division word problems. Next week, we will be writing narrative stories and looking at perimeter and area of different shapes. 


Wishing you all a lovely weekend.

Mrs Athersych 






Firstly, a massive thank you to all of those that have bought WW2 items to show the class. These have been so interesting and the children have enjoyed looking through these. Please see photos below. 


In Maths this week we were looking at algebra and solving word problems. The children found this challenging but all persevered with the work they had. In English, the children wrote some fantastic WW2 poetry. Please see some fabulous examples below. 


Next week , we are revising long division in Maths and will be writing diary entries - as if we were a child in the war. 


We are very excited for our trip on Thursday. 

Please make sure that children are dressed warmly and are at Stanmore Station for 8am. 


Mrs Athersych 


WW2 poems



What a fantastic week we have had! The children are so excited about our topic of WW2 and have been so engaged in the lessons by asking some great questions and contributing to the class discussions. Please ask your child what they have learnt so far about WW2 - I am sure they would love to share it with you. In English this week, we have been writing a descriptive setting about the Blitz, focusing on our 5 senses, our thoughts and our feelings. 

In Maths, we have been learning all about BODMAS and have used this to start solving algebra equations. 

In Science, we have had some fun looking at circuit symbols and even had a go at creating our own circuits. 


Next week we will be looking and performing WW2 poetry as well as writing our own poems, looking at personification to help us write them. In Maths we are going to continue with algebra and use this to start solving word problems. 


Homework due for Monday is 

Maths CGP book- Number, Ratio  and Algebra page 2 - 7.


Thank you for your support.

Wishing you a lovely weekend

Mrs Athersych




We are now at the end of yet another busy week in Year 6. We started the week reminding ourselves how to find the area and perimeter in Maths and by the end of the week, we started answering reasoning questions on this. We will be continuing this next week in order to prepare ourselves for reasoning papers. 


In English, we continued reading Wonder, which everyone is really enjoying. We have written some fantastic piece of writing and next  week we are going to be writing 'the next chapter' of the story and then compare it with the actual book. 


We ended the week, spending time doing D&T and making Chanukiah's that they can show off at home. Please see pictures below.


Please can I ask that  you spend time with your child over the weekend going over times tables and ensuring that they are reading. 


Homework due for Monday was something of their choice from the grid. Please make sure this comes into school with them next week. 


It  was so lovely to meet with many of you last night at parents evening. The children are becoming really focused with their work and are producing some excellent pieces of writing!


Wishing you a lovely weekend 

Mrs Athersych

Monkey Football during Daily Exercise



This week was such a busy week for Year 6. We have been continuing to read our class book Wonder which everyone is really enjoying and over the past two weeks we have written some fantastic diary entries and persuasive letters based on the book. The children have learnt the features of a persuasive text and we wrote letters to Auggie's parents to persuade them to either let Auggie go to school or to stay at home because of his facial features. We welcome you to read their fantastic letters when you come to parents evening and see their books. 


In Maths, we spent time reminding ourselves how to solve long multiplication and on Wednesday and Thursday we solved one-step and two-step reasoning problems. 

The whole class have made a fantastic improvement in their arithmetic papers and everyone should be proud of their scores over the past few weeks. 


In Art, we started planning our pictures of Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night picture, which the class are very eager to complete this week. Hopefully we will have some wonderful pictures for you to see at the end of the week.


Thank you all for your continued support.

Please ensure that all children are coming to school with a reading book and water bottle. 


Mrs Athersych 






Spellings 9.11.18



What a great start to the term we have had in Year 6. All the children have come back focused and ready to learn.


We have spent a lot of time focusing on Anti-Bullying Week and linking this to our book Wonder - which we will be starting on Monday. The children are very eager to start reading this together!

We have looked at how to be kind and respectful to others and used our Art lesson to link Anti-Bullying Week to Wonder - which you can see on the pictures below.  In English, we wrote an information leaflet on how to be kind and what to do if you feel like others are being unkind. 

In Maths, we have been looking at converting fractions to decimals and then decimals to fractions. The children have worked really hard on this and have made some great progress.


Next week, we will be starting our book Wonder, focusing on inference and prediction. 


Please find above this weeks spellings


Thank you for your continued support.

Wishing you a lovely weekend

Mrs Athersych



What a fabulous week we have had, learning all about Nelson Mandela for Black History Week as well as creating our own Kente cloths. We used our biography skills to write about Nelson Mandela and the children's work was fantastic! In Maths, we continued to learn about fractions and how to multiply and divide them. Today, we looked at word problems and reasoning fraction questions.


Over the half term, your child should continue to be reading, practising their spellings and continuing to become fluent with their times tables as well as revising what we have been learning this term.


Please ensure that all children come to school after half term with a copy of Wonder as this will be our focus for the next half term. 


Thank you for all your co-operation and ongoing support

Wishing you all a lovely half term

Mrs Athersych 




We have had a very exciting afternoon today! We used microscopes in our Science lesson to look closely at different plants, leaves, twigs and flowers that we went to collect from outside. 

The children had a great time using these microscopes and they all found it very interesting to see how different the item was when they looked at it closely. 


Have a look at some of our pictures below.


We have also been continuing our learning of fractions and we are now confident when adding fractions with different denominators together. We have also started to revise mixed number and improper fractions which will help us in our addition of fractions. 

In English, we have researched and written some wonderful biographies about a famous person of our choice and I am sure your child can now tell you all about the person they researched.


Please ensure that children continue to read at home, as well as practicing their spellings and times tables.


Wishing you a lovely weekend 

Mrs Athersych




Well done to all the children on our class assembly on Wednesday.


This week in English, we have researched and written a biography all about Thomas Edison. Please ask your child all about him, we have really worked hard on these biographies. We have looked at key features of a biography and how to write an introduction, middle an conclusion. Next week, children will be writing their own biographies on a person of their choice. We look forward to sharing these with you. 


In Maths, we have been spending time focusing on prime, factors and multiples and answering reasoning questions on these, where we have had to give a reason to support our answer. The children have done really well with these and we will be continuing to answer these types of questions throughout the year. Next week, we will be using our knowledge of factors and multiples to simplify fractions as well as finding common denominators. 


Please also see below for some of the many wonderful examples of our Maya diary and newspaper writing.


Wishing you all a lovely weekend.

Mrs Athersych

Thank you for coming to watch our class assembly this morning. We hope you enjoyed it and learnt a lot about the Ancient Maya. Over the next few days, children's newspaper and diary writing will be uploaded onto the blog, which will show our lovely writing from Year 6. 

Maya Assembly



This week in Maths, we have been learning about prime numbers and factors which we will be focusing on again next week. We have also continued our learning of short division by bus stop method and using this to answer word problems.  In English, we wrote some excellent newspaper articles about our visit from Dr Dianne and her discoveries. 


Next week in English, we will be looking at the features of a biography and by the end of the following week, we will be writing our own biography of a famous person of our choice which we will be researching in class during the week. 


Please make sure your child practises their class assembly lines for Monday. 


We look forward to welcoming you on Wednesday 10th to watch our performance!


Please see attached for this weeks spellings.


Shabbat Shalom 



This week we have been looking at newspapers and identifying different features and the effect it has on the reader; alliteration in the heading, a picture and quotes to draw the readers attention.  We are  beginning to write our own newspaper article on the Maya discoveries and talking about our visit from Dr Dianne last Friday. 


In Maths, we have been revising bar modelling and completing two-step word problems which the children have been working really hard on. 


Just a reminder that  spellings are going out this week and children will be tested next Friday. 


Wishing you a lovely weekend. 

Mrs Athersych


Today we had a very exciting visitor who came to visit Year 6 - Dr Davis. The only Maya archaeologist in the UK!

She told us all how exciting her job is and shared so may interesting and fascinating stories.

The children enjoy looking and handling some artifacts and Dylan and Aimee even got to dress up in Maya clothes.

We really enjoyed listening to her.

Please ask your child to tell you what they learnt


Wishing you all a lovely weekend 


Mrs Athersych



We have been continuing our learning of the Mayans and tomorrow we are very excited to welcome Dr Davis who will be coming in to tell us more and show us lots of artifacts from the Maya Times.  


We have spent a lot of time this week rounding, comparing and ordering decimal numbers. Ask your children some questions at home to see if they can show you what to do. 


The children have also written some lovely diaries about 'their life' during the Maya Times and when they are completed, we look forward to sharing some with you. 


Please remember to encourage your child to read at home as this helps them convey some great ideas in their writing. 


Wishing you all a lovely weekend 


Mrs Athersych 






It was so lovely to meet you some of you at curriculum evening last night. I hope you are all as excited as we are for the coming year ahead. 


This week in school we continued our learning of place value as well as addition and subtraction using a number line to complete calculations that go into the negative numbers. In English, we are continuing our learning of the Ancient Maya's and we will be planning to write a diary entry 'A day in the Life of.....' during the Maya Times. 


Next week, we have a very exciting visitor coming into school. Her name is Dr Dianne Davis, she is a Maya Archaeologist and she will be sharing and showing the children some very interesting artefacts and running some exciting activities that will inspire and contribute to our learning. Thank you in advance for your support with this. 


Please note, that our PE day has changed to Wednesday. All children should ensure they have their PE kit with them in school on this day. 


Wishing you all a lovely weekend

Mrs Athersych

6th September 2018


Welcome to year 6! We are looking forward to a very exciting year ahead. Both the children and the teacher had a great first day! We spoke a lot about new responsibilities we’ll be getting around the school and how we are going to be role models for the younger children.


The children have all come back fully prepared to start what is going to be a wonderful year!


Just a reminder to all that PE is on Thursdays. Please ensure that children have their PE kits with them.


In English this week we have already completed a piece of writing “All about me” using paragraphs and connectives, which we looked at in our SPaG (spelling, punctuation and grammar) sessions. We also had a great lesson where we looked at lots of different chocolate and designed our own chocolate bars to introduce our first topic - The Ancient Maya. The children loved this! 


In maths, we are beginning to investigate place value which we will be continuing next week and furthering our understanding to multiplying and dividing by 10,100&1000. 


Please remember to bring in a reading book and a water bottle. Please note that homework will be sent out after Yom Kippur.


We have had a wonderful first week and are looking forward to the exciting year ahead. 


Wishing you a sweet, happy and healthy new year 


Mrs Athersych