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בית ספר קלור שלום

'Engage, Inspire, Achieve.'

Clore Shalom School

Our Vision and Values

Vision and Values Statement

Our school is built around our core values.  Our curriculum, recognition system, assemblies and code of conduct are based around our aim of exemplifying and reflecting our values in everything we do.  Running through the centre is  the Jewish value of ‘chesed’ which quite simply means lovingkindness.  Our interactions with each other should have chesed at the heart, and this is our fundamental aim.


As a school, we reflect these values by:


Striving for academic excellence at all times – pushing ourselves outside our comfort zone to learn more.


Recognising that achievement comes in many forms and that we should always be looking to achieve in our learning and in our development as citizens of the UK and of the world.  Knowing that achievement takes time, determination and resilience.  Achievement for us is the realization that we can do hard things.


Taking pride in who we are and what we do. 


Acknowledging the rights of others and treating others as we would like to be treated.


Acting as role models to others and drawing inspiration from the many figures we meet through our curriculum.


Respecting the diversity of our school, our wider community and our nation and ensuring that everyone’s voice is heard.