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בית ספר קלור שלום

'Engage, Inspire, Achieve.'

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British Values

Promoting Fundamental British Values.

In accordance with The Department for Education we aim to actively promote British values in schools to ensure young people leave school prepared for life in modern Britain. Pupils are encouraged to regard people of all faiths, races and cultures with respect and tolerance and understand that while different people may hold different views about what is "right" and "wrong", all people living in England are subject to its law.

The Key Values are:

  • democracy
  • rule of law
  • individual liberty
  • mutual respect
  • tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs



At Clore Shalom we provide opportunities for pupils to explore their own culture and have a clear understanding and appreciation of a wide range of the cultural influences that have shaped modern Britain. We encourage all children to be tolerant and respectful to those of different faiths and beliefs. This is done by providing the children with an understanding of the main festivals and key dates of significance to British culture e.g. Remembrance Day, the King's coronation and major political events such as elections. We are forming strong links in our community with other local schools and are participating in a range of out of school activities e.g. sporting events. 

British Value Statement

Every year at Chanukah we hold a Celebration of Faiths to showcase our learning in RE and our commitment to diversity, toleration and respect.  Here is the poem from the start of the show which reflects our core commitment to British Values and community cohesion. 


C is for our Celebration of Faith Show that we present to you all today

L is for learning about other religions , what they believe and how they pray 

O is for other faith and cultural Communities and how we strive to have a better understanding of them 

R is for respecting all their differences to ensure that we don’t condemn

E is for everyone, no matter the colour of their skin, hair or eyes

S is for sexuality and gender – no matter the difference, respect still applies

H is for Humility and valuing the opinions of others around us  

A is for Awareness which encourages questions we can discuss

L is for listening without judgement to the words and thoughts of others

O is for being open-minded, we have so much to discover

M is for our mental Health and the positive impact that religion can bring