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Clore Shalom School

בית ספר קלור שלום

'Engage, Inspire, Achieve.'

Clore Shalom School

Code of Conduct

We know that we learn best when we behave for learning.  Our school rules are based on our school values. 


Our Values





Always try your hardest

Ask for help when you need it

Talk while the teacher is talking

Distract others


Produce neat work

Look after equipment

Leave our school untidy



Listen to others

Share your ideas

Be a role model

Leave your seat

Call out in class



Let everyone join in

Remember ‘Kind words kind hands’

Call names

Exclude others


Keeping comfortable in lessons:

  • Go to the toilet when the lesson changes
  • Water bottles on desk.
  • Water bottles filled up during lesson changes
  • If you have a time out card, use it when necessary


If you break the code of conduct, you are given a warning and asked to ‘pause’.  This gives you a chance to think about your behaviour.  If it happens again, you are asked to ‘stop’.  If you do not stop, you will be asked to ‘reflect’ where you leave the class and fill in a reflection sheet with a teacher.  This will be sent to your parents. 


Respecting our code of conduct helps us all learn.