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Year 6

Sports Week: Martial Arts

Sports Day

Commonwealth Games: Writing Relay

Residential 23

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Residential 22

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Residential 21

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Residential 19

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Residential 18

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Residential 16

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Residential 15

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Residential 13

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Residential 14

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Residential 12

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Residential 10

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Residential 9

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Residential 8

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Residential 2

Tzedek Workshop: Social Justice

Art: Still Life

Israel Games with Noa

Israel Games

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Studio: Negative Still Life Drawing

Watford FC: Empower session

Watford FC: Positive Mind


STEM Week: Robothink Workshop

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STEM Week: Lego Challenge

STEM Week: Maths Investgation Pilot Stress Test

STEM Week: Lava Lamp

Volume: can you remember how many cm3 our classroom is?

World Book Day: Reading with our Buddies

Science: Static Electricity

Light and Dark Day: Shadows

Light and Dark Day

Special Mentions: 07.02.22

Ivrit- We were very excited to receive letters from our Israeli pen pals!

Science: Investigating Bread

Special Mentions

Using the Stirrup Pump

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Stirrup Pump

Cane for Misbehaving Children

Learning The Map Of Our New Village

World War II Display

Science: Tasting Blue Cheese

Computing: 20.12.21

Science: Carl Linnaeus Calssifcation System

Special Mentions: 06.12.21

Maths: Race to 100

Special Mentions: 29-11/2021

Mia, Issy and Ethan Z

Times Table Game Ideas- No Technology Required 


1. Write your times table out on to slips of paper. Put them in a jam jar/box/bowl. Ask someone to pull out a slip and ask the question - if you answer correctly keep the slip and award yourself a point. Otherwise pop it back in the jar to try again. 


2. Recite your times table - make up a song or sing a song you know. 


3. Write it out on a piece of paper - do it in order from 1x to 12x.

Challenge yourself and write it out in this order

10x, 1x, 5x, 2x, 4x, 8x, 3x, 6x, 9x, 11x, 12x, 7x 


4. Write your times table out as division instead so 1x8=8 would be 8÷1=8


5. Table Tennis Times Tables - they say the first fact, you say the next fact. 

Person A: 1x7=7

Person B: 2x7=14 


6. Use Dice

Pick a times table - for example 6s

Roll one or two dice. 

Multiply the number with 6. 

For example - I roll one dice, it lands of 4. I say 4x6=24

Roll two dice - they land on 3 and 4 - I add the dice to make 7 and then times it with 6.  I say 7x6=42


7. Board Game

Make a board game to learn your times tables!  This could include a die, counters

Special Mentions


Ava and Mia 

Ivrit: Sammy and Ruby

Long Division

Long Multiplication

Special Mentions for 15/11/2021

Ilana and Bertie. 

Nola for effort in JS lessons.

Anti-Bullying Song

Odd Socks Day

Special Mentions for 08/11/2021

Eitan and Casey

Year 6 for effort in Ivrit lessons.

Science: Investigating Heart Rate When Exercising

Special Mentions: 11.10.21

Ivrit special mentions- 8.11.21

All of Year 6- for beautiful behaviour, excellent participation and working well in Ivrit lessons. Keep up the fantastic work!

Well done! Kol Hakavod!

Art: Finished Collaborative Art Printing

Science: Making Circulatory System Games

Science: Role Play Oxygenated Blood

Special Mentions: 04.10.21

Special Mentions: 27.09.2021


PSHE: Human Rights

Maths Games


PE is on a Monday afternoon. Please ensure children are in their full PE Kit. This includes socks in the correct colour and black trainers.

Please bring in art aprons (an old adult shirt would be ideal) for Art. Our Studio day in Friday and children will be encouraged to keep them in their locker so we can use them at any time. 

Homework and Spellings and will start to be handed in from the 1st October. Reading Books with Reading Records will come home on the 1st October but children are encouraged to bring in their books for House Points in the meantime. 

Special Mentions 20.09.21

Preparing for Tefillah

Keith Haring Art Week

Maths- Negative Number Game