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בית ספר קלור שלום

'Engage, Inspire, Achieve.'

Clore Shalom School


Reception at Clore Shalom


In our Reception class, every experience a child has contributes to their understanding of the world around them and their place in it. Clore Shalom Reception is a warm and nurturing place where young children will feel at home and flourish. Independence is nurtured right from the very beginning through everyday routines, under the enthusiastic, watchful eyes of an experienced Early Years team.


Our Early Years curriculum will combine the Early Years Foundation goals with a combination of adult lead teaching and child-initiated learning. Practical life activities using real objects in real situations are crucial, and time is given to children to repeat and refine these skills. Children engage in a range of creative learning experiences such as baking fresh bread, cutting fruit and making smoothies, music, drama, and lots more. We have daily discrete phonics lessons, maths lessons and carpet times. We have a large outdoor learning space where children learn in creative ways using our large sandpit, mud kitchen, paint station and physical development area.


Learning is shared, made visible and celebrated throughout Reception. The use of Tapestry creates a platform for open discussions between teachers, pupils and parents and allows parents to see ongoing learning processes.


Seven Areas of Learning


We incorporate all seven areas of learning in the Department for Education’s Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and endeavour to allow our pupils to go beyond and reach their full potential.